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Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Communist Hamster, Oct 6, 2005.

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  1. invert_nexus Ze do caixao Valued Senior Member

    Yeah. I'd agree. That's what I've been saying forever.
    The only reason I kept repeating myself was because it was turned into an issue where I had to say I wasn't saying this or that (i.e. attacking your intelligence) but that all I'd said was....

    Doobie doo.
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  3. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Wouldn't we all, it seems.
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  5. Xev Registered Senior Member

    "I'm quite happy for you Xev. I've never given a shit about your interests, cares, likes or dislikes. You've never been that interesting."

    Coming from a man who not only has to find his girlfriends online, but also gets jealous enough of them to try to regulate who they speak to, I'm actually rather flattered. Freaky, really, to think that your sort of trailer-park abusive relationship can spawn off the internet just as well as it can off a waffle house.

    "Gendanken! You must not instant message other men! They may e-steal you away from my e-clutches!"
    "Oh yes, e-boyfriend, please don't e-beat me again!"

    The sad thing is that she used to be an actual person; a bit shrill for sure but certainly more interesting than most women. Now she's what? The proverbial troubled chick posting her cuts on Livejournal? Does she even post these days, except to keep up on her newly-discovered social life?

    And you're so much less than her: a servile hanger-on, an unproductive leech who latched onto the neuroses of an internet personality and somehow discovered the virility he never had. At least the electronic sort of virility. So why's she with you? Hell, in that situation I'd be possessive too. I'd never ever let someone so much better than I was out of my sight: they'd realize pretty quickly what a pathetic parasite I was.

    And then there's little old invert, suddenly discovering that he has a voice when he types. I wonder if he ever realized that before. There he sits, probably the most intelligent of you for realizing that none of this matters and that his e-friends can abuse him to their heart's content because hey, none of this has real-world reprucussions.

    Except of course, for you and Gendanken. Do post wedding photos like Truthseeker, it'll be a blast.

    Oh and finally Harlequin, who hasn't got the balls to even stick to one name here and somehow thinks that playing word games and making allusions will make this melodramatic as opposed to bathetic. Harlequin, who thinks that whether someone disappoints him or not actually matters, that any of this could be described as real rather than a disgusting simulacrum of reality.

    But then there's me, who's watching the thing in rank fascination and in some ways appreciates your filling me in, even if you did give me old news.

    Old news? Good. Then don't spam accounts I never use on forums I never visit under names that are not even your own trying to get up uninteresting me's interest in this train wreck of a social life.

    And no, I deleted whatever it was and didn't even bother to read this again for days after I posted the harlequin baby photo. So I'm not going to "prove it," although fuck knows where else I would get that information had it not been sent to me.
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  7. Mephura Applesauce, bitch... Valued Senior Member

    Out of all the typical Xev diatribe that you've spewed here only this little bit is interesting:

    So not only did I send you a pm, as you mentioned earlier, I've also spammed accounts you never use (funny that you got the pm if you never use the account), on a forum you never visit (still haven't given us the name of said forum. Also add to that the bit about getting the pm) under names not my own. Now how exactly did I do that? So not only did I send this alleged pm to an account you never us on a forum you never visit, but I did it through some one else's account? Neat trick.

    Seems I would have no need to try to interest you.
    You're interested enough to create very shoddy fabrications just to get yourself included.
    I'm flattered. Really.

    How convenient.
    The other odd thing is that this is the only forum I frequent.
  8. Harlequin Banned Banned

    This is so unfair.
    I'm stuck here at work while you're all having such a blast.

    Another long one tonight.

    But just while you're here, Xev.
    I've never once bothered trying to hide who I am, in spite of the name changes. That tell you anything?
    And I change my desktop wallpaper once every couple of weeks, too - along with my underwear.

    Explain how keeping to the same nick - here, on an internet forum, where you say nothing matters - takes "balls".
    (There you go, Gustav. I asked nicely - just for you.)
  9. Gustav Banned Banned

    it will
    i plan on sharing my travel pics with you. at any time. at any place
    y'know the 1280 x 1024 kind
    and i expect you to share more of yours
  10. Gustav Banned Banned

    i am mystified. do tell. who have you been
    inquiring minds want to know

    ps: being on the defensive with the bitch xev, is not a good place to be

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  11. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    I would like to know.
  12. kindfluffysteve Registered Member

    If we add on my old post count it comes out to about 5,000.
  13. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    So, we've got two people here who were someone once, Harlequin and kindfluffysteve. Doubt I would have known either of you then, back in the day, as I was not here, back in the day. Still, I am curious.
  14. kindfluffysteve Registered Member

    You were here about the time I was leaving. So hey. People used to call me Coffee or CC. Either one will do.

    I'd like my old account back though.
  15. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Ahh, yes, Counselor Coffee? You have my respect, then. Welcome back, old friend. I wish you could get your old account back too. Have you been at thescienceforum lately? I haven't been there much. Again, welcome back. Did you know I got banned here, for a week?
  16. kindfluffysteve Registered Member

    Well, a howdy to you too Cottontop.

    Eh, apparently here on sciforums they ban all the wrong people and none of the right ones.

    I'm at thescienceforum daily. Because I'm a mod there. Don't do much speaking though.
  17. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Yeah, I knew you were a moderator over there, but I forgot. It's been a while since I've been there. I'll try to get back next time I'm on.

    Sadly, I did deserve the banning though. I was aching for it, I think. Pushing it to the edge with a few people and a mod. My rebellious nature, I think.

    Toot a loo.
  18. Xev Registered Senior Member

    "You're interested enough to create very shoddy fabrications just to get yourself included."

    Bitch, please. I want to be included in your sick romance with Gendanken? No thanks. If I wanted a threesome it'd be in the real world, with me and two other men, not in the fake world, with me, a castrato and a harpy.

    And why do you need to assert how uninteresting what I've said is? If it wasn't, you wouldn't reply.


    Did I hit a nerve?

    A bit of flattery, but when one hits the hornet's nest one hopes to get the brainless insects all stirred up. I seem to have succeeded.

    I have an account on the aforementione You see, brainiac, if you don't use an account, private messages will still be emailed to you if you didn't uncheck the default box. Now if you're not (so and so) sending me messages, then one of you other losers is. That's possible.

    But you're the most likely possibility since I mean, who the fuck else would say it elsewhere and not in the thread? Everyone else is involved. Besides, who else would be sick enough to bother?

    And who else would know this crap? I know that the basic story is true, for I've heard from Gendanken the basics of your little affair for the past, holy fuck, two years.

    Oh my god, you spent two years of your life devoting your ego to a low-level internet forum? Jesus, at least if it was a game I'd understand. But a forum?

    The scary thing is, you probably actually do think that I want to be included in this inane yet irresistable thread. What a twisted source of ego-gratification! The psychology baffles me - you really, really do believe your own bullshit, don't you?

    Or maybe you don't and that explains the defensiveness. Why are you so adament that you didn't send that, with the little "hush hush" at the end? If you weren't the sender, a simple "what the fuck? no, that wasn't me" would suffice.

    But no. Not only do you freak out and asserting that you don't care what I think (glad to hear it. why was it necessary to assert?) but your denials become a bit....shrill.



    Because if the internet requires zero balls, not even sticking to a username on the internet requires negative ten.
  19. Cottontop3000 Death Beckoned Registered Senior Member

    Xev, you and Gendanken really, really have wonderful mouths on you. I love it. I love both of you. Open wide and say ahhh.
  20. Harlequin Banned Banned

    Let me know which part of what I was talking about that you're referring to and I'll clarify it for you.

    Not to me, no. I don't know you. I only see what is written here.

    No, I really don't know "how things are". I'm going off what I've seen here, and what I've seen in the past in both of you. It hasn't occurred to you yet that perhaps she doesn't see things the same way you do, in spite of what she tells either you or herself? I'm sorry, Invert. She's not dishonest enough in that respect to get away with it completely. She gives too much away - and so do you. Thus either of you trying to claim it as some sort of "game" doesn't quite feel right.
    You're free to believe I'm "focused" on public humiliation. It is something which goes against what little moral code I have - when done to someone you claim as a friend. That's just me. My witnessing history repeat itself does not indicate obsession.
    And you felt bad for me? Heh. How nice. But you had no need to. I'm perfectly fine, I can assure you - I always am, in the end.
    Now you wouldn't be projecting your own self pity on me, would you?

    Me, of course.

    Xev? She seems quite miffed at me at the moment. I think she's a little annoyed that I'm here at all, which is quite understandable. So am I. My original agenda has been set aside now, and this is something else.

    But I love letting off steam occasionally. I play computer games as well, that helps too. Shooting pixel people with pixel bullets and all that. Works a bitch, I'm working 12 hours a day, what with christmas and all, I'm twiddling my thumbs every night because I don't have anyone I care to talk to, and I'm having terrible problems sleeping at night because my brain just will not shut up - and here you all are. Clay pigeons. Pow, pow, kerblam. I haven't enjoyed myself like this in quite a while.

    You said it yourself - what the hell do any of you really matter?
    I've thought about that a bit. None of us here is being entirely honest - we never are. Even when we think we're being honest, we're not.
    But you know something? Speaking in terms of degree, I'm probably the most honest one here. Except maybe for Xev, and I'm not quite certain of that.
    Gendanken - yes, I would like to see her as she was, on these forums where I can read in silence. That's quite honest.
    Would I like her to contact me again? Yes, that too. It would be most enjoyable to tell her to fuck off again.
    Understand something - fond thoughts of someone you once knew are a memory of how you saw them at the time. They have little to do with the reality of that person. Once you grasp that, nailing doors firmly shut becomes less hurtful than it otherwise might be. And I think I've just done that, four sentences above this one.
    Of course it hurts. But not as much as you or anyone else would like to think. And that includes you, Xev.

    It isn't Gendaken herself who is the source of that - it is my memory of someone else.
    I cared enough about someone I didn't talk to anymore to tell her she was being a fucking bitch, and not even being perceptive about it enough to be swayed from that agenda.
    In addition to all the other reasons I'm still here which I've already detailed. Quite a few of those - the list is mounting. And with every one unearthed, the importance of any one over another becomes less.

    That is why you're barking up the wrong tree.

    Take care to wash your feet carefully tonight - the gallery should be making quite a sloppy mess on the floor about now.

    And now we move on to the fun part:

    Quite clearly, some time ago. We aren't done yet.
    "Game over" wasn't in reference to you. You're always the last kid in the video arcade, slipping coin after coin into the socket until it's dark, everyone else has gone home and the cleaners are giving you the evil eye.
    Obsessive little trout.

    I have the time - not the interest. Yet.
    You throw a few quoted texts at me, without offering any opinion on them or thoughts of your own, and tell me it's my responsibility to comment on them?
    Nay, sir. After you.

    (I'm being polite, here. I've noticed when you do the same.)

    No, you're not. You're a yapping little poodle with all the grace and charm of a ten-dollar whore, made bearable by occasional humorous posts and constant allusion that you'd have something to say if you had a reason to.
    The only bewildering thing is that you have the gall to demand more of me.

    I already have.
    The "veiled references" were probably those things I said for the ears of whoever it was I was addressing at the time. Feeling left out? Shame that.
    Try not to suffer so openly.

    Such as yours, you mean?
    Tell you what. You stop being yourself, and I will. Deal?
    ... actually, I withdraw that offer. I can't guarantee I'll make good on it.

    I don't have any "buddies" as far as I'm aware. Especially not here.

    But I'll give you something anyway. I'm feeling quite generous tonight.
    As far as I'm concerned, A man holding himself in a certain manner and saying pithily "and you, sir, are a sequacious coward", shortly before challenging the other to a duel at dawn has a certain... weight behind it that "yo mamma was a whore" ever will.
    You think little street punks gibbering about respect and brandishing knives because that is the only way they can enforce that demand is impressive? It isn't. But then... you're American, it seems. It shows.

    I don't expect anyone to understand me, no. But I love it so very much when they do. Love it.

    No, you do not decide. I do. My reaction to what others decide after that is dependant only on what I think of them.

    And so far, your opinion has as much worth as the contents of my toilet after drinking too much of a particularly foul brew the night before.

    Everything I claim is indeed provisional. That proviso being, of course, that you prove to me otherwise.
    You're objecting not to what I "claim" as much as how I present it. That is your prerogative. I don't particularly like your "style", either.
    Perhaps it would help if I were to be female?

    Rest assured, I was not. And no.

    On the contrary, laddie. You've been here quite some time.

    Bite harder, blowfish.
    I erred earlier in naming you a trout. But you are proving fine sport, regardless.

    And, finally,
    That was no explanation.

    And it's come to my attention, reading you, that you have been keeping things from me. I'm very hurt, you know. I detest that. Will you show me? My ears are burning.
    And I'm curious, as well. I wonder who it might have been.
    Bring out the usual suspects, and put them on parade.
    Does a prior rap sheet count for guilt in a court of law? Let's place Mephura in the lineup anyway. Prime suspect. The Law is far too rigid. Interesting, I had no idea you were registered there - so am I. I participated in one thread, from memory, months ago now. Haven't been back since... it left a rather foul aftertaste.
    Include Gendanken and Invert.
    "who he is, and why he's there"... something with historical knowledge, in that other forum as well, and obviously dislikes me. Hmm. Can I add any more?
    Let's try Water - she's here. And there. Outsider, though - it doesn't smell right. Satyr? Doubt it. In fact, any others I might add here would be pure speculation, and making up numbers.

    I'd love a surprise, though.
  21. Mephura Applesauce, bitch... Valued Senior Member

    Perhaps you've failed to notice the only thing I'm interested in here is this message business.

    Not even remotely.
    Again, sorry.

    I've got one account there, and I haven't done anything with the place in about 4 months. Last pm I sent there was to gendanken account there on august 2nd.

    Xev, ask yourself a few very simple questions:
    1. When have I ever turned to you for anything?
    2. When have I ever asked you for anything?
    3. Hell, when is the last time I've ever said anything to you?

    I've never paid you much attention, even when I posted alot. I've never "chit-chatted" with you. Hell, I've rarely bothered to post anything addressing you.
    On top of all of that, I didn't know that you had an account there. I'd heard rumors that you were there, but I have no idea what your name there would be. Never cared enough to try to figure it out. And if you don't post there, how would I even begin to guess?

    How long have you been here?

    Xev, you're first post basically said I sent you a pm at some time in the past about some thread, and that I wanted something out of it. I thought perhaps I might have sent you something at somepoint in the past alerting you of a thread you were being mentioned in. The wanting something out of it I just chalked up to an inept attempt at psycho-analysis. I asked what you were referring to because I had no idea. You then start on this silly track about me wanting to involve you in my life and here.
    When have I ever sought to involve you in anything?

    Also: "hush, hush"? Sorry. I don't speak that way. It doesn't sound a damn thing like me. It gives me a good idea who it is though....

    And what exactly did I deny, Xev?
  22. Dr Lou Natic Unnecessary Surgeon Registered Senior Member

    Is harlequin fenris/marquis?

    Or a gay persona of wanderer? Like satyr was his cheesy persona?
    He seems to be able to completely change with his username, so maybe.

    I much prefer the direction this thread is heading to where it was, mocking the hilariously tragic relationship between gendanken and mephura is much more satisfying than kicking a tired old friendly dog.

    Can someone just fully explain the gend/mephura situation to me while I hyperventilate with excitement and do finger exercises in preparation, thanks... *exhale*...
  23. Gustav Banned Banned

    it has all the pathetic flair and melodrama of the usual tragicomedy that plays out at a highschool reunion. retarted little fucks
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