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    I had a wonderful dream yesterday, in it i was a student in a school. I was wearing grey coloured school dress. The premises seems to me as gujarat in the dream. The school authority decides that everyone is going for a field study picnic. Just then a school bus comes and i board onto it. Many school children and even teenagers sit in the bus. The bus then travels towards outside city limits where i see a lot of bungalows. Then i enquire as to what field study was the school taking us for? Then the bus travels thru a muslim colony where i see that a young muslim man wearing flower garland across his wrists waving at me smilling. There are also many muslims men in black dress sitting in squat position in the street. Then the bus moves away from the muslim colony towards unknown world. Then the bus comes to a stop and all of us are in a queue. We then enter a colony only of indian women living in a seclusion from the present world. The school authority then provides medicinal injections to many teenagers. And i asked what is it for? Someone tells me that while moving across this prohibited women zone, there is a hocus-pocus field where many organs like apendicitis etc. get damaged. So the injections acts as an anti-dote. The rooms are like of a women hostel where many things are disgustingly cluttered. There are many sewing-machines in each of the rooms which are connected adjoiningly. The sleeping beds have a lot many dirty big stains of various colors! The school authority says to us that these indian women are not prostitutes, and neither have any affection to get married to opposite sex. And neither have children. The women which live in cities agree upon in getting married and having children. Someone tells me that in india the men to women population ratio is infact 1 : 5 ! So there are many many unknown women living away somewhere in unknown world in seclusion! What do you say is this dream real?

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