Masturbation will make you blind and crippled - Let's finish it

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Happeh, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. leopold Valued Senior Member

    what i like to know is
    what does your last post have to do with you saying masturbation causes blindness?
    or you saying masturbation causes aids?
    or you saying masturbation causes twisted necks?
    or you saying masturbation causes homosexuality?
    wheres the picture of happeh fibers?
    so i guess you are going to start ignoreing huwy as well?

    ingore the evidence you moron
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  3. Hercules Rockefeller Beatings will continue until morale improves. Moderator

    I wonder if it’s possible for Happeh to open his mouth without making a buffoon of himself. I’ll wager… In his latest comedy piece, Happeh demonstrates that he doesn’t understand the high-school level concept that reactant chemicals are not the same as the product chemicals.

    Happeh, the article is not saying that Teflon is poisonous, it is saying that one of the reactant chemicals (perfluorinated acid) used to make Teflon is poisonous. It is the inappropriate disposal and waste management of this chemical that has poisoned people, not Teflon frying pans.<P>
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  5. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member


    Yes indeed, although I imagine Happeh puts anyone who disagrees with him on "ignore"
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  7. hug-a-tree Live the life Registered Senior Member

    masturbation causes aids?

    Wow, now I've heard it all.

    This whole thing is really funny. How can it cripple you??? Mothers tell their kids that too scare them. Do you really think that will happen? Wouldn't like everyone be blind then? Why aren't more old people blind if that's true?
    The bible may say it's wrong, but as far as it blinding you and everything...that's over the top.
  8. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    I believe that masturbation contributes to contracting aids. It is one reason why some people with the virus get aids and some do not.

    A certain class of people will engage in constant frequent sex. Including masturbation. These people are depleting the health of their entire body in ways they do not understand. The internal organs are put under a lot of stress. Especially the heart and the kidneys.

    It is my feeling that this depletion of the body makes it so weak that it is more susceptible to the aids virus.

    Yes you can and will go blind. The question is, how much blind? Will you go completely blind? Or just 50%? For people that are only partially blind, they would tell you they felt fine and there was nothing wrong with their eyesight.

    You will become crippled because your body will become unbalanced. One leg and arm will become tight and appear to shorten. To compensate, the other arm and leg appear to lengthen.
  9. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    I don't even have to wait until tomorrow to find another instance of authorities being wrong to the detriment of the people who trust them.

    Authorities are not always right.

    "A drug approved by the FDA, and sold worldwide for the last 13 years, has now been proven to double a patient's risk of kidney failure, and increase the risk of heart attack, heart failure, and stroke.

    The drug Aprotinin has been given to an estimated one million surgery patients to limit bleeding."

    The question is, will you believe me now? Or will you wait 13 years until the doctors decide to admit that, yes, they were wrong about masturbation?
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    hug a tree
    masturbation DOES NOT CAUSE AIDS
    masturbation WILL NOT CAUSE WEAKNESS

    this man happeh is a fruitcake
  11. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    Happeh obviously has no idea how HIV is contracted, or the relationship between HIV and AIDS.

    HIV concerns the immune system, not masturbation.

    I'm still awaiting photos on those happeh fibres, or even comments on the anatomy pictures.

    Apparently A poster who used to go by the nickname "TheHappyHomo" used to go to forums and accuse people of being homophobic, and argue for gay acceptance.
    Now, i'm not denying that many people are homophobic, but as the ad says:
    Coincedence? Or something more mysterious?
  12. Facial Valued Senior Member

    Holy crap. One look on that website shows that this guy literally talks to a wall. So that's where Happeh got his troll-schooling from.
  13. Facial Valued Senior Member

    No, actually, it will be you who will capitulate (that is, if you're above the critical barrier).
  14. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i couldn't find any posts at all
  15. leopold Valued Senior Member

    this is not what you said happeh
    you said quote "masturbation is the leading cause of death due to aids"

    so now you not only can't provide any proof for what you say, you are also lying about WHAT you said.
  16. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i wouldn't hold my breath if i were you.
    you are probably on his ignore list

    he has me there and i don't even know why.
    probably like you i am somebody he can't deal with.
    but i do have a clue
    i am what he calls "spooky"

    BOO mofo
  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    If it mattered, you would have already explained. Do you really need me to tutor you on the anatomy of the neck, now?

    Your faith-based "Happeh theory". As opposed to evidence-based theories.

    That would be up to the girl. But she would be perfectly justified in having the guy booked for assault and battery if she wanted to.

    Sounds like the guy was a lousy teacher.

    A prophet is somebody who has a vision, supposedly from some "higher" source. They have special access to knowledge that nobody else can verify. People are just supposed to take their word for it.

    Describes you very well, wouldn't you say?

    Please link me to information on Ayurvedic or Chinese medicine which says masterbation makes you go blind - or tilt your head.

    60 pages of posts, and you haven't started to explain yet?

    You're just wasting everybody's time with waffle.

    No. Teflon is quite safe, as I understand it.

    Can you show me anything which says Teflon isn't safe?

    PFOA is not Teflon. Are you confused?

    Anyway, this is off-topic. Start a new thread if you want to, and we can discuss Teflon.

    Is it as convincing as your masterbation stuff? If so, I wouldn't take it very seriously.
  18. Hercules Rockefeller Beatings will continue until morale improves. Moderator

    And yet his threads remain unlocked and undeleted, and he remains unmoderated.

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

  19. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    The facts:

    1) The claims made by Happeh have not been supported with evidence.

    2) The photo's have shown people with tilting heads, but no link between tiliting heads and masturbation has been provided.

    3) Happeh keeps mentioning "science", but clearly does not know what it is.

    There is really little more that need be said. Two threads totalling some 70 pages, and there's still no evidence, still nothing of value - after a £1million offer, and 1,000 requests from people for him to provide some.

    On page 20 or so of the last thread, Happeh agreed with me that photo's were not evidence of anything and yet clearly that is all he has, (again as he agrees to), as he has kept posting the same 10 pictures over and over as if the more he posts them, the more true it becomes.

    Btw Happeh, if you want an explanation to why people tilt their heads, then please ask.
  20. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    I was giving you a chance. Time to join the other spitballers in the ignore room.

  21. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Playing games. Refusing to admit you have discussed this subject in anything approaching scientific terms. Refusing to admit you have been thorough. Refusing to admit you never asked a question or made an observation a first year college student would make. Hiding. Deceit. Cowardice.

    Keep saying that James. I know your training tells you to jump on hot button words to destroy the spirit of your target. I am guessing you think "faith based" is a hot button for me?

    I could hardly care James. The more you post, the more you reveal your lack of honesty and moral character.

    Sounds like more evidence you live in a small box. More evidence your world view is the size of a quarter. More evidence that you are a white centric scientist who believes he is superior to the rest of the world.


    I am not your student. I am not providing you with homework for your approval. I am trying to help you as a fellow adult. If you do not want that help, fine with me. You seem to be comfortable only in the role of providing your imperious approval to those below you. Your mind cannot think in any other way.

    Every time I tried, the "minds?" of the people in the thread responed with deciet. Just like you did above. I mention that you have never even discussed the basics of anatomy with me, and your response is "that is your fault".
    It shows that you have never engaged in anything approaching honest scientific, unbiased insight. Right there in plain sight for anyone to see.

    Just like you lied about that picture you deleted in front of everyone's eyes.

    Jeez! Why didn't I see it until now? Because I like to beleive the best in people. You are just like Bush and Powell. Standing up in front of people and spouting lies in an authoritative manner. Refusing to admit to those lies unless faced with incontrovertible proof.

    Just like that liar George Bush.

    No. I am trying to teach geeks politeness. I understand that scientists are known for social inability. I have tried to tell each and every one of you that calling people names and making demands of them is not polite conversation. I have refused to participate with anyone making demands because I do not want to be responsible for reinforcing their infantile social skills.

    What James means is "Anyways, because this story proves your point, I am going to disregard it, throw it away, deem it unfit, shit all over it, or think of some other way to run away from it as fast as possible. And hope no one saw Happeh own me".

    James. Why are you wasting my time? If you wanted to play stupid, why didn't you just come out and be stupid like Leopold? Why did you have to waste my past week or say by crying that you are a scientist and you do have critical thinking capabilites?

    To torment me? Are you like Snakelord in that regard? Setting up people for a long game so you can torment them and feed off of their energy?

    Continuing a conversation with a purposefully stupid person is a waste of time. I stopped talking to Leopold weeks ago. Now it is your turn.

    I hope you wake up one day. Realize that training people to do corporate science has nothing at all to do with real science. The kind that comes from the personal observations and discoveries of people.
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2006
  22. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Snakelord - yet clearly that is all he has.

    Keep telling yourself that. If you were a polite person interested in learning, you might have heard more.

    Your interactions are like James, shout Happeh is wrong, and when Happeh posts an inconvenient point indicating he is right, run away from it, ignore it, or belittle it.

    You guys are pathetic. I makes me sick thinking all the good and trusting people going to a teacher and a psychologist for help, only to be given evil that will make them sick so the teacher and psychologist can feed of the energy they release from the mental distress inflicted on them.

    In the old days, they would have called you guys witches and demons. People who cause pain and torment in others for the sheer enjoyment of it.
  23. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Mercaptan. Where or where is the voice of reason and science, mercaptan?

    The only scientist on this entire board has disappeared. Call the police. Call the fire department. Call the army.

    If Mercaptan is not found, these forums are doomed.
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