Message from the future?

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by RadarUK, Apr 8, 2004.

  1. RadarUK Registered Senior Member

    Whilst watching a movie on TV in 1992, the picture scrambled (as if losing the signal) and a woman dressed in black said, and I quote "This is the year twenty, twenty five, and this is our first attempt at contacting the past."
    Thinking it was a TV joke I called my parents who had been watching the same movie. They stated that they had watched the whiole movie, and han ot seen this incident. Thinking it a little strange, my wife, who had also witnessed the same message called her parents, who again said they watched the movie, but did not see this message. The next day at work I discussed the incident with my work colleages, many had watched the same movie, but all confirmed they had not see the message.

    Did the message really come from the future?
    If so, how can I let them know it worked?
    I know it is now 2004, but maybe they can send another message giving me the winning lottery numbers in 1992, so that I may spend the last twelve years in comfort.

    Any comments would be appreciated, as this incident always bothered me, as far as letting the future know it worked.

    Don't do drugs, so we wasn't trippin
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  3. Boris2 Valued Senior Member

    were the others who watched the program but did not see the incident near you? i was thinking that it could be some local radio enthusists playing around by broadcasting on a frequency that the tv station was using.
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  5. zonabi free thinker Registered Senior Member

    there is probably no way of telling them their message worked.

    writing it here is probably a good idea, perhaps they would be able to retrieve this message somehow.

    the most important thing is the message they relayed to you.
    what did they say?> anything important? and how did the transmission end?

    perhaps u can try to contact them thru more paranormal means, like thru thoughts or dreams or something like this... long shot but ya know.

    could you explain the channel, and the event in more detail if possible.

    how did the lady look
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  7. z80 Registered Member

    The skeptic in me would say it was a joke.. a pretty good one to freak someone out too. However, it should have had a message of doom if it was a joke. If there was nothing else, who knows. It seems a bit of a waste to go through all it would take to pull that off without a good scare message if it were a hoax. Also, was it antenna TV or cable?

    Now, for my view on time travel

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    If I were to be completely logical I would have to say it would be nearly impossible to get a signal to the past and target the Earth to receive the signal. I'll use Back to the Future as an example.. When Marty took the Delorean from 1985 to 1955 and traveled in time but not in space he appeared in the field where the mall parking lot would be 30 years later, sounds reasonable right? This was the first movie that actually made me think about time travel and I came to the conclusion that if one were to travel 30 years into the past, wormhole style, like the Prof's Delorean then Marty would have had about 5 seconds to get an explitive out before he died in the hard vacuum of space and the Earth would eventually get to his location in 30 years what with the rotation of the Galaxy and the movement of all objects in space the Earth shouldn't be in exactly the same fixed point in space even in every orbit around Sol. So my point is to target the Earth from 33 years in the future would be an astounding feat.

    Ok, as I was typing that I was thinking about the 33 year thing.. Since broadcast waves travel at the speed of light, if the transmission was in the other direction as in sent from 1992 to 2025 (easy enough with a large transmitter) the receiver would be about 33 light years away. Now, the thing that caught my attention was the 33 light years.. I assume that in an age of space travel there would be standards for distances and 33 light years is 10 parsecs. This is what really got me. That seems like an pretty "logical" distance to make a test from if the parsec becomes widely used. Now the issue is how to get the message to travel 33 years into the past. That will require more thought.. maybe a gravity lens would do it

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    One last bit of skepticism.. For a true test without a specific target receiver (unless you got the message in addition to the intended recipiant) I would think it would have been broadcast in many languages.
  8. dribbler Banned Banned


    - what was the name of the movie
    - do you have cable, satellite, or antenna
    - what channel was it on (if antenna UHF or VHF)
    - when (date and time) where you and your wife watching it
    - what city do you live in

    This will help me to answer your questions
  9. crazymikey Open-minded Scientist Registered Senior Member

    It is quite possible your own receiver mixed up signals from the broadcast of another channel. This is why only you and your wife saw it. So I think you can relax. It probably wasn't a message from the future.
  10. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I would ask questions like:
    Did you have a television licence at the time?
    If not could it be the BBC playing a practical joke on someone they class as illegally watching television?
  11. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    Seldom do I delve into time travel type stuff, yet there are something’s that causes me to think that it is possible.

    IF, if this is your first “public” mention in writing of this event the you may have just unwittingly sent them back a message. I would imagine they would be looking for mentions of the contact in records or if somebody noticed the transmission. You may want to post more or as much information about the contact transmission as you feel comfortable with. Try to use identifiers that would let them know that it reached where and when and how, TV channel, station, movie, time, and even if you are willing to state that you will be listening to that same frequency and at what local time. Hey think about it as well before you do, and who knows you may bring time message sending to a reality with your feed back to them.

    Just my 2 pence worth.
  12. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    Wow craterchains (Norval that medication is really helping you!

    Do what he says. Though the chances of it really having happen are unlikely, there is little to no waste of energy on your part, post around and watch TV at a specific data, time and channel.
  13. SpyMoose Secret double agent deer Registered Senior Member

    Its probably not worth mentioning to the true believer that 2025 is the year that the awful WB show "Cleopatra 2025" takes place in. On scrambled channels (as well as some unscramble channels, because my cable company does completely suck) I often get other channels fading in and out as well. I imagine that girls on that show may wear black. I'm not too clear on the facts of the show, but the fact that you said twenty twentyfive did tickle my channel surfers memory.
  14. phlogistician Banned Banned

    Oh? What's this, the time travel disinformation machine springing into action?
    You have no proof time travel isn't possible, in fact, various scientific hypotheses show that curved wormholes could produce time machine type effects.

    So just who the hell do think you are to dispute this guys testimony? Based on what, eh, spook?
  15. Kikisue Registered Member


    25 32 54 89
  16. sunbeam Registered Member

    I too saw this message, year and years ago. Again few people recall it - but that is what I'm doing on this site. I put in a google search for time travel messages and came here. I'd love to talk to Radaruk but can't contact him. Any ideas?
  17. duendy Registered Senior Member

    haha...i like it when you say 'wasn't trippin!' ...[honest']...i have to mention this. not to diss you in any way. it's something i have done when explainignthis very dramatic 'OBE' i had. and why we do say that is the knowing of how this culture puts down deep experiences as inspired with hallucingens. whereas in ancinet times and with Indigenous peoples, therer is much more reverence for such experience. just thought i'd mention that. and i dont mean to say you didn't mean it

    OK....i respect you telling of your experience. and the fact is is that you ARe here telling us this, and this has an effect. EVEN on sceptical people--even if the dont admit it. it....fuks up sureities about reality

    i believe the reason that 'non-ordinary' experiences are ad hoc' in this materilstic world is so they throw big roks into the placid self-assured pool of consenual thought--especially that as protrayed by materialsitc scientists

    if you told what you experienced to a shaman, or to a Native American Medicineman, a curendero, etc., they would RESPECt your telling of your Big Experience, and go from there. maybe ask you to explore what you experienced, and make a note of your dreams. or go on a vision quest, etc. Rather than just say 'boooyyyy, you've been out in the sun too long'

    i can emphatize with you, cause my Big Experience i had many years back also had a future teeling about it. i am a bit wary about speaking about it, cause i am the kind of person who doesn't WANT my future know, going to gypsy to have palms read. i love surprises, and wouldn't like the burden of knowing some bad shit was gonna happen

    one ething i have learnt is....future predictions are 'SET'..they are flexible. life is a living process

    all i can say is though. dont start a religion...
  18. duendy Registered Senior Member

    "AREN'T 'set' i meant to type
  19. Jolly Rodger Banned Banned

    cool, what's in the future, don't mick j fox because that was in a movie!
  20. wightadder Registered Member

    Strange message from the future

    Hi i saw it too i ve been asking people for years if they saw it too and people think i dreamt it but i know it was real. I read an article recently which reminded of my experience, it was about not being able to send matter back in time but theoretically you can send digital information because it has no mass. I then looked on the net to see if anyone else had the same thing happen to them and found this forum. My name is Richard i live on the Isle of Wight please contact me if you saw the same thing at They maybe a rational explanation for it but its puzzling that not everyone that was watching the film had the same experience.
  21. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    That was me mum trying to commuicate through the TV signal, she always was watching it. Anyway she tried getting me but my TV wasn't on and then got you instead! How does she look? She always liked black, she was dressed in black when she died, she was a funeral director. Anyway if you see her on TV again watch for any signals as to when she might reapper so that I will turn on my TV to catch her next time, thanks!

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  22. Enmos Valued Senior Member

    If it really worked you don't need to tell them LOL
    Writing this is probably enough

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  23. k1au5y Registered Member

    Message form the future

    I remember this, at least I remember an incident such as this. This is what I recall.

    It was on Channel 4 and it was an advert break. In the middle of one of the advertisements the tv made a bizarre noise with interference, not like simulated interference but I recall the tv itself making a low pitched buzz.

    There was a woman in black standing on a platform with the tv screen panning in and out and side to side. It was like when they have remote control cameras attached on ropes to four sides of a football stadium roof that physically moves in to where the action is.

    I recall the last words she said was something like "We will leave you to your future", the tv made the same strange buzz/interference and the broadcast resumed in the middle of an Audi advert.

    I can understand the flippant replies as it sounds a far fetched tale but it had quite a profound effect at the time. I too had googled for other people who had seen this or similar incidents and this is the first time I have found anything.

    Regarding dates, I can't be precise but I saw this in a house that I lived in between 1986 and 1992.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2008

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