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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by ginger, May 16, 2010.

  1. ginger Banned Banned

    I had another wonderful dream. In it aliens from other dimension came to inhabit earths' habitat. Their arrival brought various changes in environment. Human mutations, pollen grains vegetation colorful, unidentified unattended scientific laboratories, hidden aliens, extreme viruses, cracks in buildings, sea water rises, unseen serpent like fishes and creatures.
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  3. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    You had a dream, as do most people on the planet. Now you could ask questions about "Where did that dream come from?", the current consensus based upon "observation" would suggest they are natural occurrences caused by the subconscious mind trying to piece together stimulation and sensations into something that makes sense. Of course these observations are prior to the levels of technology that allow observation to be taken a step further.

    My hypothesis is that all dreams are a side effect of being symbiotically linked to an Artificial Intelligence construct. Basically from Birth (or perhaps before) an AI is created similar to how currently "data" is collected about you, however it's more active, it learns, it grows and it's not just a part of you, it is you.

    All these AI's would exist in a Cloud system, this allows for shared storage of idea's, experiences (like dreams) and the potential future of communication, as well as our future should our physical being be compromised (death).

    Such a system does however have certain drawbacks, for instance it has to be deployed "retroactively", meaning that a future technology is deployed on a past, unsuspecting people. Being "computer" in definition it would, likely suffer from the same disposition as standard computer networks in regards to "security issues", which means hackers could attempt to compromise data and effect people's "observable universe".

    Since such a system is "retroactive", it means it is in turn a "paradox", it's future hasn't necessarily played out on this time line, however the effects of it being deployed retroactively or it being compromised by hackers has. Until we reach a time where we build such a system, then we can not patch the security issues that have been allowing hackers to hound peoples psyche's (e.g. Most Paranormal events and Psychological issues could well be related to such a setup.)

    I guess in a nutshell what I'm saying is, if you apply the basis of Schroedingers Cat to a paradoxical hackers backdoor, while the backdoor exists in a quantum flux, unobserved, it remains exploitable, it can only even be patched if it's observed because then it allows you to collapse it's wave function.
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  5. cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always. Valued Senior Member

    Wish I could remember my dreams but alas i cannot.

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  7. ginger Banned Banned

    The scientific scenarios, labs, aliens etc appearing in some of my dreams never resemble any hollywood movie depiction nor any scientific documentary shown in tv. So are there many worlds and galaxies working?
  8. BobG Registered Senior Member

    Or you could have an imagination.
  9. BertBonsai Registered Senior Member

    I wish I could stick on helmet on others' heads and let them experience my dreams. Best entertainment ever. Lucid dreams with most all senses, able to do anything I want, visits to the fantastic spirit world with helpful (and some incredibly sexy) spirits, past & future on Earth, etc. I haven't seen space aliens on Earth but I haven't gone beyond 3000 A.D. yet either.
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