Moral Distinctions

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by Leo Volont, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Have you been following? I DON'T EVEN ADVOCATE SEX.

    Abortion is violence after perversion.

    Do I think abortion is murder? No. Anyone with alittle Spiritual Education knows that fetuses are not Quickened with Soul until after the 21st Week. So most abortions don't actually hurt anything.

    But it is a disgusting idea to inflict violence on a body for the sake of purely recreational sex. It is killing Life to maintain a Slutty Lifestyle.

    So while I believe in Freedom of Choice, I would as soon line up women seeking abortions and put the FlameThrower on them -- that is how disgusting I find them. With 7 Billion People jossling for room on this Planet, I think I can still find plenty of Repect for Life, while at the same time asserting that there are some people whose reprehensible conduct make it so that I feel as though they do not deserve to live... at least not without alot of pain and suffering.
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  3. Bells Staff Member

    Oh I know you don't advocate sex. You find it to be deliciously sinful.

    But it has helped in not increasing the population.

    Ah how refreshing. A religious zealot who does not believe that abortion is murder. What is murder though is this:

    How very Marian Catholic Christian of you. You're ok with these women wanting to terminate their pregnancy, but you'd rather kill the woman. Hmmm....

    Ah yes, it all comes down to the fact that they had SEX. They committed the ultimate sin by committing the animal act of reproduction.

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    There's a contradiction in here somewhere.... Ah yes, here it is! You think you can still find plenty of respect for life, but you have no qualms with burning women who have dared have sex and fallen pregnant.

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  5. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    What the hell, abortion may not be murder but its an excuse. It removes all blame from stupid ass people having unprotected sex. It is a constant capitalist movement in the USA and western world. WHY? becuase doctors get paid. I think that abortion is wrong in soooo many ways. WHy dont people just use rubbers? Are people just like animals? can they not control themselves long enough to slip on a freakin rubber? On top of it all our society deems it OKAY! This inturn creates an attitude of apathy such as "Its okay baby, we can just get it aborted" this is sick and wrong. Why wont people stop being sheep to capitalism and animals to their urges?
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  7. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Actually I do not think so. It is an expensive luxury in every society. I couldn't believe that even 1% of the Population has been limited by abortion.

    Also, if abortion were not available, other alternatives would be sought which would limit population equally as well.
  8. Bells Staff Member

    I disagree. In many instances abortion is sought because of rape or incest. Or the rubber breaks. Or the mother is ill and her pregnancy will possibly kill her, or there is something wrong with the featus. While yes there are some people who view abortion as a quick fix method, not all do. Plus you have also failed to take into consideration that many US schools are not even teaching children about contraception or the use of condoms.
  9. darktr00per Registered Senior Member

    Viruses and natural events do a good job of limiting population---not that the USA needs it. We have many many many acres of free land--we just choose to me morons and populate a limited space around major cities! Abortion is not an effective population control. Abortion is for the weak and foolish.(for some reason mabye they shouldnt breed) But it is still wrong in many ways. As my thread reads above---its just an excuse for the weak.
  10. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Everybody dies. There is no one alive today who was alive one hundred and twenty four years ago. Everyone alive then is dead now. Were they all murdered? People die anyway.

    The Fabric of the Universe would not unravel if Stupid Slutty Women were put down for their Abominable and Disgraceful Behavior while they are still in their Prime, rather than waiting another 20 to 40 years for Nature to takes its course. But in the meanwhile, more deserving mouths could eat the food that would have been wasted on the murderous fornicators.
  11. Bells Staff Member

    I agree, it is an expensive luxury if it is not deemed to be a medical emergency in all societies.

    We live in a time where the church is advocating for the miseducation of children in regards to contraception. Contraception in many societies is deemed to be evil or unnecessary. In India, women in the poor slums are having up to a dozen or so children because contraception is either too expensive or not available to them. Some face the possibility of death or beatings and abuse if they decide to undergo proceedures that will prevent them from having any more children. If we are to attempt to control the world's population, it is imperitive for the church to change its doctrines and dogma in regards to contraception (for a start). I find the thought of the Catholic Church to be immoral in the world (especially third world countries), because of the way that they continue to preach the non-use of contraception, especially condoms. I agree with you that our resources are dwindling on this planet. But people will continue to have dozens of children if the Church continues the way it has in the past and today.
  12. Bells Staff Member


    That is not always the case though. As I pointed out above, abortion is sometimes sought in cases of rape and incest, or where the mother's life is at stake or where there is something wrong with the featus.

    True, we will all die one day. But I don't condone the thought of murdering women for having sex. Your stance reeks of the same primitive scent used by the Taliban regime. While the fabric of the universe would not unravel if we slaughtered who you deemed to be 'stupid slutty women', the fabric of society would. What kind of society would we become if we followed your stance? Where would we draw the line? Would we get to the point where women in general were 'put down' because they could end up being 'slutty'?
  13. surenderer Registered Senior Member


    You see Leo this is why your "following" is so small....saying all Iman's are perverts which is a blanket untrue statement with no evidence to back this up.How about your racist comments you made towards blacks and Martin Luthor King? or even Ghandi? You should spend more of your time properly representing your religion instead of trying to put down everyone else's you see for every Iman wanting "virgins" in heaven there are Catholic Priests wanting them here:

    The Rev. Gilbert Gauthe of the Lafayette, La., diocese pleads guilty to molesting 11 boys and admits victimizing dozens more. In a widening scandal, 19 other priests are accused of abuse, and the diocese negotiates costly out-of-court settlements with victims.

    The Rev. Thomas Doyle, a canon lawyer for the Vatican embassy in Washington, writes a confidential memo for the nation's Catholic bishops citing 30 cases with 100 victims and projecting a cost to the church of $1 billion over 10 years. Also, journalist Jason Berry writes a nationwide survey of the problem for the National Catholic Reporter, drawing the secular media's attention to it.

    Hawaii's Joseph Ferrario becomes the first U.S. bishop accused of molestation. A court dismisses the charges because they were filed too late, but Ferrario, who denied the charges, retires early in 1993.

    The Rev. Bruce Ritter, celebrated leader of Covenant House for teen runaways, steps down amid a scandal. He denies an accusation of molestation from one youth, but others step forward to accuse him and the Covenant House board reports extensive misconduct. Ritter's Franciscan superiors in Rome approve a transfer to India, but outrage following a news report about the move forces the plan to be scrapped.

    The U.S. bishops take their first major collective action, endorsing a set of principles for handling cases. At the same time, Berry's history of the scandals, "Lead Us Not Into Temptation," estimates 400 priests have been accused, costing the church some $400 million.

    The growing victims' rights movement suffers a credibility setback when Steven Cook recants his sensational claim that Chicago's Cardinal Joseph Bernardin had molested him. Bernardin's former archdiocese in Cincinnati paid a settlement to Cook over a seminary teacher's abuse

    A Dallas jury hears charges from 11 victims of ex-priest Rudy Kos and returns a $120-million verdict. The award was later cut to about $30 million, but the diocese needs to take out mortgages and sell property to cover the judgment.

    Bishop J. Keith Symons of Palm Beach, Fla., becomes the first U.S. bishop to resign after admitting molestation. That scandal was greatly compounded in 2002 when Bishop Anthony O'Connell, the successor Rome appointed to clean house, resigns for the identical reason.

    The Rev. Andrew Greeley, an author and sociologist, writes an introduction for a new edition of Berry's history. The sex abuse situation, he contends, "may be the greatest scandal in the history of religion in America and perhaps the most serious crisis Catholicism has faced since the Reformation."

    Jan. 18, 2002
    Defrocked Boston priest John Geoghan, 66, is convicted of indecent assault and battery as a priest sex scandal in the archdiocese widens. Geoghan, 66, has been accused of abusing 130 children while he was actively serving as a priest in the Archdiocese of Boston over a 30-year period. He faces more criminal and civil suits.

    Feb. 21, 2002
    Geoghan is sentenced to 9-10 years in prison as the archdiocese continues to reel from the scandal. The extent of the cover-up and the sheer number of priests involved has shocked Boston's large Catholic community, leading to calls for Cardinal Bernard Law to step down. Meanwhile, new cases are being reported in several other state

    etc etc etc.......
  14. mustafhakofi I sa'id so Registered Senior Member

    good post surenderer.
    unfortunately no matter how, you prove this man wrong.
    he think's if he insult's you, he's won, the man's a moron.
  15. Medicine*Woman Jesus: Mythstory--Not History! Valued Senior Member

    Leo Volont: I couldn't believe that even 1% of the Population has been limited by abortion.

    Also, if abortion were not available, other alternatives would be sought which would limit population equally as well.
    M*W: Abortion has been used since the human race began. In the ancient times there were herbs and other plants used as abortificants like Blue Cohosh and Black Cohosh, Pennyroyal, Red Clover, and others....

    In the ancient cavarans traveling across the deserts, nomads would place fruit pits into the uteri of their camels to prevent them from becoming pregnant. The pits acted like an IUD contraceptive.

    Midwives in the ancient days of the Picts and Celts used seaweed to open the cervix to remove a fetus well into pregnancy. Seaweed is STILL USED TODAY to cause abortion.

    Throughout history men proved they couldn't be trusted to use coitus interruptus as contraception. Therefore, women had to take matters into their own hands by using certain flowers, leaves, roots, twigs, butcher's knives, coathangers, chemicals and suction devices, to prevent or to abort unwanted children.

    The only thing I want to know is, how did you end up being a live birth?
  16. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    You want facts and you spend your time surfing the Net!?

    If you have a problem with opiniated rhetoric then simply don't read any more Leo Volonts. But some people find it amusing.

    Much Writing and Commentory assumes that people share a common stock of knowledge. People are not all little babies in school -- it is understood that people are minimally educated. The FACTS are not in dispute. It is how the facts are understood.

    By demanding facts you are admitting that you are in want of an education. I'm writing for people who already know the facts.
  17. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Yes, after listening to your seminar about what murderous sluts Women Throughout History were, I wonder that any of us survived.
  18. Bells Staff Member

    Leo, that was disgusting. You dare preach on and on about being a Marian Catholic but you can then dare state that women were murderous sluts? Your hypocrisy is appalling. I for one don't know what comes after death, but somehow, I doubt that if there is something after death, your experience wont be too pleasant if it is judged on one's beliefs and attitudes and thoughts. You denigrate women as being sluts for having sex and call them murderers if they have an abortion, yet you don't think that abortion is murder. How could you say such a thing when you yourself have a daughter. It is people such as you who are bringing down the Catholic Church and Christianity in general, and further on, you bring down humanity as a whole. Frankly, I am glad to be an agnostic and to have left the Catholic Church, because the thought that I might have been associated as belonging to the same religion as you is sickening.
  19. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Yes, the Church has been misguided. Again, it sources out of Pauline Doctrine. Where Christ dismissed sexuality as merely trivial, Paul spoke at length about Spiritual Completion through Copulation. Later, embarrassed by such a Carnal Teaching, the Church Fathers had to find a rational justification for it somewhere, somehow. So forward came the Doctrine of Flooding the Earth with Children.

    The Right Way of Looking at Sex and Child Bearing is that it is Unimportant. Those who are Aspiring to the Spiritual will find Sexuality an impediment. The sooner they get over it, the better.

    It becomes Ridiculous then for the Church to Advocate Sex (simply because paul did).

    Someday the Church will learn. In the 19th Century a Catholic Visionary, Father Bosco, prophesized that the Church would be Fighting Off Thousands of Enemies, and would be LOSING Big Time! Then a New Pope would rise up immediately in the tracks of a freshly dead Pope (killed in the Battle), and rather than persist against the Thousand Enemies, the New Pope would pull back and decide strategically to only emphasize 2 Things: the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharist, and Marian Doctrine. Abandoning all the factitious side issues, would make many of the old enemies into New Friends. The only Remaining Enemies would seem weak beside the Stronger Alliances made by the New Church.

    The Next Pope will not persist in the Silly Doctrine that the Church somehow favors Copulation. Whether or not people use Contraception might be an issue for the Confessional, but it will not effect People's Right to Church Membership or Access to the Holy Sacraments.
  20. philocrazy Banned Banned

    It is people such as you who are bringing down the Catholic Church and Christianity in general, and further on, you bring down humanity as a whole. Frankly, I am glad to be an agnostic and to have left the Catholic Church, because the thought that I might have been associated as belonging to the same religion as you is sickening
    bells bells bells again at it with ass
    moderators dont ban bells, we need him to show us ass here

    Philosopher Philocrazy
  21. Leo Volont Registered Senior Member

    Go back and read her seminar on how murderous sluts abort their infants for mere convenience.

    My point stands. Considering her viewpoint that it is so terribly uncomfortable for women to have babies, and how many ways they have devised to murder their infants, it is truly Wonderful that the Vampires have allowed any of us to survive.
  22. Bells Staff Member

    Philo, do you seriously have nothing better to do with your time? Are you pathetically stalking me or something now? If you have nothing constructive to say little one, it is best to say nothing at all, lest you make a fool of yourself. And you are constantly doing so. For someone who attempts to tell people that he's a philosopher, you are merely making yourself out to be a silly little gnat with no intelligence whatsoever. Now go and play outside little boy, preferably in some traffic.
  23. mis-t-highs I'm filling up Registered Senior Member

    leo, where's your faith angel today, will she be coming on later, perhap when you've finished.

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