Microlab MD212 Is Portable, Wireless & Cross-Functional

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    Bluetooth portable audio devices are pretty much in vogue these days and when a brand such as Microlab enters this arena, the product is worth a shot. With the Microlab MD 212 Bluetooth portable speaker, the brand doesn’t disappoint. Since its creation in 1998, the company has had a consistent track record of quality devices at affordable rates.
    Target Market
    The target market for the MD 212 is mostly the audiophiles interested in portable and lightweight audio devices. The addition of the Bluetooth compatibility places it in a niche market, where it stands as a serious contender. The device is friendly for everyone (that includes your grandparents) and the features are extensive set of features to the spark the interest of sound connoisseurs.
    Strong Areas
    1. Audio
    The audio performance of MD212 is much to be talked about. Smartphones and tablets are rampant now days. So you are looking for a sound experience that is better than the on board speakers. In these areas, Microlab doesn’t disappoint. Rather, the difference in sound quality is pretty clear over a large number of interfaces ranging from smartphones to laptops.
    2. Bluetooth
    Since the device sports Bluetooth, the function also comes under scrutiny. The range is decent and is a valuable feature to have for easy music sharing. The Bluetooth 2.1 comes with EDR, HFP and A2DP profiles, which are among the latest ones.

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    3. Accessibility
    The red box like design is pretty easy on the eyes and the functions are pretty user friendly as well. Users who do not like their audio gadgets brimming with buttons would like this device. The look is trendy and the features are up to date. Coming with a 3.5 mm aux jack, it also has a speakerphone option. Other than that, you also have tray that can be pulled out for placing your smartphone or tablet. It can be powered either via a USB or through its lithium rechargeable battery.
    4. Technical Features
    For the perfectionist user, sound specs are always important. The signal to noise ratio is > 75 dB, which is not bad at all. The separation is also >45 dB providing a clear sound experience. The frequency range of 150Hz to 20 KHz suits nearly every user. The output power is a strong 2Watts considering its weight (0.79 lbs) and dimensions of 7.68x 2.34x 2.24 inch. The speaker rated power is at 2 x 1.5 Watt which matches up to the rest of the audio features.
    The audio gadget also features alloy coating and an energy saving function which means you can maximize the use of the rechargeable battery. Distortion is kept to a minimum through the digital processor present in the device.
    All of the features that have been mentioned above are enclosed with the MD 212 Bluetooth portable speaker which comes at a price tag of $32.24. Considering the features it is offering, it is a pretty cost effective option. So when it comes to portability, wireless connectivity and cross-functionality, this might just be your forte.

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