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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Communist Hamster, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    I will always hate the mods unless I am one.

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  3. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    pfffffttt, a master liking his slaves?

    Im dead serious here, you'd rather have a cadaver like Tessie lording your threads? When's the last time Coffe or Asguard or Cris brought life to this place?
    Make me mod and you'd have eye candy Every.Single.Day.

    I want:
    Human Science

    Matter fact, I'd be your slave and not othwerwise. Any one of you can make a request of me and I'd do the research, like Cecil does for Straight Dope.
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  5. c20H25N3o Shiny Heart of a Shiny Child Registered Senior Member

    I think Cris debates very well. She/he is a model debater in my opinion and sets a good example for forum etiquette. Many people are encouraged to post following one of Cris' posts.


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  7. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    I think I might be better suited for biology anyway.

    For reasons of obviousynessiness.
  8. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I think the turn of this conversation is an excellent exposition on moderator responsibility.

    It seems that most who think of moderators and moderation think of authority. The power-mad and prudish. And I feel that this is the chief manifestation of moderation and is thus understandable that we come to such correlations about the concept.

    However, Gendanken, in her appeal, has touched on something greater and more important within the moderation sphere.


    How many of our moderators (or moderators elsewhere) understand that their position is not one of power but one of duty and responsibility?

    Censoring is the least of all moderator responsibilities. I think that in most cases, censorship is wholly unnecessary. In the absolute worst cases, the thread can be moved to the cesspool and/or locked. (Locking a thread would require a judgment of nil value in the conversation as a whole. And one must be careful in judging value as some gather value where others see none. Caution is the keyword when censorship is being considered.)

    Housecleaning is one of the prime duties of moderation. Cleaning up spam. Moving threads to appropriate forum. Merging threads. Splitting threads (splitting must exercise almost as great a caution as censorship.) Etc...

    But, these duties are the duties of the unimaginative and the uninspired.

    True moderation responsibility should be to set an example. To inspire. To promote interesting activity within one's forum.

    I think few moderators are capable of this.

    James, I feel, has shown himself to be capable in this regard to at least some extent. He is definitely a knowledgeable source for the physics forum. And he has posted a few threads which I view as inspiring. Not as many as I'd like, perhaps, but the physics forum is certainly not short on posters. So, perhaps his lack of activity can be forgiven on that account. After all, a moderator shouldn't drown out other conversation in his own enthusiasm. A balance of sorts must be maintained. Still, I'd like to see more threads from him like the one with zigs and a few others he posted around the same time on the nature of science and scientific investigation (although, come to think of it, I think that some of these threads were posted in the wrong forum.)

    Let's take an inventory of the other mods.
    Actually. Let's not.
    I did, but it got long and sorta detracts from my point by making this post far too tedious.
    Suffice it to say that the majority of the mods here are not inspirations in their particular forum.

    A shift in moderator attention should take place.
    Inspiration is the key word.
    Inspiration, not censorship.
    Responsibility, not authority.

    I don't think that the somewhat... slumpish nature of the forums at the moment can be wholly attributed to the moderation, but neither can it be wholly extricated from it either.
    Freedom through Slavery. (Sorry. Couldn't resist...)

    Gendanken would make an excellent moderator for the Human Sciences forum.
    Personally, I think she should be given her choice of Human Sciences or Philosophy. Maybe both. Xev, to my eyes, has never evinced an iota of interest in her subforum. I believe that she did once, before my time, but that was long ago. I'm not necessarily advocating that she be removed from office, but perhaps pushed to the side. Maybe some competition will make her take an interest again (in this case, I'd suggest Gendanken get both forums that way if Xev again steps forward, then she can take sole command of her forum. With the admonition to no longer let it suffer the neglect that it suffers from now.)

    And. Spurious, if truly interested, should be given Biology. But, Spurious. I have to ask. Are you prepared to take the responsibility and to be an inspiration? You are well-known for your one-liner posts. Can you put more effort into your posting? Particularly threads?

    Mystech has expressed an interest in Ethics. And Tiassa has endorsed him. Tiassa will not be able to spend much time online so I see no reason why Mystech couldn't take the reins. But, with a similar question as to Spurious, is he willing to be an inspiration?

    And what do I get out of it?
    Well, friends and neighbors, I get to be Site Admin... Muahahaaa!!!!
    Meh. I don't know. My interests would fall into Human Sciences and Biology and both of those would be taken. My main interest is cognition, of course, and this has led me to consider the AI forum. But, my emphasis has always been on natural cognition, not artificial. I could easily come up with threads on the former but would be hard pressed to fulfill my responsibility on the latter. Although, the two are intertwined and I really should delve more into AI to fill out my knowledge...
    I think that I could fulfill the responsibilities in Science and Society as well.

    Am I suggesting a moderator for every forum?
    Maybe I am.
    But, the key to this would be responsibility rather than authority.
    I don't believe that censorship should become more prevalent because of this. In fact, I think just the opposite.

    This would be a difficult and challenging proposition. It would require hard work and effort out of all involved.

    I'm not saying these forums are dying, but the slump has lasted far too long. Perhaps this action is necessary for the good of the forum.

    Maybe we could start small though. One forum at a time. One or two.
    So far in this thread we have Gendanken for Human Science. Spurious for Biology. And Mystech for Ethics.
    Perhaps we should start there with the admonition for responsibililty and see what happens.

    What says the collective?
  9. Gustav Banned Banned

    i see two maggots doing some political maneuvering
    nefararious purposes? devious agenda?

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    but the slump has lasted far too long


    as for the inspiration crap, if the tard provided this as member, why bother to mod tard? aint you getting it for free? if the tard does not inspire as member, promises to inspire when modded, will inspirations be pulled out of ones ass?

    why the fuck would i want some mods biases spamming a forum due to some misguided notion of duty? fucking absurd. besides. what is this place? a inspirational workshop/seminar? go see your counselor. pay attention in class

    vert, you are a mutt
    having things undefined is what gives this place its flexibility
  10. Gustav Banned Banned

    asking to be to be a mod should automatically disqualify
    especially when it is in a thread that masochistically begs to beaten up and raped

    are there not venues? a vacancy thread and a subsequent vote?
    what changed?
  11. spuriousmonkey Banned Banned

    'On the origin of oneliners' by Spuriousmonkey

    some recent threads:

    some recent comments on my threads:
    And old threads:
    In this thread I went somewhat deeper on a specific biological topic...and guess what:
    Therefore in my defense: Sciforums tought me to use oneliners.
  12. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Nefarious. Devious. Blah.
    You're suggesting some sort of...conspiracy or bullshit?
    I assure you that Gendanken and I have never conferred on this matter beyond me asking her if she was serious about the thing James told her about 2 more people agreeing.
    So. There's not 'maneuvering'.
    I was being somewhat facetious when bringing in my own modship which is demonstrated at the end of my post where I suggest only the three positions.
    Gendanken. Spurious. Mystech.

    I won't deny that I haven't thought about being a mod from time to time. I care about this place and believe that I would handle the responsibility well.


    You have a point here. And one which I've considered as well. However, I like the idea that mods should be about more than censorship and housecleaning and this was the motivation behind my whole post.

    You could say that I was inspired.

    Anyway. Yes. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free?

    The truth is, that there is no reason. No overriding reason.
    However, I think that being tied to a forum as a mod might give one more incentive to stay. To post. To contribute.

    Where will the inspiration come from? One's ass? Perhaps. Perhaps.

    Anyway. I think you're taking my use of inspiration wrong. I'm not saying that said mod will be a shining beacon that will direct the flow of conversation in his/her forum with the sheer might of his/her creative ingenuity.

    Just... active in the forum.
    That's what I'm saying.

    Take, for instance, Q's APOD threads when he first became mod. Those were simple threads which he didn't even need to think about. Straight up copy and pastes. And yet, they inspired conversation... sometimes.

    He got bored of doing it, I guess. Didn't last more than a few weeks. So much for campaign promises.

    I'm not talking about spam. I'm not saying that a mod has to post a thread a day or some bullshit.
    Just taking interest in his/her forum. That's what I'm talking about.

    Look at James as an example. He's always taken an active interest in his forum. I think that he could come up with more threads (especially seeing as how those he has made were so interesting and inspirational) but the key is an active interest.

    Look at the other forums.
    How many take active interests?
    Why are they even there?
    Absentee parents.

    And. Note. I'm not talking about active interest in the way of censorship or of conversational leading. I'm talking about actually being interested and involved.

    Duty, by the way, was what I used to express the mundane housecleaning aspects of the job. Responsibility and interest is what I'm connecting to this new idea.

    This place is a forum.
    I guess your question was rhetorical?

    I'm suggesting this as an experiment. I think it might work. It might be a colossal failure. That's why I suggested starting small.

    I know that Gendanken would be good for the forum.
    I think that Spurious, if he put forth the effort, could come up with some interesting topics.
    Mystech... well. I don't know much about him or the Ethics forum. But, he's got Tiassa's blessing and the forum is basically modless at the moment. So why not?

    Bow wow wow yippee yo yippee yay.
    Ain't that how it goes?

    I can't deny this. And I must admit that I've never liked the idea of overmoderation. That's why I stressed inspiration and creativity over power and duty in my post. I think it's important that if my suggestion is taken that those modded this way understand this.

    You ask for me to 'quantify' the slump.
    As if you don't know exactly what the fuck I'm talking about.
    Maybe this isn't the way to break the slump. You're right that a contributor should contribute whether modded or not. But, I don't know. It just seems like some sort of incentive. A bestowing of a sense of responsibility. Maybe even a way of offering... hmm. Can't think of the word. All I can think of is the slang 'props'. A pat on the back.

    It's just an idea.

    We could make you mod of About The Members. That's your prime interest, ain't it?
  13. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member


    I know and understand how the one-liners developed.
    It does suck to put something out there to have it deftly ignored.
    Sometimes it seems that the truly 'inspirational' threads are those with only two sentences. They're the ones that get responded to. Especially when they're about sex.

    And. I've also noticed that you've been starting a number of threads recently. News stories and such.
    I think you'd be a good mod. (If you could keep from deleting everything Valich posts....)


    Actually. You have to ask to be a mod. In the last few elections it was made clear that self-nominations are the rule.

    This is where you quote the old line about how anyone who wants power shouldn't be allowed anywhere near it.

    What changed?
    Nobody cares.
    Open Government is a waste of space.
    Moderation is to be bestowed by the powers that be now. Not voted by the masses (masses who don't care.)
    Part of the reason is that a quorum is impossible to achieve in the current forum climate.
    And another part is that the Fetus was such a failure that the right of the mob to vote in mods was removed afterwards.

    This is merely discussion. All decisions are made by the management.
  14. Gustav Banned Banned

    how so? justify your impression
    who is the "We"?
  15. Gustav Banned Banned

    no. you fucking assume way too much
    give me some goddamn numbers that attest to this purported decline of sci
    give me the methodology minus the psychobabble
  16. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    That is not a question you are allowed to ask, Herr Gustav.
    Step wisely, young man.

    Well. You spend an awful lot of time down in the picture thread leering at the girls. I've also noticed that you have an interest in the gossip that inevitably winds up in threads down there.
    Don't most of your posts revolve around the doings of other members?

    I will admit that there are some that don't. Mostly political posts. So, perhaps, instead, you should apply for the WE&P post that is open?
    You seem to have much more fun gossiping though. And since this is about interest and inspiration and all. I figured you'd be most inspired as About the Members mod.
    Just an idea.

    Ok. Whatever.
    There is no slump.
    The level of conversation is just as good as it has ever been. Yes, it is.

    I've already stated by my response to your 'quantify' request that this is not an issue of numbers. This is a qualified approach. Intuition. Right brain and all that. I've not done any in-depth study on the level of conversation, I've merely looked about and seen it. Holistically, so to speak.
  17. Gustav Banned Banned

    my my
    how fucking catty

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  18. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    I'm brought to mind of an observation made to Stilgar by Leto II in Frank Herbert's Children of Dune. A simple statement but one which shook Stilgar to his core.

    "Have you noticed, Stil, how beautiful the young women are this year?"
  19. Gustav Banned Banned

    it is just a forum vert
    and you do have the freedom to bring up and post anything
    the shit that is suppressed is of no real consequence
  20. Gustav Banned Banned

    so lets take a look at the catty mutt
    lets look at invert's holistic skills. lets examine his right brain. his fucking intuition!

    "awful lot of time.."
    "bitches gotta get bitch slapped", sez granpappy
    so lets...

    gustav's posting record

    World and child forums
    10 pages
    Subcultures and child forums
    11 pages
    Philosophy and child forums
    5 pages and child forums
    6 pages
    Science and child forums
    1 page
    Life and child forums
    4 pages
    Technology and child forums
    1 page

    with special attention to this child forum

    About the Members
    4 pages
  21. Gustav Banned Banned

    post reserved for verts crucifixion
    those with delicate constitutions be advised
    this will be bloody

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  22. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Let's play.
    First. I have to say that I don't believe those search results will last long. They are compiled upon request and then deleted from the database later. So, it's lucky that I happen to be around this morning.

    I've already said that you you post in WE&P. I forgot to mention that I've seen you down in pseudoscience from time to time as well. I must admit that I'm rather surprised you spend that much time down there. But to each his own.
    So. No great shock in the numbers for those pages.

    5 pages of philosophy posts?
    Interesting. I can recall several of those quite clearly, you know. Would you like me to go back and find an assortment of your 'philosophy' posts?
    Know what they're about for the most part?
    Not about philosophy. That is, of course, unless your philosophy is trying to get under the skin of other members. You know. Gossiping and stuff.
    Really. Do you want me to go back and show the people your lovely philosophical urges?

    6 pages of Somewhat misleading as 4 of those are in About the Members. And what of the others? How many of those revolve around the doings of other members?

    4 pages of Life?
    Ah. We all know what wonderful thoughts you have to post in Free Thoughts, yes?

    You have 868 posts. Far too many to go back for a true sampling of your posting style, but I can say, without reservation or doubt, that you show the greatest flair and interest, you're truly inspired, when you're gossiping about other members.
    And it is also an undeniable fact that the majority of those posts in other forums are spammy, trolling posts. You are the professional troll, yes? Haven't you (in another incarnation) even started a thread on it back in the day?
    I find it hard to believe that you'd even attempt to deny it. Really.
    You are attempting to deny it?
    Shit, man, this has been your 'style' through all your incarnations. Haven't you accepted it by now?

    Speaking of the incarnations:

    Tell that to your pile of bodies stacked up outside the wall.
    Just a forum though, right? No big deal?

    How about threads? Seeing as how that is the main bent of my post. Starting inspiring threads and all.
    Let's see here.
    Threads. Threads.
    Well. We have 8 threads in the World subforum. No great surprise. I've already mentioned your interest in WE&P (but remain firm in my belief that you're not truly inspired in this field.)
    1 thread in technology.
    2 threads in philosophy.
    And 6 threads in About the Members.
    And that's it.

    So. I think my case is pretty firm on your interest in About the Members.
    Don't you?

    Ah. I suspect a disection of my own posting bent?
    This should be interesting.
    Let me beat you to the punch.

    Life: 312 pages.
    World: 131 pages.
    Science: 288 pages.
    Technology: 124 pages.
    Philosophy: 175 pages.
    Subcultures: 66 pages. 286 pages.
    .......About the Members: 80 pages.
    .......Open Government: 60 pages.
    .......Site Feedback: 86 pages.

    Now. My interests are clear. Aren't they?
    Also, I believe that the general feeling that people get from my posting is not one of gossiping about the members which you revel in. I must admit, that at times I am less serious than other times, but I stand by my posting record. I think it's strong.

    So. Crucify this, asshole.

    I suppose to be complete I should count threads as well.


    Life: 19
    World: 8
    Science 19
    Technology: 9
    Philosophy: 1
    Subcultures: 5 22 (Most of which are in Site Feedback. 4 are in About the Members.)

    Again. I think my interests are clear.
    Free Thoughts is an excellent all-around place to post.
    Science is... well. Science.
    I think my interest in Site Feedback expresses my sense of responsibility about the forums in general.

    I will say that my thread starting history is certainly not the best. I've only started a few that I'd call truly interesting threads. Most are simple questions and such. So, for me to live up to the responsibilities that I've put forth in my proposal would require some hard work. More properly, it would require me to actually finish what I start. I can't count the number of threads I've begun but never finished. These threads would be the ones that I would have been proud of had I finished them. In fact, right now, I've got a good three ideas in my head bouncing around for threads, but.... getting them down and finding a hook, that's the problem. And that's also the reason why I was somewhat facetious about my own modship.

    However, I believe that if I were granted a modship, that this added sense of responsibility would harness my will and I would get these threads out.

    But, then you'd just accuse me of spamming the forum. Wouldn't you?
    After all. That's the definition of spam, isn't it?
    It's not about popping into people's threads and just throwing jibes or anything. Is it? Nah. That couldn't be considered spam. Nor could it be considered your specialty.
  23. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    My, this is my most sucessful thread.
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