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Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by Orleander, Apr 7, 2008.

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  1. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    What animals mate for life?
    I was talking to my daughter about swans and now she needs an entire list :rolleyes:

    Only thing I could come up with are a few birds.
  2. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Humans... well, at least they used to...
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  3. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    Considering I have been married before, I couldn't tell her that.
  4. Myles

    Myles Registered Senior Member

    Pigeons. I have a pair nesting in a tree in my garden. They are at it non-stop. I assume this is a fortm of bonding
  5. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Swans do.

    Heh sorry, you got that one already..
  6. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    LOL, yeah. Are there any mammals?
  7. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

  8. shichimenshyo

    shichimenshyo Caught in the machine

  9. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    LOL, oh yeah. :D
  10. Orleander

    Orleander OH JOY!!!!

    I guess I never considered pack animals as mating for life. If a male loses his place as Alpha, does the female automatically?
  11. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Yes, I believe so.
  12. cosmictraveler

    cosmictraveler Be kind to yourself always.

    Nope, they get annulments all the time!
  13. Syzygys

    Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you

    Sorry hon, I am unaviable.

    Otherwise the male black widow spider....
  14. Asguard

    Asguard Kiss my dark side

    Um swans DONT, they cheat at roughly the same level as other species:p

    HOWEVER prey matice males only ever have one mate, she bites off his head during sex so its a bit hard so find another one.

    clown fish form mated pairs but im not sure if the female dies if the male wont just become female and look for a new male
  15. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Swans form pairs for life, they may cheat but that's not really the point.

    Are you sure you don't confuse the clown fish with snails ? :p
  16. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Potatoes mate for life as well.

    /Peeper ;)
  17. Asguard

    Asguard Kiss my dark side

    very much so. ALL clown fish are born male (ie nemo), they BECOME female (the largest one will because they are matriacal) when there isnt a female around to pair with and then will pair with another male. HOWEVER if there are only females aparently they cant change back into a male

    It took me AGES to select one that i was SURE was a male to pair up with my female (she is about 4 times the size of him in length alone:p)
  18. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    Very interesting ! I didn't know that :)
  19. Asguard

    Asguard Kiss my dark side

    one problem is that they will become female regardless of if there is a male to mate with. that was my main problem, the first one became a female as soon as she was alone in the tank and then i had to find one i was SURE was a male to mate her with
  20. Enmos

    Enmos Moderator

    LOL weird problems..
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