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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Communist Hamster, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Gustav Banned Banned

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  3. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    All hail to thee Thane of Cawdor

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  5. Gustav Banned Banned


    The joke went on.
    I kept on jibing you.
    I jibed you with leering at the girls.
    I jibed you with being interested in the gossipy shit down there.
    I jibed you with your posts revolving around the doings of others.

    I then attempted to temper the jibes with the fact that you did post seriously in the WE&P forum. At that time I wasn't aware of you extent of your pseudoscience posts or I would have mentioned them as well.

    An important thing to realize is that just because I'm calling this a joke, doesn't mean that I'm not being truthful.
    It's a joke because I felt it was unimportant enough to merit only being a joke.
    I honestly thought you'd take the jibe. Jibe back a little. And the thread would go on.
    But, anyway, it was a joke/jibe based on my real opinion of you.
    An opinion based on a style I thought so obvious that I never thought you'd react like you did over it.

    Do you now see it?

    very clearly. i see an attempt to backpeddle. i see an attempt to redefine. i see an attempt to avoid any responsibilty for this flame war. i also see disingenuity

    jibe/joke. the former is a derisive taunt, the latter evokes laughter
    do you see me laughing at your taunts? why would you expect me to? is it because you are control freak desperate to dictate responses to your garbage?

    "gustav! you cannot feel that way," "gustav! you must think this way,"

    i do not believe i have encountered anyone quite as pathetic as you on this board

    invert tearfully whines: "but, but, i was only joking"

    Look. You didn't respond defensively until today. The last you had to say yesterday was calling me catty. I was disappointed that you decided to not continue the conversation on topic. I was also surprised that this would have been the extent of your jibe-back.
    Little did I know you were just biding your time.
    Stewing all night, were you?

    look at all these expectations. tell me that you are not obsessed with me. i will call you a fucking liar.
    mmm. you really do have my number, dont you vert

    If you'd acknowledge the joking/jibing nature of the beginnings then maybe you'd get over it.
    You'd still need to get over the fact that I don't think highly of you, but that should really be a piece of cake.

    no. i do not have to get over anything. i am quite content to keep on bashing you. it is fun. why do you not see that? oh yeah, i forgot, you prefer to project your sensibilities ("hurt/stewing") on to me ja?

    now. how did you ever get the impression that i give a damn about your fucking opinion of me. why you? how are you special? do you not understand i only take issue with your distasteful and petty jibes? have i ever, in this dialogue, claimed pretensions? you do have serious delusions of grandeur.


    of course not, i intend to amuse myself with you until i am bored.
    besides, i think you are the last of the blowhards i have to encounter on this board. you know, the ones with pretensions and delusions of grandeur
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  7. Gustav Banned Banned

    now for your viewing pleasure, i present...

    gustav vs invert - a primer

    vert : you spend most of your time in "about the members"
    gustav : wrong. 4 out of a total of 38 pages are devoted to that forum
    vert : so what? you leer and gossip
    gustav: you still havent justified your claim
    vert : i dont have to since your posts in general are crap
    gustav: but you must substantiate with evidence
    vert : i dont have to. i have observed thru intuition and holism
    gustav : and what are the observations?
    vert : you leer and gossip throughout the forum
    gustav : why would your opinion be of any import to me
    vert : it should. i am the Grand Inquistor and Bearer of Standards
    gustav : and?
    vert : i am superior to you in every way
    gustav : /rotfl
  8. Gustav Banned Banned

    pathetic excuses. this is a persistant medium. the posts remain

    it is odd only because you are a mutt

    you taunt that i cannot write a poem unless i plagiarize. you say i do not have the skills. you then challenge me
    talent/intelligence as far as poetry goes are interelated. there is a science to the stuff. you demean on both counts.
    i think you should accept that you are an asshole. stand by your words. i might be then able to muster up at least a shred of respect for your skanky ass.
  9. Gustav Banned Banned

    now lets uncover some more, the reprehensible nature of the mutt. vert

    here he attacks the monkey's posting habits.

    i ask you this. who the fuck does this stupid maggot think he is? a grand inquisitor and bearer of standards? it would certainly seem so

    look at the arrogance and sheer gall as he interviews and interrogates the monkey.
    look how he goes on to belittle and denigrate
    look how he then exorts the monkey to post according to his standards

    i swear to god i have never witnessed this level of delusional grandeur ever on this board!

    now what is the monkey's response?

    how can you not sympathize? and to such a decent fellow. forced to respond to a vicious attack

    it may seem unfathomable why the mutt would behave in such a disgusting and uncivilized manner. i would propose that he is simply a no good filthy punk projecting out his delusions on to this board and its members

    invert is an unconscionable and morally bankrupt individual. despite all he protestations to the contrary as a caring individual, the nature of his attacks on both spurious and me should provide the clearest indication of his lack of integrity and fairness

    he behaves like a spoilt child
    and unfortunately for him, i do not indulge and hand out candy
  10. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    Things are always more complicated than that they seem. To be honest, I just like oneliners. I only constructed that particular lenghty reply, this one, because I remembered a particular line by Invert in one of my posts:

    Which sentence did I remember?
    Quite a feat for such an old man like me I would say to remember a reply by a particular person to such an old thread (08-04-04).

    And around this phrase I constructed this particular post. Obviously I couldn't just leave it with a oneliner. Therefore my reply was even worse than a well meant oneliner. It was a artificial construction aimed to please the nonsense of lengthy posts with many references. The choice was between not replying and replying with the anti-sense of what I was accused of. Therefore at the same time I choose the option that would be most time consuming and would waste most of Porf's bandwith.

    I am ashamed of myself.

    And now I did it again.

    It just shows that oneliners are the way to go.

    ps. I am not really ashamed of myself.
  11. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    I know that no one give a monkey what I think but As it's Open Government ...

    Spuriousmonkey is a poster whom I have respect for. He mixes humour with intellect and tries to be fair without surrender. Some people you just would not want to give a position of authority to. Spuriousmonkey is not one of those people in my opinion. I think assigning him a position of authority would be beneficial in increasing the quality of his posts further in the Biology forum.


  12. Gustav Banned Banned



    you are deserving of the modship, oneliner or not. make no promises. you are fine just the fucking way you are. i think you understand this place far better than that n00b, invert

    understand this maggots
    what you see is what you get
    stop being naive
  13. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    So theres no room for encouragment or improvement? That would be sad.

  14. Gustav Banned Banned

    that depends
    in the monkey's case, he is an adult with a goddamn phd that has been here since 02
    treat him accordingly. let him decide how he wants to conduct himself

    bottom line here is if you need encouragment or improvement, you probably are not fit.
    rather than nurture and raise the perfect mod, it would be more productive if one actually goes out and contribute in the form of posts

    in the biology forum perhaps?
  15. Gustav Banned Banned


    How utterly boring you are.

    my my
    how fucking cliched
    that is a tried and tested intro line in the trolling handbook

    I'm somewhat bored.

    of course you are!

    Also, I've already explained how flames and flaming are often personal matters and are quite similar to gossip. You've brought in the term 'ad hom' which is an even better term than gossip.

    its funny how you present this explanation to be the final word. it is not negotiable. such desperation

    You're not dumb though. You understand exactly what I've been saying and that's why you're going to such pains to keep this on a defensive level. You're not attacking me because to do so you'd have to resort to ad hom and thus would fall prey to the accusation of gossip.

    wrong, retard. i am attacking you and your flawed reasoning. take those blinkers off. wake up and feel the bones crunch as the sledgehammer meets your thick skull. move out of that safe cocoon so meticulously constructed and come out into to the real world. coward. spin all you want. the outcome will not change

    When I mentioned your flaming consisting of ad homs in a previous post, I was referring more to observations of flames elsewhere. Just so you know. Although, your initial posts contain ad homs. Before the whole gossip issue was brought up.[

    more evidence of your inability to form coherent thoughts

    So. To you 'mutt' has a specific meaning? Denoting poor logic skills?
    Is this not an ad hom? An attack on the speaker rather than upon his argument?
    How gossipy of you.

    "How gossipy of you". that just doesnt sound right, does it? go on, admit it. what a ludicrous attempt at reinventing the wheel. lets dic

    gossip - a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others

    gustav: fuck you vert
    vert: stop gossiping


    As to being dishonest.
    Douche. I've made no such admission.
    The only thing I've said that could be taken along those means is when I said that perhaps I was somewhat disingenuous in my use of the term gossip merely because it was a fucking joke and thus was not scrutinized for preciseness.
    This is a semantic issue where perhaps the words chosen were not the best that could have been chosen.
    But, you have to focus on this because it's all you have, right?

    it is more than adequate. a rep for dishonesty/disingenuity is death sentence on any forum. i am pleased to see you willing admit it without even the slightest bit of remorse. it furthers my new found agenda

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    i am surprised that you think that qualifying the degree of dishonesty somehow absolves you of the charge.
    to me, the wriggling and inability to accept responsibility for ones words is merely a further indication of the validity of the charge

    Great victory you have there.
    Semantics are wonderful, yes?

    on a forum, it is all there is.
    there is no excuse for carelessness except an retraction and apology
    you do not know this?

    Not really.
    I only wonder at your problem with accepting the truth of your posts.

    actually, i am not running inventory nor am i trying to get some overview about my posting habits at this time
    you have no credibility with me so your truth can be shoved up your ass.
    i do not care about your opinions. where i am concerned, only mine matter

    think of it like this... my neighbour, out of the blue yells out, "you are an idiot!" i beat him down not because of the truth or falsity of the statement. no. i do so because it is impertinent, rude and uncalled for.

    you are playing that role
    cos youse an asshole
    simple enough boy?

    ......I can't judge. ........ I judge poorly.

    grand inquisitor indeed

    An example of your poor interpretation skills.
    I merely said I was surprised that you posted so much in pseudoscience. That's all.

    why do you persist in lying when it can be so easily proved that you are indeed doing so? that is not what you said....

    "spend that much time". the logical inference is that you have an idea of an appropiate amount of time.
    vert, you are intellectually deficient and dishonest to boot

    Yeah? And?
    As I said, I've been around the forums. I've seen your posts. I've seen threads get ruined by your posts and flamebait. I have a memory.

    good. how many vert? pull em out. this is your chance to nail me good. put your money where your mouth is. just this once

    I sure as fuck don't go nosing around to see what Gustav is doing today.

    you do. why? cos youse a little punk

    And how fucking hard is it for you to understand that I addressed this very point a mere quote or two later? Difficult?

    yes. it goes like this.....

    ...this will blow your mind.....i do not buy your explanation. if there is no "we," there is only "i." i do not see that.
    thus you represent. it is a simple troll. sorry

    But it's so much fun sharing all the gossip with you.

    yes i am sure it has been. it is what you do, gabfest

    The forum members that you're engaging in flames with.
    That was difficult.

    why should it be? it wasnt a trick question

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    who are these anyway? gimme names.

    No. It was you that thought it pertinent to bring your history to the table.
    I merely made a joke about you leering at the girls and being a little gossip.
    You're the one who felt a history lesson was in order.

    for a very specific purpose. a goddamn number count to debunk your claim. AtB vs the rest
    not a joke, punk. a taunt based on a falsehood. be consistent here
    you flip flop like kerry

    But you have already admitted that you do it in overdrive.

    pardon. i meant i go into overdrive when engaged in a flame war. so does everyone. it is the nature of the beast.
    i am sure you know that by now, ja?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    You want me to say that you're not a gossipy little flamer?
    I won't. It's the truth.

    so desperate to tar and feather, to burn at the stake, to gas.....
    grand inquisitor indeed

    Your inability to comprehend simple points in your 'mood' is really getting annoying.
    I said, clearly, that being disingenuous is not necessarily a part of being a troll.
    The operative concept in being a troll is the stirring up of shit purposefully. One can do that while being completely truthful.

    no. you are confused and lack reasoning skills. if you feel you are being truthful, that means you post with good intentions. regardless of the shit that gets stirred. labeling as a troll is thus not appropriate

    allow me to nurse you thru this.
    with an analogy
    we have a crazy man that believes he is hitler and must kill a jew. he does so. now...jail or loony bin? murderer or madman?

    can you think rationally for once?

    do you understand that if this is indicative of your reasoning skills in other venues, you are probably gonna wish that you were never born? ja, i am real motherfucker!

    Could be wrong.

    you do not have the courage of your convictions. i piss on you, boy!

    But, you go ahead and think that you're crucifying me or whatever.

    i do not recall asking for permission

    Therefore. Somewhat disingenuous in my bringing up of the thread.

    nice. the self crucifixion progresses

    Squirming from what?

    you admit the possibilty of being disingenuous. in the same breath you say not really

    it is really very simple. are you? or are you not?


    bet that felt simply wonderful, ja?

    I'd once thought that you wrote your own poetry, but then Water mentioned the band where you got one of your poems from and so I just asked if any of the poetry was yours or not.

    mmm, another stinking pm gossiping about me, ja? you need help with this unnatural obsession

    oh btw. i never pm unless it is absolutely necessary (mod, etiquette). like roman, i find it creepy

    Is it possible that he can somehow prove my intellect is deficient as he seems to feel that I'm trying to do with him?

    it has been done. all one has to do is an impartial take and see reality as it is.
    of course, i know that is not your area of expertise

    ]Now. If you had maintained your disguise (i.e. your non-****** attitude) attitude then I'd probably never bring it up. But, if you'd have maintained the disguise then it'd never be an issue as you'd not be popping into threads with your trollish behavior which is generally the only times I ever poke at you with it. Right?

    a confession. if i step out of line you hold the banning as a weapon. you blackmail me with it.
    what an absolutely evil little fuck you are. i cannot believe you would make such an admission. you really do not give a fuck do you? about integrity, honesty, fairplay, nothing?

    tell me. did it work? did i toe your line? could you provide the instances where you attempt to blackmail with this secret knowledge? what are the "only times""
  16. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    Yeah. Right.
    Gustav. You're seriously fucked.
    You have no conception of anything that I am saying.
    You have no conception of anything that motivates me.
    Why am I thinking about deleting my posts?
    Because I think you're 'beating' me or some shit?
    Yeah. Right.
    I'm thinking about deleting them for the exact reasons I've given.
    Because I am interested in discussing the topic rather than exchange inanity with you.
    However, I'm still only thinking about deleting. I probably won't. Nothing will come of this thread anyway. Might as well just keep making love to you.
    Make love to me, Gustav.
    Show me that throbbing cock of yours.
    I promise I'll give you a reacharound if you show it to me.

    Godwin's Law.

    Desperately, eh?
    That must be why I kept my name in the list of mods I'm suggesting.

    What thoughts?
    All I've said to you, over and over, is that I think you're a troll and I have no respect for you. All you've said to me is "I pwn you!" and rolling around in semantics.
    Actually, I think the only interesting things you've posted was your first post and the one where you quote Dune. The rest is garbage. And every word I address to you is equally garbage.
    No thoughts here.
    Just inanity.

    The ultimate hissy fit, eh?
    Seen many hissy fits?

    I also compliment him. There are aspects of his moderation I agree with and aspects I don't.
    So what?

    My responses to him were likewise.
    It's only you that merit being treated like a troll. Because you are.

    Tell me more.
    Gossiping is fun, isn't it?

    You got me. It's all part of my master plan of world domination. All that talk about responsibility over authority was just a ploy. I really want more moderation so that, in the end, we won't be able to post anything but prepositions. Maybe gerunds too. Do you like gerunds? Fucking Gustav up the ass is fun.

    Do you say so?

    Yeah. Did I suggest otherwise?

    Question: Are these supposed to bother me or something?
    Do you think you're like... poking at insecurities or something?
    Trying to lash back because of how I hit that sore spot of yours with my joke?
    Do you still think I'm calling you stupid?
    Do you really believe what you're saying or are you being disingenuous?

    Were you addressing James or me?
    I'll assume you're talking about me. It wouldn't make sense otherwise.
    What convictions are you speaking of?
    What makes you think that I have any convictions which would warrant my 'getting out'?
    What convictions might those be?

    By the way, while we're here. What are your convictions?
    You seem to be all over the place while attacking me.
    You attack me by suggesting that I'm a nazi and that I'm trying to promote censorship and authoritarianism.
    You also attack me by suggesting that I throw hissy fits against censorship and am against any sort of minimal standards of conduct.

    Do you read the words you type or are you just kinda hissing and spitting and letting it all flow from that wounded pride or what the fuck ever is wrong with you?

    You need glasses. I see none of those things.
    Well. I do see what might be disingenuity. From you.
    I suppose I'll address this issue of avoiding responsibility for your 'hissy fit'.
    No. I see my responsibility. It would never have happened (well. Not like this.) if I hadn't made that joke. But you're the one throwing the fit over it. I'm quite calm and have been in every response I've made to you.

    I suppose maggot and mutt and whatever weren't examples of jibe/jokes? That's how I took them.
    Of course, you've already admitted that they were intended to provoke. (Your admission of being a troll.)
    I can assure you that they didn't provoke though.
    Why should they?

    Now. As to the quesion of are you laughing. Don't know. You don't seem to be. Although you did just cackle, didn't you?
    I already said I'd apologize for hurting your feelings.
    I guess that wasn't good enough?
    You want my respect or something?
    You're not going to get it. In fact, I respect you far less now because of your tantrum than I did before.
    Does this bother you?

    I don't recall dictating to you. I do recall mentioning being disappointed in your behavior. Do you view my disappointment as some sort of control mechanism? Do you actually feel tempted to conform because of my disappointment? Are you struggling against it and that's why you're so offended?

    But. I'm still intelligent? Or has your opinion on that changed?
    Flame wars are a test of intellect, yes? Therefore, if I'm losing this flamewar then my intellect must be deficient, yes? Do you respect me? If not, then why do you desire my respect? Why does my lack of respect bother you so much?

    Did you really think I respected you?
    That's odd.
    I suppose you actually thought I hadn't made a judgement on you yet as we've never interacted much? Is that your stance? How could I not judge you? I've found you lacking for all the reasons I've already given. And you yourself have confessed to those things although you constantly refuse to acknowledge it.

    I never said I was only joking.
    I was joking, yes.
    But I was telling the truth about my opinion of you.
    Yes, I chose poorly with the term 'gossip' but that's mere semantics.
    I'm repeating myself.

    You bore.

    I don't know if I'd call them that. I suppose I did expect you to not throw a huge fit over what I thought was obvious in your character and also deliberate. But, it's no big deal.
    You again seem stuck on my disappointment in your behavior. As if you should be expected to care and change because of my disappointment.
    I ask again. Do you feel the temptation to conform?
    What am I to you that my disappointment would be more than a passing comment?

    Obsessed with you?
    Yeah. I'm obviously obsessed with you. After all, I'm always following you around, aren't I? Aren't I in every thread you're in? Don't I pm you? Don't I read every post you make?
    Do you really believe this?
    I'm beginning to wonder if you're having a nervous breakdown.
    If you are, is it something that's been building and my lack of respect for you is the final straw? Or is this all tangential to the breakdown? Or is it solely responsible?

    Your number?
    I have judged you based on my observations of you, yes. If you want to call that 'your number' then I guess I do.
    Does it bother you? That I have your 'number'?

    True. True. You can keep on acting out as long as you want.
    I'll most likely lose interest soon though.

    Do you really think you're bashing me?
    What is that you've said that you feel is bashing me?
    It's fun?
    Well. That's good.
    I dunno. I kind of find it boring and repetitive.
    Do you believe your intellect is being proved?

    What do you think I'm hurt by?
    And how is that I'm stewing?
    You really think that your hurt feelings aren't blatantly obvious?

    Have I ever claimed to be special?
    How did I get the impression that you care about my opinion of you?
    Well. Look at how you're acting. It's the only thing that makes sense.
    The thing is that I don't understand why you would care.
    I suppose you think this is fun and therefore that would explain your behavior. But, meh. If so, then why did it only come after the jibe? I suppose you did come into the thread trying to provoke. So...
    I don't know.
    Don't really care.

    Well. Yeah. That's the thing. My jibe was expressing my opinion of you. Jokingly, true. But I've not denied it. I've only affirmed it.
    So. If you've taken offense at my jibe, you've actually taken offense at my statement of my lack of respect for you.
    Or am I missing something?

    What do pretensions have to do with anything?
    Are you saying that if you had, then that would show that you're trying to prove yourself not to be what I've said about you?
    But, you have denied being a gossip. You've not denied being a flamer.
    You're the one who thought I was attacking your intellect even though I never mentioned it. I don't suppose that you've tried to prove your intellect. But...
    Yeah. Wait a minute.
    Flaming is a test of intellect. Right?
    So isn't your every post an attempt to prove your intellect?
    The question would be who you're trying to prove it to.
    Me? Or you? Or the gallery?
    I don't know which.
    Again. Don't really care.

    How so? Because I've tried to make sense of your behavior?

    Then this will bore you eventually?
    What will you do for fun next? Any plans?

    Blowhard would indicate someone who talks extensively. Do you believe that long posts are a sign of delusions of grandeur?

    Certainly an interesting interpretation.
    Do you really feel this is accurate?

    A couple of notes. Repeating myself once more, of course.

    I note how you didn't post about your about the members threads being a full third of all the threads you've posted.

    It's interesting how you compile your post pages like that. 4 of 38 seems so small. But, when looked at in a different manner. When you see that there are two forums which your frequent most often (World and Pseudoscience). You then see that there is only one other forum (forum group actually) with more posts than About the Members.

    I see no reason to prove my claim.
    It's an opinion.
    I've already stated that.
    Numerous times.
    (Therefore. You're offended by my opinion of you.)
    I know what I know and consider the matter to be too unimportant to go crawling through your history.
    And. Why should I?
    You've already admitted to being a flamer. Right?

    You ask why my opinion would be of import to you.
    That's a good question.
    I've asked the same of you. You say it's not.
    But. This is all about my opinion of you.
    My opinion of you as stated in the jibe.

    Interesting that you feel that I've stated my superiority over you.
    I've never done so.
    I've merely stated that I have no respect for you.
    Interesting how you turn things around.
    Seriously. You can't see what all this says about you?
    You're that blind? You'd think you'd be able to understand this shit after hanging around these forums as long as you have.

    Yeah. That's how it is that I went back and remembered why I posted about the poem.
    What are you trying to say?

    No. It's odd because you bring up this attack on your intellect from nowhere.
    It's not really odd though. You're right about that. I'd say it's interesting. But it's not.

    That's how you read it.
    I was just sorta joking around and then remembered what Water had said in the other thread and asked you if you wrote any of the poems or if you stole them all.
    I suppose you take offense at 'stole'?
    Simple. You never attribute them to their authors. Well. If you have, then I've missed it. Maybe you have. Dunno.

    If you say so.
    I'm not a poet.

    Heh. That's funny.
    I've admitted to being an asshole so many times that I should probably make it my user title.
    Yeah. I'm an asshole. So? Is that a surprise? I thought it was as obvious about me as your nature is about you. Do you think I'd be offended by it? Only an asshole would say such a hurtful joke as the one I made to you, right?
    But, that's just it. You're an asshole too. And that's why I was disappointed when you freaked out. I thought you'd understand. One asshole to another.

    Heh. I even have a tshirt that says "Asshole are people too."

    I don't care about your respect though. I don't respect you so why would I want yours?

    Attack? I don't think so.
    Spurious's one-liners are famous. It's an obvious. Like my asshole nature. Like your troll nature.
    You might notice that Spurious didn't freak out about it.
    He knows and understands.

    Haven't you said that before? I have a real sense of deja vu here.
    Is it fun for you when you repeat yourself?

    Anyway. Why do you think it is outrageous that I would bring up Spurious's one-liner posting style when my post was all about writing inspiring threads?
    You do remember, don't you?
    That post I made? About moderator responsibility and inspiration?

    When did I do that?
    I thought I just asked him a question and then he responded and then I responded back.
    Do you think that discussion is interrogation?

    When did I do that? When I said I felt he'd make a good moderator?
    Or was it when I suggested that he be one of the three mods to try out my idea?

    How did I do that? Do I have some dirt on him? Do I somehow have the deciding vote on whether he becomes a mod or not?
    I thought I was just bringing up an idea and asked Spurious if he thought he could live up to it.
    Implied in my post was also a desire to hear what he thought of my idea. I didn't say it explicitly though.
    I still don't know if he likes it.
    You're the only one who's mentioned it. But, you've forgotten all about it in your hurt feelings or fun or whatever.

    That bad, eh?
    Man. I suppose I'd probably feel horrible if I respected you.

    What else.
    I've been sitting here replying to your inanity too long...
    Let's see. Blah blah blah.
    Blah blah blah blah.
    Blah blah blah blah blah blah.

    Ok. Here we go.

    Well. I can't find the right quote actually.
    You don't really bring up my idea, but you do suggest that Spurious should be modded without making any promises. This suggests that you still disagree with my idea.
    Care to actually talk about that when you're done having fun?

    Yeah. Let him decide. Do you really think my idea was some kind of dictate? Do I have that power? I thought I just had an idea that might improve the forum and then opened the floor up for discussion on it. For Spurious to follow my idea he'd have to agree with it.
    Well. Unless I do have some dirt on him and am really able to extort him in some manner....

    Have you, by any chance, read any of Spurious's essays on his website?
    Just curious.

    Another post...
    Yeah. I'm seriously about done with this.
    Probably be my last post to you, Gustav.
    Just so you know.
    (This is where you accuse me of cowardice and all that.)

    I know.
    True though.

    Final word?
    Did I use those words?
    Don't think I did.
    The explanation is what is though.
    Doesn't mean you have to believe me. In fact, I doubt you will.
    Doesn't matter.
    Should it?

    What flawed reasoning?
    What sledgehammer?
    You mean how I have no respect for you?
    What outcome?
    That you've 'pwned' me?

    How's that?
    Did you not understand me?

    Funny thing about language.
    It stretches.
    I've already explained what I mean by gossip.
    Personal shit.
    I've also admitted that gossip isn't the right word.
    But, having explained what I really mean I feel that it's ok to use the word gossip as it should now bring up the new connotations (i.e. personal bullshit. Focusing on the doings of others).
    You have a hard time following this, don't you?
    It's really simple.

    I stand by my record.
    I have no fear of your 'agenda'.

    How have I been dishonest?

    Do you think that your calling me n00b is painful or something?
    And. I've already 'retracted'. Basically. I said that gossip wasn't the right word. I then went on to explain what I meant. I then also explained why I wasn't very careful about my nomenclature to begin with.
    Plus. I've also asked if you want me to apologize for hurting your feelings.
    I won't apologize for having no respect for you, though.

    Do you really not already have an overview of your posting habits?
    You do. You've already admitted to being a flamer.
    You even admitted to coming into this thread with the intent of provoking.

    I was asking about your 'truth', not mine.

    You keep saying that.
    Yet, here you are.

    Look at how your example is an attack on the intellect.
    And here you are flaming. Proving your intellect.

    Anyway. A better example would be something like you going up to your neighbor who has brought up the idea of getting the neighborhood together on Tuesdays to read essays they've written and saying, "Maggot. You're doing this for nefarious purposes. Trying to take over the neighborhood with your red pencil. Beside, Mutt, if the neighbors want to write, they'll write without coming to your house. Why should your little meeting make a difference?"

    The neighbor would then respond to your concerns, and sensing your joking nature (although it's obvious that he mistook trolling for joking) parts with a "Hey. When I have the meetings over at my house, you can have a tupperware party with the girls at your house and catch up on all the latest gossip."

    You'd then have to squint your eyes and ask, "What's that supposed to mean?"

    The neighbor, not noticing that you've taken offense so easily, goes on to say how he's noticed you leering at the girls and has seen you here and there getting quite personal rather than talking about the abstract things which would most likely be the topic of the essays at his meeting.

    You'd then say, "Pretty catty, huh?" Walk off. And then come back the next day on fire.

    That's a much better example.

    You're an asshole too, yes?

    Only 'grand inquisitors' make judgements?
    Here we are back at semantics.
    You're obviously thinking of 'judge' as an authority type thing. Guys in black robes laying down the law.
    My judgement of you is purely personal and has nothing to do with inquisitions or courts.
    Takes you a long time to understand simple concepts, doesn't it?
    You'd think all my talk of 'opinion' would have stirred something other than hurt feelings out of you.
    Oh. That's right.
    You're just having fun.
    And testing your intellect.
    And being upset by my rude joke. (Simply because it was rude. Not for any content.)

    Your logical inference is paranoid.
    Thus you're a mutt.
    Re-examine my quote.
    I stated that I noticed you spent some time in the pseudoscience forum but didn't realize that you spent that much time there.
    Now. If you want to find something that I said that expresses my disliking for the pseudoscience forum, then you should be focusing on "To each their own."

    Tell me all about it, girlfriend.

    You want me to go and gather up names of people with whom you've engaged in flame wars with?
    You've already admitted to being a flamer.

    Sounds like you're wanting some gossip.

    Yeah. You brought up your history for a specific purpose.
    You're still the one that brought it up.

    And. It was a joke. A joke based on my personal opinion of you and one which I am not interested enough in to go through all your posts to prove to you what I already know.
    I already know and need no proof.
    Therefore, looking for proof would be pointless.

    And how am I flip flopping?
    I've been repeating myself constantly.
    You're the one who seems to be all over the map.

    You also said that you engage in flame wars quite a lot.
    Thus you go into overdrive a lot.

    Here. Your words: "a fair number of my posts are involved in flame wars."

    There you go.

    You've also admitted that you came into this very thread intending to provoke.
    Thus you've confessed to being a troll.

    What punishment have I mentioned?

    See how you keep seeing my opinion of you as important?
    You now seem to be saying that my low opinion of you is akin to tar and feathering. Burning at the stake. That I am being an inquisitor simply because I don't respect you.

    Funny. The way you keep showing these things about yourself.

    No. If you intend to start a fight. Even with things you absolutely believe. You're a troll.

    And this is supposed to equate with a troll being honest how?

    Let me give a better analogy.
    An anti-abortionist goes to family planning clinics to start shit.

    Can you?

    You're delusional.

    What convictions?
    That I think that it's a possibility that you're being irrational because your feelings have been hurt?
    There are other possibilities as well.
    But. The key point is that I don't have any 'convictions' on this.
    I don't really care.

    You seem to be asking for validation.

    Do you think that just picking out the quote with the word 'somewhat' again proves something?
    There's no crucifixion.
    You're delusional.

    No. I say 'somewhat'. And then explain what I mean by somewhat.
    So. I start out saying 'not really.' Then explain what I mean by it.

    You want me to repeat it again?
    I'll pass.
    You've already read it.

    Laughing at your irrational behavior?
    I wouldn't describe it as wonderful. No.
    Maybe I was being disingenuous.

    Another pm?
    Where did you get that from?
    It was in a thread.

    I care if you pm or not because...?

    Repeating myself: You're delusional.

    What the fuck are you talking about?
    You're seriously delusional.
  17. Gustav Banned Banned

    are those not gendy's lines?

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I dunno.
    Are they?
    I was actually thinking of South Park when I wrote it. There's this episode where Stan's dad figures out that holding in your farts makes people spontaneously combust. So, he's a hero and there's this little old lady in the crowd who throws herself at him and says, "Make love to me, Randy."
    Pretty funny. It was exactly the opposite of his dreams of glory. There was another line that I forget... something like, "We love you, Randy!" In the dream the old lady said that and this hot chick said the make love to me part. But in reality it was backwards.

    Hidee ho!

    And. By the way.
    Don't even bother responding to my last post.
    I won't respond anymore.
    I'm officially bored with it.
    I could let you post a bunch of long ass shit and then ignore it, thus proving that I got bored before you or whatever. But, fuck it.
    Just don't even bother.
    I'm done.

    Roman and James.
    I'll get to your posts in a bit.
    Maybe tomorrow, actually.
    Spent way too much time on inanity and my eyes are crossing.
    Apologies for the delay.
  19. Gustav Banned Banned

    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"
    vert: "gustav you are a troll and i have no respect for you"


    it hurts so much!
  20. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Doubt you've read my full post above.
    So. I'll post this last thing. And then that's it.

    It hurts so much?
    It's not supposed to.
    That's your major fallacy.
    I don't expect to hurt you.
    I don't desire to hurt you.
    My low opinion of you is just that. My low opinion of you.
    It's not a punishment.
    It's not an inquisition.
    It's not a tar and feathering.
    It's not an attempt to alter your behavior.
    It's just my low opinion of you.
    That's all.
    And. No more.
    I'm done.
  21. Gustav Banned Banned

    still the control freak eh?
    of course i must rebut your crap
    do what you will, fucker
    it is of no real consequence to me

  22. Satyr Banned Banned

    I believe the moderators are becoming too lax when they allow morons to fly about posting random crap in multiple threads with no particular reason or essential element to it, other than the need to make ones self visible and to attract some needed attention.

    There should be some rule against people posting inane dribble, or smart-ass commentary, in a forum dedicated to sharp witticisms, teenage banter and internet gossip.
  23. leopold Valued Senior Member

    got gas?
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