Mathematical Dreams-2

Discussion in 'Intelligence & Machines' started by bellbottom31, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    I just woke up from a sci-fi dream. I reached a place where there was a suburb and some buildings. There were some very modern girls sitting in groups and there was a steel spiral escalator which lead down underground to some place. Some people said the big M signs said it was Mcdonalds deep underground built some four floors down. I went down the spiral escalator and find it very much cool place. Its an underground mall hidden restricted only for youths gathering. Under the floors i saw very huge burlesque chefs with big moustaches like from some arab country serving coffees. Its like as if i am in turkey, istanbul with modern teenager arab-muslim kids in colorfull clothes enjoying. Then in the next room there is a theatre. Then i go to a zone where there are many advertisements and there is a tube like levator. There is a white muslim air-hostess in western formal wear calling me to come with her? But when i reach her, she already had boarded the lift and i see only through the glass that she has left. So the next lift comes afterwards and its not an ordinary lift. As its a modernly built Mall for leisure for teenagers, youngsters it has all the fun, games...etc Then i board this elevator, four floors are down, 7th floor is the second floor which then moves up to the thirteenth floor. In the lift there are many young girls and boys too. The lift then gathers momentum as it reaches the top terace but never stops, its infact a recreational scientific lift with cushions on the top, bottom and sides and the lift passage extends towards more height like five floors more than the terace. On the terace i see many youngsters gathered as there are many swimming pools. The elevator is a hydraulic mechanism lift like anti-gravity capsule. After gaining momentum, the lift reaches the top end and many persons in the elevator including me thrust upwards as the elevator stops due to momentum. And the elevator again brings down from the top to the terace with considerable speed such that i lay stuck on the top of the ceiling cushion of the elevator. Then as the elevator stops at the terace, i fell down and i have a modern mobile in my hand. Unlike seen anywhere in modern present day phone companies of india. The mobile phones are generally for consumer communication business phones, but the mobile phone that i have in hand is futuristic, like teenagers fun phone colorfull with many unknown programs in it. Then the elevator doors open and i come outside.

    If this dream is real, then does some fun world exists? And modern phones, fun, swimming pools and modern scientific elevators?
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  3. danshawen Valued Senior Member

    Dubai is reputed to have the world's fastest elevator and also a "spiral" elevator. You are having a dream like the architects of Dubai.
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  5. bellbottom31 Banned Banned

    Spiral elevators of dubai i made a yahoo search and its just an ongoing future concept. Or has it been put into application, can you provide me with pictures and references?
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  7. Billy T Use Sugar Cane Alcohol car Fuel Valued Senior Member

    If like me, your dreams are always very realistic and in detail, but can be discontinuous in time and space. Mine may not be all in color but some parts usually are. Some of the images can be vividly recalled after I wake*, especially the parts that were in strong color. All this is completely incompatible with the accepted POV about how visual perception is achieved (the end result of many stages of computational process of neural signals from the eyes) - Not only are mine shut, but the room is dark when I have these highly visual dream experiences.

    * however the images recalled can not be carefully examined - this is just like the well known fact that you can imagine seeing a tiger with your eyes closed, even see its yellow between black strips, but you can not count the number of stripes etc. My RTS theory of how perception occurs is strongly supported by this and a few dozen other facts which are at least very hard to explain with the accepted POV of vision as "emerging" result of retinal signal processing.

    For other examples and more details on the RTS, and evidence supporting the RTS view of how perception, experiences and qualia arise see:
    But this post is focused on how genuine free will might be possible despite the firing of every nerve being deterministically controlled by the laws of neuro-chemistry and physics.
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  8. wellwisher Banned Banned

    Dreams demonstrate how the unconscious mind can be a source of internally generated data with amazing clarity, detail and organization. However, this data cannot be fully investigated using the current scientific method, because this data is often unique and cannot be duplicated by others in the lab. The dream discussed is unique and cannot reproduced by an independent investigator. At the same time, there is no way to prove it actually happened, even if it did. It takes faith that the dreamer is being honest and forthright. It does not fit the scientific method template, even though it is real.

    Say you were having something analogous to a dream, while also looking at reality. There will be an overlap of internally generated data, with the external data that is entering the brain via the sensory systems. This is called projection. Only the sensory aspect can be fully investigated with the scientific method. The internal data cannot be investigated that way.

    Say we the external visual data signal is stronger, so although there is a visual overlap between inside and outside data, the sensory data saturates the conscious awareness. The unconscious aspects of the internal data will only be conscious at the margins, where there is less saturation. It is not a hallucination, since it is not conscious as a distinct sensory aberration, but it might only be conscious in a subtle way such as with mixed emotions; opinions.

    The scientific method was developed to filter the internal data out. But filtering this internal data out makes it hard to investigate the internal phenomena. It is easier to investigate, if the projection is allowed to play; paradox. But leaving it on makes the composite, unscientific. This is why the mind is called the last frontier since investigation will need a modified scientific method.

    The concepts of dark matter and dark energy appear to be connected to internal projections. These have not been proven to be real in the lab, but can only be inferred from far away. It is like seeing what appears to be foot prints in the snow and inferring this is due to Big Foot, who also has never been seen in the lab. But both seem very real due to being connected to real internal data; siren's song lures the sailors.

    The way I investigated the unconscious data, years back, was to limit external input. The mind does not go blank if the sensory input becomes a narrow baseline; dreams.
  9. wellwisher Banned Banned

    An interesting observation is that the internet appears to have been modeled on way dreams from the unconscious mind work. This invention would have been a result of projection overlay. Projection is often how human's create things that touch other people deeply, so it becomes collective trends; collective unconscious.

    For example, say I begin by researching dogs. I find a site and notice it has links to all the various breeds. I clique on one of those links and while learning about a certain breed, I notice You-tube videos, that branch to obedience training with other breeds. While looking at that I also notice ads about dog collars and training supplies, and I click on that.

    There may have been an original path to learn about dogs, in general, but the direction will narrow or change on a dime with or without original intent. Dreams work that way where sometimes there is a continuity but other times it hyperlinks to something else that may or may not be related, in a conscious way, which can side track you and then fixate your attention when you awaken.

    Books are different in that they go from beginning to end in a logical order from simpler ideas to more complex or forward in time. This is more logical. Dreams jump around because they are trying to express 3-D or spatial concepts. The internet allows one to examine things from many angles. There is also noise and confusion because not all that you read is reliable in terms of its superficial value. Dream can also appear to have unrelated data that can be hard to analyzed.

    The brain is evolving with the last frontier trying to open itself up.
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