Men are better at Science

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by spuriousmonkey, Jan 18, 2005.

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  1. Jaybee from his cast Banned Banned

    I'm single, and deliberately so - you cannot POSSIBLY think I'd be so stupid as to just SURRENDER 50% of everything that she didn't pay for?

    Mmmm, delicious thought! Although between sexy and aggressive, and sexy and kittenish, I'll take the former everyday. I'll like my women to be the best kinds of feminists; the ones who wear leather, look DAMNED good in it too, party in Studio 55 until 3 am, go home, throw us on the bed and fuck my brains out until the feral growling from both our mouths is drowned out by the rumblings from our stomachs for breakfast.

    I believe in treating a woman like a lady, until she merits or requests (Mmmm...) otherwise

    Say what you like about that evil bastard, the man is a genius; who else (but Bush?) could have crafted such an attack? The Pentagon no longer pentagonal, hundreds of Jews killed, and brings the Middle East war ONTO New World soil for the first time ever.

    Ahhh wait now; don't use that word unless you've physically pinned me beneath you, and if you have, don't be so polite about the surrounding language. Moreover, I promise you, even leaving aside my 6'0" and 244Ibs of bodybuilt muscle, there is ABSOLUTELY nothing small about me.

    For all your scriptual and descriptive aggression, and general chutzpah, you're nonetheless a delicate, flesh and blood human being who is capable of being hurt, emotionally or physically. I can well imagine that, up to today, you've left several of your male sparring partners on this forum, who weighed in at twice what you did, on the proverbial canvas staring up at the lights, regaining consciousness and screaming with terror.

    Trouble is, you're a prizefighter who now happens to contain another human MUCH more vulnerable than yourself.

    I suggest you buy some Muesli for breakfast.

    Nor the time.

    Last edited: Feb 26, 2005
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  3. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    We're going to have fun today:

    Time for pork chops.
    On the grill: a slab of hot meat we call Jaybee.

    The FDA requires all food skinned and chopped up- so- this crunchy bacon is sexless.
    Doesn't matter a lick if Jaybee's a man, a woman, or both. Stupidity is an equal opportunity employer.

    This organism has to date:
    1.Rambled about society being deluded.
    1.a information overload

    2.The dumbing down of our species,
    3. His so called men of 'mechanistic intellect'
    4. and somewhere between "Dalle's raw sensuality" and opinions on Bollywood you'll find him giving his readers advice on how to set up a business.

    A total of five threads obsessed with society intercepted every now and then by a trip to the art section where the fags hang.

    This is the same species that wrote this:
    The same imbecile who, in a thread saying men are better at science, would play Grieg and Mozart to a fetal brain and think he's fucking doing something.

    Ain't that right Jaybee, you fucking idiot?

    You 6 foot 200 something pound hunk of fat-head.
    I wonder how you must look all bent over a desk and counting out numbers, its hot. Cause that’s “manly”.
    And the spatial-mechanistic skill you must show every now and then when you sharpen a pencil.

    Do you even eat meat?
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