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    We've gone from 280 ppm to 360 ppm in just about a bit over a 100 years time, reversing our 'Carbon' numbers to what they were 400,000 years ago.
    Genesis was an allegory.

    You will fight global warming, there is absolutely nothing else that matters right now. 'Act', that is what a Rabbi recently told me.
    I mentioned in another thread that a gentleman at Kabbalah Center said that I can compile a precise explanation of the science to fullfill my prediction, but that "no one will listen".
    I don't necessarily believe that. People will listen. Will people 'ACT'?

    All the biblical stories of plague and disaster, were do to global warming.

    Evidence of this is manifesting greatly, but as of next Nov., the past will begin to visit upon us once more.

    The answer is to make this so uniquely understood that there can be no equivocation of the consequences if it is ignored.
    There are those who unfortunately 'rule' over us who will not easily acquiesce to such demands. They may acknowledge the dangers(they are not stupid people- there is no such thing as stupid people; there are stubborn people, and people who are in denial), but they will want to hang on to what they have. They feel their 'material' possessions are what makes them what they are, and to 'give it up', is anathema to them, and they will fight and fear the one who speaks this message to them.

    Fear is what they understand most, and that is why these same people implement it against the majority to keep their control, and the status quo as is.
    The paradox is that they will want to destroy those who talk 'Truth', because they will consider it to be their own 'Fear Talk'.

    In the very beginning of Genesis, there are used 'two names' for G-d.
    About 1:16 to about 2: 6 or so, we see 'two' creations occur.
    The first 'G-d' creates what appears to be the equivalent of a Hermaphadite Being, and then the 'Lord G-d', creates Adam and then Eve.

    I'm new to all this, but I invite anyone to join in and comment on my interpretation.
    I googled, and it seems there are the usage of 3 names of G-d in the Bible.
    I don't know of the third one, but it could be the King of Israel, or G-d of Israel.
    What they say is that each of these pattern the New Beginning's after each destruction cycle.

    'Messiah', is not a Person, it is 'Time' itself(no pun), because the root meaning is that at the 'most critical Time', 'Messiah' arrives.
    Therefore, 'Messiah' is 'Time' itself, and is asking us to make a choice of the most critical kind, and at the most critical Time.

    'Messiah'= Life, or Destruction and Re-Newal.
    The Bio-Sphere is a reflection of our 'Being' and 'Doing'.
    The Bio-Sphere is our 'Mirror', and it will Judge us.

    That planetary alignment I pointed out the other week:
    May 2000= 8
    May 2002= 5
    Dec 2006= 3
    =====The Mirror Image of the Gematria # '358'= Messiah.
    We were 'Observed'. Time has all to do with Cycles, and Planet Rotations.
    All is 'born into cycle/time'.

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