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Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by wynn, Jan 26, 2013.

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  1. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    On a PC with Win XP, I have a main folder in which there are about 60 pictures and another folder with pictures. I've created both folders, they are not system-preset like the My Documents folder. The pictures are mostly jpg, some jpeg, some png. I edit them for brightness/contrast and insert them into a Word file.

    Everything seemed to work fine until today, after I, in an effort to sort the pictures, chose the option that they be sorted by type of file in the "View - Arrange icons by" option.

    From then on, a mismatch is occurring: in the Windows Explorer window in thumbnail view, as well as in the filmstrip view, there is a mismatch between the thumbnail picture and the actual picture shown. Ie. I click on a thumbnail picture, and the picture that opens is another one.

    This mismatch is occurring only in some pictures, but not all. I couldn't figure out the pattern whether it happens only with those I edited or renamed, or not.

    Strangely, the files in the folder are supposed to show in alphabetical / numerical order, but they don't (ie. a file whose name begins with a 4 is before one that begins with a 2).

    What is going on?

    How can I fix this?

    Could this problem spread on other folders with pictures or other files?

    Thank you for your help.
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  3. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    What happens when you move the files to a new folder? Do the miss matched thumbnails follow the pictures to the new folder?
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  5. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    XP I really hated that operating system. Is there any picture handling software on that machine other than windows standard stuff?

    Thumbsplus is the best picture management software you can buy for under a $100 dollars. I've been using it since version 2 and it's up to version 8 now. It will easily handle many hundreds of thousands of pictures and you can search for dups or very close matches by the picture itself regardless of name or size. When you collect as many pictures as I do that's a very handy feature.
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  7. wynn ˙ Valued Senior Member

    I created a new folder for testing, copied the pictures and the folder from the problem folder to the test folder - and there seems to be no mismatch.
    Although they are still not properly sorted alphanumerically, even as I selected that option.

    Sure, and in those (like the Olympus image program that comes with the camera), there seems to be no problem.

    I simply need the Windows Explorer for basic sorting and overview of files.
  8. leopold Valued Senior Member

    if the win explorer settings are wrong then you might try:
    open explorer.
    go to tools>folder options and :
    check display contents of system folders.
    show hidden files and folders.

    uncheck hide extensions of known file types.

    i have the icon in explorers toolbar to switch between views.
    go to that icon and select the view that matches the word application.
    while still in explore with the view you selected go back to tools>folder options and click on apply to all folders.

    a word of caution:
    selecting thumbnails and applying it to all folders can cause slow access to some CD-ROM drives.
  9. KilljoyKlown Whatever Valued Senior Member

    It does help to have a 64 bit processor so you can have more than 4 G memory. But then if you are still stuck using XP your in big trouble anyway. I try an avoid people who are still using XP for very good reasons.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  10. kwhilborn Banned Banned

    The problem sounds horrifying.

    There is a lot of free image software on "MajorgeeksDOTcom" as well as a variety of other programs that can help computers run better.

    Could a system restore work? They are often as painful.

    any back-ups? I suppose you have tried converting back again, but save your files somewhere else first like an independent drive of some sort (zip or external)

    It sounds like the registry settings for folder options are incorrect.

    Windows XP

    Delete the following registry subkeys:
    Re-create the following registry subkeys:
    Create and then set the BagMRU Size registry value to 5000 in the registry subkeys that you created in Step 2.

    Actually just click here and follow program "Fix It" program option repair. Microsoft is a good website with no malware.

    You could google any problem yourself. 90% of the time I get a panicked call from someone needing a computer solution I type the problem into google and see the fix I outlined.

    I tell friends that I charge $20 for a diagnosis, but never end up charging anyone. It s just to keep them at bay or I'd be fixing computers 24/7.
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