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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Communist Hamster, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Gustav Banned Banned

    beat me to the punch my ass

    Life: 312 pages.
    World: 131 pages.
    Science: 288 pages.
    Technology: 124 pages.
    Philosophy: 175 pages.
    Subcultures: 66 pages. 286 pages.
    .......About the Members: 80 pages.
    .......Open Government: 60 pages.
    .......Site Feedback: 86 pages.

    at 25 posts per search page, "life" alone will give you 7800 posts

    posting record of nosey_parker and child forums
    59 pages
    Philosophy and child forums
    35 pages
    Life and child forums
    42 pages
    World and child forums
    15 pages
    Science and child forums
    35 pages
    Technology and child forums
    12 pages
    Subcultures and child forums
    8 pages

    About the Members
    21 pages
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  3. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Not pages.
    Pages. Posts. Still stands.

    21 pages for About the Members?
    Lay off the crack.
    Try 4.
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  5. Gustav Banned Banned

    so we have 59 fucking pages of your inccessant meddling and expressions of megalomania. to what effect? how have you molded sciforums to your liking?
    what has changed?

    would 59 pages of worthless spam then be a good descriptor?
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  7. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    You're really smoking crack.
    Let me share the truth.
    I won't post links as I've stated that the the search results don't last very long.

    Life: 13 pages.
    World: 6 pages.
    Science: 12 pages.
    Technology: 5 pages.
    Philosophy: 8 pages.
    Subcultures: 3 pages. 12 pages.
  8. Gustav Banned Banned

  9. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    You must be referring to all my posts?
    Then you must mean 56.
    Seriously. You smoking crack?

    My purpose has not been to 'mold sciforums to my liking'. My purpose has been varied. But, my main purpose has simply been to have discussions in things that interest me. As I've said, I think my posting history stands. Sure. I've had my share of inane posts. Everyone has (well. Most people have.) I've also had my share of mediocre posts.
    In fact, I once did a survey of the posts of the past several pages of my history and came up with a ration of about 2 mediocre posts to every exceptional post with slightly less inane posts than exceptional.
    How would you fare?
    I mean really. You know the shit you post.
    How would you fare?
    Your name (to those who know who you are) is synonymous with trolling. How many times have you popped into threads merely to pour your 'affections' upon those who you take great joy in harrassing? Do you think that you post more serious posts than trolling posts? Come on. Be honest.
    I can tell you, honestly, that I don't think you have.
    I won't say that you never post seriously. You do. But that is the vast minority.

    Aren't you getting defensive.
    Because you know I'm right?
    Does it ever bother you? The fact that you usually don't have anything to say?
    For instance. This thread.
    What happened to the topic?
    It's become rather personal, hasn't it?
    Why? Because I made a half-joking comment about you being a gossip as an afterthought in a post mostly devoted to the reasons for and against this idea of moderator responsibility which I've posted?

    Come on, man.
    Don't you ever feel like really taking part? Really contributing? Giving up the purely smart-ass routine and actually using that thing between your ears?
    Why do you come here?
    You've said that it's just a forum. To me it's more than that.
    Yes. It is just a forum. And it is maddening at times because of the lack of interest and participation that is a constant problem (and which, perhaps, you are symbolic of.) But, it is, to me, a place of... freedom. A place where I can express these portions of my being which find no expression in the real world.
    Out there, I can't talk about neurological functioning. I can't talk about philosophy. I can't talk about lipid cell membranes. I can't talk about D and L isomers of proteins. I can't talk about microRNA or RNAi. I can't talk about so much out there because nobody cares. All of them are ignorant fucks who like nothing more than watching the television and talking about cars and American Idol.
    Yes. There are other forums where such things can be discussed. But this forum is unique in the amount of freedom with which these things can be discussed.

    My proposal on moderator responsibility is not a proposal which would stifle those freedoms. My proposal is just the opposite. My proposal (the intent of my proposal) would bring more freedom to expression. The focus on censorship which is commonly thought of when the term moderator is brought up (and which you are obviously concerned with, as am I) would take a significantly lower place in the list of moderator duties. Responsibilities. Interest.

    Perhaps my idea is bad. I can see that it is dangerous. That those modded might well fall prey to power-hunger and once empowered might completely forgo all thoughts of inspiration and responsibility (as Q did when he ceased posting those APOD threads) and turn into censoring fucks.
    This is a possibility and one which I'd prefer to guard against in some manner.

    However, the moderator that is, James R., is one of those who sees his censoring duties as important to the well-being of the forum. I deny this. I think that they have their place. Sometimes. In extreme circumstances. But should be exercised so rarely that they might as well not even exist.
    I'm not saying that James goes around doing a great deal of censoring. He does far less now than he once did. And with Goofyfish absent, his censorship is gone as well.
    But, I do notice censorship. And everytime I see it. I hate it.

    I had a post deleted from that song thread. Why? Because my songs were vulgar? The fuck? My bitch is on the rag. Find her, feel her, fuck her, forget her. Those were the songs. Those are really so dangerous and subversive that they need to be deleted? Why? I feel that they have something to say about certain members of the forum and were on topic.
    But the post is gone.

    Only yesterday (or was it this morning?) I noticed several other posts deleted from a thread. TheFountainhed and Gendanken lost a number of posts in that What it takes to be black thread. Why? True. They were bickering a bit. But not that badly. But. Their posts are gone now.

    I've noticed others as well.

    Every time I see a post deleted. I hate it.

    I'm rambling now.

    My point was that James is an admin and thus his desire for censorship will necessarily be part of the decision for making people mods.
    A pity, really.
    I'd like it gone.
    Not completely gone. But utilized more for blatant inanity in good threads than anything else.
    And utilized rarely.

    I've rambled quite far and I guess I'm done rambling for the moment.

    What say you, Gustav?

    By the way. Have you ever read Children of Dune? I wonder if you understand why I posted that quote? It has some significance. And it wasn't a jibe at your woman watching, in case that's what you were thinking.
  10. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    What the list I posted before your post?
    That's me.
    I don't know where the hell you were getting your numbers.
    My original mistake was to mistake posts for pages. But the ratios stand.

    By the way. What makes me nosey?
    I made a little joke about About the Members mod.
    A little jibe. A trifle insulting.
    Tit for tat.
    And you took great offense to that, apparently.
    I'm not being nosey.
    I had no need to search your history. I've observed it while it was happening. That's how I have the surety that a large number of those posts outside of About the Members are trollish.
    I did search your history, but only your thread history. Seeing as how you seemed avid to defend yourself. I had to rebut. Yes?
  11. Gustav Banned Banned


    By the way. Have you ever read Children of Dune? I wonder if you understand why I posted that quote? It has some significance.

    it has significance to you and your whining about the state of sciforums
    which is why i told you it is just a forum
    look at stilgar similarly whine...

    *Alia was fond of saying that old ways gave ground slowly. Stilgar admitted to himself that he'd always found this statement vaguely reassuring. Change was dangerous. Invention must be suppressed. Individual willpower must be denied. What other function did the priesthood serve than to deny individual will?

    *Alia kept saying that opportunities for open competition had to be reduced to manageable limits. But that meant the recurrent threat of technology could only be used to confine populations -- just as it had served its ancient masters. Any permitted technology had to be rooted in ritual. Otherwise . . . otherwise . . .

    *individuals needed a profound sense of their own limitations. Traditions were surely the most controlling element in a secure society. People had to know the boundaries of their time, of their society, of their territory. What was wrong with the sietch as a model for all thinking? A sense of enclosure should pervade every individual choice -- should fence in the family, the community, and every step taken by a proper government.

    *Each aspect of life required a single form, its inherent circularity based on secret inner knowledge of what will work and what will not work. The model for life, for the community, for every element of the larger society right up to and beyond the peaks of government -- that model had to be the sietch and its counterpart in the sand: Shai-Hulud. The giant sandworm was surely a most formidable creature, but when threatened it hid in the impenetrable deeps.
    Change is dangerous! Stilgar told himself. Sameness and stability were the proper goals of government.
    But the young men and women were beautiful.

    i expect you imagine your role as leto planting the seed of revolution here in sciforums. hilarious

    and quite mad
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2005
  12. Gustav Banned Banned

    dude get your fucking shit together you are wasting my time

    add the pages up, multiply by 25, you get 1475
    now you have...4,595 (7.68 posts per day

    explain the discrepancy, liar
  13. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps it's time to go to Ender's Game and draw forth some quotes from Demosthenes and Locke?
    I've already explained in my post above that, to me, it's more than 'just a forum'. It is just a forum, yes. But it's more.
    It's important to me.
    Does that make me pathetic for finding something worthy of..... respect and caring in an internet forum? In 'just a forum'?

    As to those quotes.
    I love Dune. Frank Herbert was a hell of an author.
    Damn him for dying too soon.
    And damn his son for being such an incompetent and blind fool.

    I suppose I was.
    To tell the truth I didn't think too deeply into why the quote came to mind.
    I often act on intuition.
    I did the same when I made my post on moderator responsibility. It's an idea that's been building in me for quite some time and has finally reached fruition.
    Perhaps this is an initial strand to my Golden Path?

    You consider me megalomaniacal? Egotistic? Arrogant? Hilarious?
    Why? Because I care? Because I want to help an ailing friend?
    And what would you do? You'd spit and throw flowers. Write a poem? Or are they all stolen, those poems of yours?
    Write me a poem about 'just a forum'.

    It's just a forum, Vert.
    Care too much and you'll only be hurt.
    Arrogance and ego go hand in hand.
    A hilarious mutt in an uncaring land.
    The jester mocks as he's always done.
    It's just a forum but it sure is fun.
    Corpse's betray the banished's intent.
    A body not owned. One merely pays rent.
    And in the end where does the muse come from?
    After all. It's just a forum.
  14. Gustav Banned Banned

    Ok. Let's play.

    actually you already started playing....

    the thing i took issue with and the source of the present dispute. you go on to escalate....

    lies. a fair number of my posts are involved in flame wars. that is when an argument gets out of hand and shit gets slung around. hardly laudable but who the fuck cares? you? the self appointed grand inquisitor and keeper of standards? fuck you! understand this! flaming is not fucking gossiping. are you now holding me responsible for your perceived ills of sciforums.

    i know how fucking disingenuous you are being when you characterize a conversation as gossiping. you need to redefine in order to denigrate and demean. fucking pathetic. these are your petty peeves. do not expect me to share in them

    I've already said that you you post in WE&P. I forgot to mention that I've seen you down in pseudoscience from time to time as well. I must admit that I'm rather surprised you spend that much time down there. But to each his own.
    So. No great shock in the numbers for those pages.

    each to his own? it appears that you have an agenda that you expect others to follow."surprised?" you have a fixed length of time that members should spend in any particular forum? shock? are you not investing too much attention in to my activities here? it is extremely odd considering we barely have a dialogue of any sort. i used to get a kick out of how nosey you used to be but now find it tedious.furthermore i am rather aghast at the obvious trauma you are showing due to my presence on this board

    Do you want me to go back and show the people your lovely philosophical urges?

    sure. why the fuck not? post em.. i will similarly drag out your crap. you can lower this to a more retarted and childish level. i do not mind. you obviously pose this as a threat that is supposed to strike the fear of god into me. do you not fucking know my posts are available to anyone that cares enough to look? you think you are privy to something that others are not? jeez the sheer megalomania is astounding!

    6 pages of Somewhat misleading as 4 of those are in About the Members. And what of the others? How many of those revolve around the doings of other members?

    why do you think i isolated and presented it as an independent search? how is that misleading? you think people do not know that it is a sub forum?
    very disingenuous but i see a pattern forming. vert the preacher has no clothes

    4 pages of Life?
    Ah. We all know what wonderful thoughts you have to post in Free Thoughts, yes?

    no, post em too. i can barely remember 2 days ago. who is we? who do you represent. or are you merely trolling?

    6. Always refer to yourself in the plural, as though you are speaking on behalf of the whole newsgroup: "all we are trying to say is..." sounds much more pompous than "all I am trying to say is...". When other people join in the thread, the rules are simple: if they side with you, follow-up immediately and enthusiastically, congratulating them on their courage; if they side with your opponent, ignore the tossers.

    You have 868 posts. Far too many to go back for a true sampling of your posting style, but I can say, without reservation or doubt, that you show the greatest flair and interest, you're truly inspired, when you're gossiping about other members.
    And it is also an undeniable fact that the majority of those posts in other forums are spammy, trolling posts. You are the professional troll, yes? Haven't you (in another incarnation) even started a thread on it back in the day?
    I find it hard to believe that you'd even attempt to deny it. Really.
    You are attempting to deny it?
    Shit, man, this has been your 'style' through all your incarnations. Haven't you accepted it by now?

    of course not. my definition of a troll is one that uses disingenuous and fallacious argumentation. i defy you to find that in any of my posts. spammy... a few. rude....a lot. flames.... tons. in fact if you're truly inspired, when you're flaming with other members, i would never argue with that. i go into overdrive. (heh) troll thread. go on read the defs and provide a basis for your accusations in form of links which should provide a context. provide an adequate number to establish a valid statistical inference as to the nature of my posts.

    failure will indicate that you are making baseless allegations. i am not the slightest bit interested in your psycho babble.

    lets move on to your retarded logic. you pathetically attempt to link the subject matter of a threadt to my profession, does that similarly make me a physicist if i make a thread about physics? is this guy a pedophile simply because he wrote a book on the subject?

    are you deliberately being disingenuous with this line of argumentation? you fucking trying to troll me? (heh)

    Tell that to your pile of bodies stacked up outside the wall.
    Just a forum though, right? No big deal?

    man, what is your fucking beef with that? why do you care so much? are you trying to claw yourself up to the top of some imaginary heap and imagine that i am in your way? is that it, maggot? an expression of a pathological mind game you play with yourself? intuition/right brain/holism, right?

    So. I think my case is pretty firm on your interest in About the Members.
    Don't you?

    no, it only will if you have the reasoning skills of a retard.
    a topic post is merely a post that deals with a subject that does not have an existing thread. there is absolutely no logic in asserting that a member is more interested in a particular thread over another simply because he started it.

    secondly my interest varies from time to time but i shall not elaborate. i prefer that you continue to make a fool of yourself

    I will say that my thread starting history is certainly not the best............

    pre-emptively going on the defensive was unwarranted. i find you a intelligent poster and have absolutely no beef with you. it is the present discourse that i take issue with.

    However, I believe that if I were granted a modship, that this added sense of responsibility would harness my will and I would get these threads out.

    this turn of event should be the clearest indication that you are incapable of honest and logical reasoning when your back is to the wall.

    you are unfit to be a mod
  15. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    But, all those pages don't consist of 25 posts per page.

    13*25=325 (Life: 312 pages.)
    6*25=150 (World: 131 pages.)
    12*25=300 (Science: 288 pages.)
    5*25=125 (Technology: 124 pages.)
    8*25=200 (Philosophy: 175 pages.)
    3*25=75 (Subcultures: 66 pages.)
    12*25=300 ( 286 pages.)




    Good question.
    That's weird.
    That's how the search goes though.
    Try it.
    You yourself have said that I have 59 pages altogether?
    That's what the totals are (56 actually.)
    When I search for my user name in all open forums, I get only "Showing results 1 to 25 of 1383".

    Must be something to do with the database.
    What do you get?

    I guess this indicates that a true reckoning can't be had in this manner.
    Oh well. I have confidence in my posting history.
  16. Gustav Banned Banned

    now we get closer to the truth
    this is all about who has the bigger dick
  17. Gustav Banned Banned

    i am not stupid enough to fake something that can be very easily checked
    i stand by my figures
  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I know.
    You should relax.
    I started it jokingly.
    You're too defensive about it.
    I'm not saying that I'm not telling the truth as I see it. Just saying that it doesn't really concern me enough to make more than a joke out of it. I'd think you'd be more aware of it.
    So. If we change 'gossip' to 'flaming' then we're in accord?

    Yes. I'm the grand inquisitor.
    Bow before my might.

    Ok. So. You do get involved in flame wars as well. I suppose I was also throwing that into the same category as gossip. That's not fair. But, what I'm really referring to is posts where you just pop in out of nowhere and make some idiotic and harassing post. Until your Gustav disguise was uncovered, you did rather well in not behaving this way, but since the uncovering, you've done it quite a bit.

    I'll give you this though. Not as much as you used to.

    Denigrate and demean.
    You mean like 'mutt'?
    Poor, Gustav.
    Doesn't like to receive, does he?
    But, the worst thing is that he recognizes himself in my words. Otherwise he wouldn't be so upset.
    Would he?

    Oh? Agenda?
    How so?
    I find the pseudoscience forum to be inane. And therefore I find your posts within that forum to be inane. You're in good company though. Several posters who I have some respect for actually spend most of their time in pseudoscience. And I find those posts to be inane because of that.
    As I said. To each his own.
    Why are you offended? Because I'm patronizing you?

    A fixed length of time? No.
    I was just surprised that you had that many posts down there.
    I suppose my surprise is a consequence of the fact that I rarely venture into threads down there so didn't realize you frequented it quite so much. I have seen some threads with you posting but thought it was more... occasional than it apparently was.
    So. Yeah. I was surprised you had that many posts in pseudoscience.
    How would you have responded if I instead said, "Figures you'd have so many posts in pseudoscience." Would that suit you better?

    I spend pretty much zero time interested in your activities, actually. I do spend time browsing the forums and thus can't help but to observe your activities along with others.
    I suppose that's how you see it when people are interested and actually have a *gasp* memory longer than their dick.
    I have no problems with your presence on this board.
    Why should I?
    You're getting too worked up, bud.
    Calm down.

    I was only commenting. I didn't mean misleading as in that you were deliberately trying to push off a lie on the 'people'. Just clarifying is all.
    The 6 pages in the forums were one of the few with a greater amount of posts than the 4 in About the Members so I thought it necessary to point out that the 4 pages of About the Members was actually part of that 6.
    No big deal.

    Heh. We is the mouse in my pocket.
    Heh. Just a figure of speech, man. There's no 'we' here. I represent myself. And myself only.
    Am I merely trolling?
    No. I posted in this thread because I liked the idea of moderator responsibility and thus am backing the proposals to mod the aforementioned people.

    And as to posting those posts...
    Come on, man. You're going to seriously tell me you don't remember the shit you've posted?
    I'll concede that they're not necessarily 'gossip'. I was merely going with the theme of my joke when I said that. They're flames, but flames which do concentrate on the behavior of the other forum members. Much as this flame war is doing, for that matter.

    All 'flaming' aside.
    A serious question.
    Don't you ever want to participate?
    Do you honestly believe that I'm not dealing fairly with you?
    That I'm biased?

    I really don't feel like poring over your history looking for tidbits. I'm not nosey, no matter what you think. I just have a memory and have made observations in my time here.

    And do you think that I always use the royal we?
    There are certain expressions in which 'we' just naturally takes part.
    For instance, "We all know that..."
    Hey. You know who 'we' is in that statement?
    You and me.
    It would also encompass anyone else observing and would basically be an invitation for those observing to participate. To sound off on whether their observations match the stated observation or not.

    Interesting thing, language.
    Do you agree?

    I've conceded the flaming and gossip issue.
    However, the correlation is still somewhat relevant as flaming is often gossipy. It's personal at the very least, yes?

    Of course, that would make my gossipy in this interchange of ours...
    Such is life.

    And. I think your definition of troll is wrong. I don't think that disingenuous is necessarily a part of trolling. A troll can be quite ingenuous. Utterly believing in the rightness of his logic and argumentation. The key element would be in stirring up shit.

    I know that I've personally witnessed many initial posts by you that would be considered flaming and shit-stirring. Moreso in the past than the present. I'll admit that. But even so.

    You're referring to your troll thread?
    Am I being disingenuous?
    Perhaps. Somewhat.
    First. I maintain that disingenuousness is not correlative of trollish behavior. If that were so, then every devil's advocate would be a troll.
    Second. I'm not even really being disingenuous. I suppose I was setting up a sort of character witness. A bit of corroboration for your fascination with the trollish occupation. For your nature.

    You're proud of your ability to flame, yes?

    I generally think that I'm deficient in flaming skills. I have little interest in the subject.

    Hardly going on the defensive. Merely stating the facts. I was speaking of inspiring threads and the majority of my threads do not fall in the category that I would view as inspiring. Many of my posts do. But only a few of my threads.

    Simply being realistic. That's all.
    I have no problems with the truth.

    I have certainly considered this as well and this is why I was somewhat facetious with my self-nomination.
    Haven't I already said this? I think I have. In fact, I think you're basically just reiterating exactly what I said in what you quoted and in my words around the same location in the post.

    However, I do have an intuition that I'd have more incentive with a moderator position with the instilling of the proper feeling of responsibility.

    I've mentioned before that I often act on intuition, yes?

    This isn't an issue of me being made a mod.

    You haven't addressed any of the real issues involved in my proposal.

    Interesting association.
    Poetry and penis size.
    What do you think of your mother?

    I wonder why mine don't?
    I tried clicking your links and they didn't work.
    Let me try again.
    Yeah. Your links don't work for me.
    When I search for posts in my profile, I come up with 204 pages. (I should have known that something was wrong with my numbers.) But, when I search from the search page it won't show all the posts.
    I wonder why?
    How are you doing the search?

    I just don't get it.
    Fuck it then.
    I stand by my posting record.
    (I am confused by this odd search behavior though.)
  19. Gustav Banned Banned

    you now backtrack
    you also downplay your bullshit by blaming the current events on my state of mind

    who is the real troll here?
  20. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    How so?
    I'm trying to downplay my bullshit by blaming it on the state of your mind?
    Yup. That's exactly what I'm saying.
    I responded to your post that was on topic so long ago and at the end I appended, as an afterthought, a funny little jibe.
    And you took offense.

    Did I take offense at being called a mutt?
    Did I take offense at being accused of conspiracy?
    I responded to you and even threw a joke in on the end.
    A half-joke because I stand by the overall judgement of your posting style.
    I've not backtracked. Merely admitted that the term 'gossip' was a simplification based on the joke I told. Maintaining the theme.
    I've already stated that flames can be considered gossipy.
    I backtrack nothing.

    What you are seeing as backtracking is merely me affirming what I meant all along despite your misinterpretation of my intent.
    I've already told you. I'm not into these flame things. That's your forte. Not mine.

    Well. You're the one who seems intent on the flame rather than the topic.
    You're the one who forewent my entire post on account of a slip of a joke at the end of the post. True, you eventually answered it, but only after I reminded you, and you also made it a personal attack upon me as being unworthy of moderatorship. Which isn't the issue.

    Who's the troll?
  21. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Missed these.

    My beef with what? Your incarnations?
    I bring them up here simply to show that the place isn't simply a forum as you seem pretty intent on returning despite certain individuals making it rather difficult for you to do so.
    I'm not saying you really care.
    In fact, maybe you're just being obstinate.
    But, you do care enough to come back.
    Leaving fresh corpses behind with each discovery.

    Imaginary heap?
    You're in my way?
    Seriously. Dude.
    You're making way too much of it.
    You're just some guy.
    Pretty funny that you think this way.
    Who's the megalomaniacal one here?

    Well. You're interested enought to start the thread as opposed to not starting it.
    Of all the thread topics that could be started, don't you think that the topics actually chosen, those that actually come to mind to start, say something about the interests of the topic starter?

    Say someone starts a bunch of threads on causes and cures of flatulence. Can you then determine from this that he has an interest in farts?

    I think you can.

    Of all the threads that you've posted in your time here as Gustav (I haven't searched the others. It might not even be possible as I know that the database has been altered in at least some of the cases. Member profiles completely deleted.) A full third of all the threads you've cared enough to post are in About the Members. And are generally gossipy. Although, I'll grant you that they're often actually flamebait. But, as I've mentioned before, there is a correlation between gossip and flaming.

    I'd be surprised if it didn't.
    All I'm giving is my general impression of you from personal observations.

    I don't generally post in the two forums which you seem to take an interest in in a serious way. WE&P and Pseudoscience, so perhaps I have a mistaken impression of your overall character. But, all I can judge by is what I've personally observed.

    This is all pretty damned boring, ain't it?

    "You're a troll."
    "You are!"

    Before you got up in arms over my jibe, there was a topic here.
    But I guess you're not really interested.
  22. Gustav Banned Banned

    i am more interested in pounding you into the pavement
    not with any half assed ad hom shit like you did
    i prefer to pound you with your own words
    that to me is the true test of an intellect
    not some raggedy ass poem
  23. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    "Half-assed ad hom?"
    You mean your predilection for flaming?
    What's so half-assed about it?
    It's true.
    What's your objection?
    Ah. That's right. You didn't like the term gossip.
    I really never thought that you'd get so upset by my little joke.
    I've really touched a nerve.
    You've thought about all this before, haven't you?
    Then why don't you change?

    And. Here you actually give an answer to my question about your pride in flaming. You do take pride in flaming. In fact, you consider it a test of intellect.
    Who's the troll?

    If you truly consider flaming to be a test of intellect, then why are you so offended? Why are you touched so deeply by a stupid little jibe?
    I think your 'test of intellect' is a rationalization.
    You flame because you can't stop yourself.
    You flame because that's what you are.

    An interesting thing about your claim of flaming being a test of intellect is that this would seperate flaming from gossip. You say that you don't ad hom, implying that the true test of intellect is dealing merely with the words. But, hmm. All I can say is that I find your flaming to be more ad hom than anything else.
    So. If that's your test of intellect, then you fail.

    As to the raggedy ass poem.
    Was that supposed to hurt?
    You're the one with the poems at the ready. I just came up with some lame ass rhyme on the fly. Not caring to even attempt to make it non-raggedy because I know that's not my area of creativity.

    Insulting my poem isn't an ad hom, is it?
    What is it then? It's surely not 'pounding me with my own words.'

    And. As to that.
    Your failure in this is that you've taken this whole affair far too seriously from the very beginning. You can't pound me with my words, because what you're trying to pound me with is your interpretation of my words. Your interpretation is quite flawed.

    Another quote from Dune.
    Gustav. You're infected with mood.
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