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Discussion in 'Human Science' started by shooting star, Apr 10, 2002.

  1. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    As I had mentioned in Free Thoughts, I was in a store a few nights ago when a car came through a store wall and into the store. The wall was one of those glass picture windows with a short wall to hold it in place. I later learned that it was caused by cell phone use, driving while talking, and lack of attention to driving. We're talking 15 feet into the store past the wall before coming to a stop. Luckily no one was in that section of the store when the car came through. No injuries were reported...

    This is exactly what my point was in reference to the talking on the phone while driving. I just didn't expect it to hit so close to home so soon after this thread started.
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  3. Pine_net Chaos Product Registered Senior Member

    Bad News

    BBC News, June 19, 2002

    Radiation from mobile phones damaged the blood-brain barrier in lab tests by Finnish scientists on human cells.

    The exposure caused the cells in blood vessel walls to shrink, which enabled molecules to pass through the safety barrier into brain tissue.

    Professor Darius Leszcynski, who carried out the study, said these changes could have a serious impact on a person's health if they were found to happen in humans.

    Read on...
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  5. Xenu BBS Whore Registered Senior Member

    That's a little scarey pine-net. The blood-brain barrier is not a good thing to break.

    Also, I'd like to add what a friend of mine showed me at work. By placing his phone next to a computer monitor and calling it he could make the monitor fritz out. By doing the same thing to our RTS system (headphone communication system) he could send feedback across the whole system. The craziest one is when he turned on his stop watch, placed his phone next to it, and called it, the stop watch would stop. It would do this every time. We tried it with another guy's phone but the stop watch and RTS thing wouldn't work, however it still made a computer monitor fritz a little.
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  7. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    I don't agree that the concept of the mobile phone is wrong. The only thing it may be bad is because of the radiation and electromagntical field. (as for driving when listening- there is hands-free system people

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    The really disturbing thing is that it can affect my brain and maybe it's EM field. We are not still fully aware of the implications of that.

    At the begining of the 20th century people thought that radiation was healthy and even special cans were made to store water in them from radioactive materials. Now we know to which it leads.

    But the thing is that I can't imagine life on the planet earth without cell-phones. (and they came fully available to the public only a dacade or less ago!)
    it is really convenient and cheaper than the static phone lines in our country!

    conclusion- cell-phones may be bad, they may have bad efects on our brain, but they will never be denyed even if they are proven to be bad for healt.
    the solution is a new technology cell-pfone that doesn't emit radiation.
  8. Joeman Eviiiiiiiil Clown Registered Senior Member

    There is no scientific evidence that 800 Mhz - 2.5 GHz is bad for humans. Couple years ago someone claimed cell phone can contribute to memory loss but the credibility of that publication is still being questioned. Humans and all living beings have been under radiation from TV and ratio towers for a long time. There are no proven health problems.

    It is very annoying when someone's phone rings in movie theater. That just makes me want to grab the cell phone and stick the antenna up the person's ass. They should build radio jammers in some places to prevent Radio waves from getting through.
  9. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    "No proven health problems"

    Yet cancer and heart disease is often on a rise.

    Simply put Lukemia is treated with radiology but it's known that if the radiology is used wrongly it can cause more damage than it can repair.

    Also a radio transmitter might output 800 Mhz - 2.5 GHz but people tend to forget that the frequencies can change depending on modulation in regards to vertical to horizontal.
    This means it might leave the transmitter in the safety margin, but the matrix of signals in transit can actually create a shift in frequency taking it into the hazardous levels.

    As for Jadio Jamming, that doesn't stop signals, it just adds noise to blur it out. What the world really needs is to start encorporating Faraday cages into building designs, to limit radiation and frequencies that can penetrate it.
  10. Joeman Eviiiiiiiil Clown Registered Senior Member


    Yeah but what frequency is that? Isn't that X ray frequency? The difference in rad has to be huge.

    I don't think so. The duplexer of the transmitter suppose to eliminate unwanted noise otherwise you violate the FCC. Besides only FM moduation change the frequency. Theoretically FM has unlimited bandwidth, but out of band signal rolls off fast to the same level of thermal noise floor. I am guessing no more than a few hundred MHz. Extensive empirical study has showed RF does nothing to human body functions. At least from articles I read from my engineering safety class.

    If you bring up the noise floor all the way up to the carrier, you stop most modulating schemes from working. CDMA requires +8 dB higher. So it does work. Jamming is the cheapest way to do this.
  11. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I remember looking through a manual for Satellite installation (one the installers use) from a library, it mentioned about how certain frequencies can cause ammonia to pendulate.

    If you don't know Ammonia is NH3, the molecule itself has the Nitrogen atom in the centre of 3 hydrogen, and at frequency the nitrogen tries to move from the hydrogen creating a near pendulum movement, swinging back and forth.

    I mentioned this as Nitrogen makes up a large preportion of our body, although it might not be 100% ammonia, ammino acids do exist. (sweat etc)

    Particular frequencies can cause the human body to respond, it's noticable that certain frequencies can get the human body to give off particular chemicals.

    I'm sure I also mentioned in this thread before, that I once came across a Medical website that had the frequency levels for every disease and bacteria known to man. This was known because some frequencies can be used to destroy particular diseased cells, while the other way concerns that the resonance of an individual can cause a structure breakdown on a quantum scale. Causing Retro-virii reactions and cancers.

    One extra point, the human blood contains IRON, IRON is known as a conductor, which means it contains it's own Biomagnetics, frequencies can distort this. As I mentioned before, a NASA site confirmed that our planet should find very little "NATURAL" X-Ray radiation because the IONSPHERE stops most of the suns natural X-RAY from getting through.

    This means if there are any X-Ray's bombarding our planet, they are un-natural, and extremely hazardous if you are to look at long term exposure.
  12. Joeman Eviiiiiiiil Clown Registered Senior Member

    What is the range of the frequency and what is the intensity?

    The reason I am skeptical is that human body is an extremely poor receptor of EM waves at UHF. Chemical reactions in humans are ionic. There is not enough EM intensity in the air to affect chemical reactions within human bodies. That is what electrodes are for. The resonant frequencies of various chemicals are way out there.

    On average the intensity of EM waves in the air is -70 to -110 dBm. If you are close to the tower you can get as high as -40 dBm. The cell phone itself should be around -50 dBm That is already very low. You can calculate power absorption of EM waves by water. It has to be extremely small.
  13. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    This link might have something you might find of interest:

    Although the actual Table I'm looking for I found in 1999, so there is no clue as to if it still exists somewhere within the internet or not, but I put a feeler out in the method of newsgroup. Hopefully I'll hear some come back.

    I'll just mention one more thing, it's how MRI (Catscans) work, the principle is simple, EM is used to make all the Hydrogen within a person polarise into a direction, then the density of the Hydrogen is used to create the scan.

    I mention this because even if you remove IRON from the equation, your still left with the usage of radiology and it's effects on the human body.

    I shall over the next couple of weeks get some more research data to either prove/disprove if there is a reality in what I've been saying. (But I won't be following a book handed to people that would be employed to use such equipment, afterall they tend not to cover all aspects otherwise no one would work around antennas.)

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