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Discussion in 'Alternative Theories' started by birch, Feb 28, 2016.

  1. birch Valued Senior Member



    Now for something really spooky. In 2011, a team of physicists claimed that they were able to use mirrors to turn “virtual” photons into real photons.

    “According to theory, a mirror can absorb energy from virtual photons onto its surface and then re-emit that energy as real photons. The effect only works when the mirror is moving through a vacuum at nearly the speed of light — which is almost impossible for everyday mechanical devices.”

    Did you catch that? What these physicists are saying is that they were able to take a reflection and pull it from the mirror and into reality. Granted, it takes a vacuum, the speed of light, and boatload of cash, but the precedent is there. If a photon that only exists in a reflection can pop out of a mirror and into reality, could something larger? Makes you think twice about playing “Bloody Mary”, doesn’t it?
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  3. birch Valued Senior Member

    Anecdotal but accounts of haunted mirrors and personal stories such as a woman with a young daughter who had an imaginary friend she could only see in the mirror. He was a boy named thomas and there was a boy named thomas who passed away there. Coincidence perhaps or not. Or the girl very forlorn and sad at having to leave her ghost friend behind when moving. Her parents told her he/she can come along to which she told them she cant leave that house/premises like a sealed time warp or energy imprint. Or a child telling their parent about an entity in a certain room and they dismiss it offhand as imaginary until they shockingly experience exactly what that child was talking about. There are so many more inexplicable events that happen sometimes that cant always be easily dismissed. Or better, your intuition is telling you its not all 'unreal'.
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  5. quantum_wave Contemplating the "as yet" unknown Valued Senior Member

    What is this "Bloody Mary" game?
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  7. Write4U Valued Senior Member

    From the first link.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    Question 1: Did these *sparks* occur in a totally dark environment?
    Seems to me that this experiment should be conducted in total darkness, to eliminate the possibility of capturing the wavefunction of existing (random) photons.

    Question 2: why would they call this proof of QM and not proof of an *extended* EM field?
    As I understand it QM describes a function, not a thing, whereas an EM field describes things that function through QM.

    From the second link.

    Question 3: Images produced by mirrors are made from reflected photons and any deviation is in the imagination of the observer, or a flaw in the mirror.

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