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    We are all unique and misfits to someone or several. It takes all kinds to add to the fabric and richness of existence.

    If you were ever bullied, called 'weird' etc for just being your harmless self, this is for you.

    Even though people are separated physically on their own path, you aren't really alone in your experiences though it can often seem that way. That's the great thing about the internet and this new age is it widens your perspective of the world. There are others who have tread your path for one reason or another before, now and future.

    There are even people out there who you will never know that are experiencing whatever crisis as well as wacky or 'strange' thoughts as you or feeling different or whatever the issue is. Even if the answers don't come or cant be answered, it's been pondered and mused before feeling the existential agony similarly in some fashion.

    That is nice to remind yourself.
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