Mathematical Dreams!

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by bellbottom31, Oct 25, 2013.

  1. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    I just had some weird sci-fi dreams.
    In the first dream i went into a time trotting phase in which i am stuck in a time zone. The country where i reach is somewhere in europe or maybe in russia which is connected by rail route to india region! The scenario is just as in apartheid south africa where the time portals train stations are separated by nets! So many indians from rural villages move to and fro to european russian nation, and similarly many europeans russians are seen travelling to and fro to indian provinces! In this dream there is also a bifurfication zone or in other words buffer zone! Where many people are seen in time travel suspended in air!

    In the second dream its a sci-fi zone in which many earth people have left it in time phase and reached another karmic distant planet of ice capped rivers! There the colony are separated as black colored vast structures somehow made to float on the ice and sustain human life in adverse cold! The colonies have disputes and administered by a bald higher human race man whose face appears on the vast crystals like as if brahmand universal command like seen in movies superman and silversurfer. When the colonies collapse the ice melts of the rivers and people had to abandone the vast structures! The cold planet is scrutinized by soldiers of fortune person who fly in air with a weird dress, black helmet and space gun! Many fleeing person are seen carrying remnants of budha like small statue!

    So life in another planet is sustainable, even under adverse conditions? In movie planet of the apes(2001), the cosmonaut travels to another planet of intelligent apes race and humans who were once inhabitants of earth! Then how come the earth ruins structures too appear on that planet?

    In the third dream, I am in a wildlife reservoir. I travelled by a ferry jeep on top of a mountain from where the view from above is a vast jungle! And there was a shopping mall over it. There were many other men, woman and children too who came for shopping at the mall. They were all lump fat australians! I buyed five large bottles of coke in just few dollars! Then coming down there was a open children youth sanctuary with a very weird wildlife jungle smell of earth! Many adults teenagers were also playing enjoying in the theme park like behaving as children! The narrator said in just five thousand rupees one can enjoy stay at australia!!!
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  3. Mathers2013 Banned Banned

    Only you can know what your dreams mean.

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  5. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    I'n your early childhood...
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  7. wellwisher Banned Banned

    An interesting way to look at dreams is connected to potential. Neurons use ATP energy to pump and exchange cations, thereby building potential across the neuron membrane. Rest neurons are at the highest potential, all charged up by the cationic gradients. When they fire, this stored potential is released, as the cations go back to lower energy states. Dreams are a spontaneous firing of large numbers of neurons with the goal of lower potential. The brain is optimizing the energy flow toward the natural pathways.

    In terms of the bigger picture, the brain, as a whole, is structured in deal with the buildup and the discharge potential coming from billions of neurons. Our brain waves reflect this cyclic firing needed to release the potential that is constantly trying to build. The wild card variables are connected to the creation of memory and will power.

    Since memory is connected to the firing of neurons, the role of memory is a zone of low potential. To be aware of a memory it has to fire which needs discharge to lower potential.

    The natural flow of the brain has its pathways, while our active memory is analogous to lower potential drains, which can be used to divert some of the bulk flow of energy. But in doing so, it diverts the energy away from the effect pathways of the genetic brain. It is like me digging a hole near a stream. The water of the stream will divert to the hole and get pooled there; stays animated.

    This memory pooling keeps the brain "hot" with extra energy that should be going down stream. We loose our animal vitality since the brain can't discharge with full strength due to pool diverting. But we gain the use of memory. The hot brain still needs to discharge via other forms of dynamics. Dreams tempt to divert the flow through other drain holes (dream elements).

    The ego or conscious mind is a low potential phenomena. It is like a movable hole into which energy flows. The ego via will power places smaller memory holes here and there which then direct the flow of energy in ways that define us. Dreams attempt to shift these holes in ways that allows us to be better maximized to the natural bulk pathways; archetypes.
  8. spandrel Registered Member

    Sounds like a belief system to me.
    Ego should not be confused with consciousness. The latter is possible without interference from the former. Of course the former will vehemently refute this. That is the nature of ego.
  9. Mathers2013 Banned Banned

    Fraud stated that dreams are an expression of what the unconscious TRULY wants, but cannot express consciously.
  10. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Great Freudian, or Fraudian, slip! Very funny, keep 'em coming.
  11. ZMacZ Registered Senior Member

    I think they oughta hook ur dreams up with that would be nice...

    But fer real...I'd say you went to bed with ur mind racing...and leftover charges from ur brain we're running around resulting in random memories being recalled and subsequently ur sub-consciousness fitting them together the best it could..

    If you need something against it, that is if you don't like ur dreams, I'd say meditation...
    (the ability to put ur mind at ease) before you go to sleep...

    Pleasant dreams...they sound like fun to me..

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