Masturbation will make you blind and crippled - Let's finish it

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Happeh, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    1. As I understand it, the number of people who have blindness related to Viagra use is tiny. Thousands of people use Viagra and seem to suffer no ill effects.
    2. If blindness in a particular case is caused by Viagra, then it isn't caused by masterbation, obviously.

    Simple points, which I made before, but you didn't understand or acknowledge.

    Let's suppose, for the sake of argument, that they do. Then, you still have to show that head-tilting is caused by the masterbation, and not some other reason (such as the need to look at somebody a person is talking to). You also need to show permanent head tilt - not just that a person happens to have tilted their head in one photo. Especially where there are other photos of the same person with no head tilt.

    Didn't you read what I wrote? Try again.

    But nothing is riding on my claims to be a scientist, is it?

    No, I just love the group. Can't help myself.

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    You have a selfish interest in having people accept your theory. Really, Happeh, you just want to be part of the "in" crowd, don't you? But they won't let you in.

    How are you helping me? (This should be good.)

    I tried to teach you a little about the scientific method. But you were unwilling to learn.
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  3. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Baloney. I said something to the effect of "Why wait 15 years until everyone is sick?". I think I even posted a news article with a scientist saying the same thing about another sickness.

    What is your scientific reason for head tiliting? "Just because".

    You are such a bad faith person you can't even say "because muscles pull the head". You are refusing to engage in any kind of discussion that allows me to force you to think in new ways. Or that will allow me to prove I am correct. You avoid or run away from anything that gives me points that you cannot deny.

    And here comes the evil. "You have a selfish interest in teaching people how to take good health care of themselves, don't you Happeh". Only evil can say something so despicable.

    You are right up their with the people who say donating to charity is done for selfish reasons. You psychologists with your evil ways should be shipped to the moon for the good of the rest of society.

    I cannot believe how low you have stooped. Instead of accepting there is knowledge in this world you have never heard of, the most common sense thing any child could understand, you resort to evil and poison.

    I told you about reality. When you grow up, in 10 or 20 years, and that reality exposes it to yourself irrefutably, you will remember me. That is how life works. One of those things you don't believe in will smack you on the side of the head and force you to admit it's existence. When you grow up.

    You couldn't teach a polliwog about science.

    It was fun James. I wish you would have exposed your evil side sooner so I did not waste so much time on you.

    Enjoy your life of ignorance.
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  5. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Oh. I think I just figured James out. The answer is so outlandish it never occurred to me.

    James is treating me like a student begging him to accept a paper.

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    You retard!

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    Instead of conversing with me as an equal or someone with new knowledge, you slip back where you feel comfortable and authoritative, your teaching persona, and treat me like a child asking for your approval.

    How insulting. I treated you with the respect accorded to a thinking person claiming to be a scientist.

    Whew! Now that I realize he is being difficult because he is on some weird psychological construct within his mind, I can let go without regrets or second thoughts.
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  7. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    Hmm I think you might be the expert on weird psychological constructs within your mind happeh.

    Something about telling James R
    "When you grow up, in 10 or 20 years, and that reality exposes it to yourself irrefutably, you will remember me. That is how life works. One of those things you don't believe in will smack you on the side of the head and force you to admit it's existence. When you grow up."

    Hmmm. James, are you older than 29?

    I think you've exposed yourself quite well happeh.
    Oh, and where are the photos of "happeh fibres"?
  8. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i think you made his ignore list

    i googled the phrases you mentioned
    and you were correct

    i will continue to post in this thread for the sake
    of the gullible, people like hug a tree and others.
  9. leopold Valued Senior Member

    you know for a fact that james has banned me
    i will still defend him as long as he's right
    and in this case happeh james is right so fuck off.
  10. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    I guarantee you he reads the threads he has on ignore though.
    But isn't calling for all members to be banned - grounds for banning itself?
  11. leopold Valued Senior Member

    thats up to james
    if enough people complain about happeh
    james won't have any choice but to ban him

    but enough of the ban talk
    it's a subject thats best left to pm's
  12. leopold Valued Senior Member

    there have been people banned for starting ban threads
    thats the reason i don't like talking about it
  13. leopold Valued Senior Member

    james is a pretty easy going person
    and judgeing by his last post to happeh
    he's getting his fill of him
  14. leopold Valued Senior Member

    happeh is offline
    i guess you spooked him huwy
    or maybe i did
  15. Facial Valued Senior Member

    I thought I was supposed to play the role of name-caller here. Don't intrude onto my niche.
  16. Facial Valued Senior Member

    This is hilarious. I have time and again observed James R to be one of the most reputable scientists the whole time I was here on Sciforums.

    You should be really careful about who you pick a fight with. This guy, James R - he is treating you like a child because you deserve to be treated like one, Happeh. Not to mention that he's having a really easy time here, as leopold pointed out. Just look at his epic battles with MacM. It truly dwarfs your authority to speak out about anything related to 'science' or 'theory'. Your type of response characterizes a troll who argues like a fifth-grader.

    Troll constitution Article 1 : Argue for the sake of argument and repugnancy.
  17. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    Because the human neck is constructed so that human beings can tilt their head to look around themselves, without needing to turn their whole body.

    That's what happens when you tilt your head. It's not why it happens, except in the most proximate sense. But I'm sure you knew that muscles tilted the head. You don't need me to explain that, do you? You're supposed to be the anatomy expert.

    I'm very happy to admit there is knowledge in the world I haven't heard of. I just don't think you have any of it.

    Yes, I'm sure we'll all be kicking ourselves and saying "If only I'd taken Happeh seriously!"

    Or maybe not.

    Thousands disagree with you.

    Ignorance of what? I know all about your theory, Happeh. I just think it's worthless.

    No. I have asked you to prove your claims. Nothing more. I have no vested interest in whether you are right or wrong.

    You haven't treated anybody here with respect. You came here to preach a faith - no other reason. You expect people to treat you like some kind of prophet who has special access to the absolute, god-given Truth. Only you can see the harm caused by masterbation; nobody else can. You're the Messiah of Masterbation, carrying your message to the world: "Stop it! Or you will go Blind!" But everybody is expected to have faith in you. There's no reason anyone would believe you unless he or she was captivated by your personality (for some strange reason).
  18. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    After 35 pages of back and forth trouble. Now that you have provided the reason why they tilt their head, how does the head or neck accomplish that?

    How do I know what you know? Without asking you? So I say "why is the man's neck tilting". When the reply is "because the man is tilting his head", I think it is reasonable of me to assume that you or anyone else replying in a like manner knows nothing of anatomy. If this is true, the conversation needs to be handled differently than if you did know anatomy.

    Come on!

    Nothing that dramatic. You will remember "You know, Happeh told me there was telepathy. Happeh told me there was possession. Happeh told me I would fall down and break my hip in old age". I don't know if you will dwell on it.

    OK. You can probably get them to repeat what you say for a grade.

    Huh? Which faith is that? I have been rude. There is evidence of it everywhere. In every case, I think I waited until the other person started.

    There is a difference between us that I do not think you recognize. I said to you that you were a sheep. I did this with a goal in mind. My hope was to motivate you to think. Maybe ask a question or two. I do say things that might be hard in order to motivate people to open their minds.

    You say hard things for no reason other than to be malicious. You are not trying to teach me anything or open my brain. I came here with some information I want to share. People are not open to it so I rap them on the head so that the information can get inside.

    Children and people who are willing to be trained do not react to raps on the head. The take the rap on the head and do what they are told. The children because they have no power to resist. The intelligent adult accepts the rap and does not allow his emotions to respond because he understands the rap on the head is part of the teaching process and not a malicious or hurtful thing.

    I know this event will shock you silly. I was in a class where a 55 or so year old man open handed slapped a 20 year old or so girl on the face. In your world that is physical harrassment and abuse. You would call the police.

    In their world it was how the teacher traditionally taught. The man had a very specific reason to slap the girl. It was not malicious or spiteful. He had a goal to accomplish that was going to benefit the girl.

    This 20 year old girl showed more adult intelligence and self control than any man here. She stood right where she was. She barely swayed after he slapped her. She stood there while he yelled in her face and humiliated her in front of the entire class. Because she was man enough to understand it was part of the teaching process.

    If your word for someone bringing knowledge that others do not have is "prophet", then I accept that. I have repeatedly told you I am not the only one that sees it. I have repeatedly referred you to Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. You have repeatedly disregarded those points just as you disregard everything else I say.

    The only faith here is your faith I am wrong. You have no factual reason to believe I am wrong. The explanation has not even begun yet. But you still insist, because you have faith in your authorities to tell you what is right and wrong.

    The same authorities that lied about WMD, that lied about Vioxx being a safe drug, that lied about so many other things it would take 10 pages to list. For some reason, you have absolute trust in people who have proven they will lie without hesitation for any reason they see fit.

    I should send you to my forums. I have a thread titled "Government lies and manipulations". The thread is probably 20 pages long of documented government lies. There is no way you can make up any kind of squirmy wierd reason to deny what you see. 20 pages of documented government lies, but you would rather trust them than me.
  19. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    But Happeh, you are the only member on your forums, and disturbingly, it appears you have posted 1895 posts - just talking to... yourself.

    Happeh Forums Members List
    User Name Join Date Posts
    happeh 01-20-2005 1895

    Seeing as your such an expert on anatomy happeh, where are the happeh fibres?
    You compared the happeh fibres to "spaghetti" and the eye to an "egg."
    You expect adults to trust your authority on anatomy?
  20. leopold Valued Senior Member

    no you are not rude at all happeh

    it is the height of rudeness to ignore me without an explaination
  21. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    The following is a link to a small picture illustrating (very basic) spinal anatomy.

    You'll notice that the spine doesn't hold itself up at all - infact it is the large number of muscles involved in determining the position and angles of the back and neck.
    You'll also notice no depiction of "happeh fibres".

    Here is an atlas of human anatomy

    "Deep neck and spinal muscles, after removal of shoulder blades (scapulae)."

    If you can refrain from making immature conspiracy accusations, you might be able to find the "happeh fibres" somewhere, and someone might offer you some money.
  22. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i will say it again, and again, and again
    you can not look at a picture of someone and tell if they masturbate

    anyone who says they can is a liar
  23. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    James. Here is what the people that you trust more than me do to you. Do you or your wife or partner cook? Do you use Teflon pans? If you use Teflon that wonder chemical of technology, pans to cook your food, , guess what?

    You are poisoning yourself. Just like I said, scientists and those other people you trust will lie for money or power or status in a second. They peddle bad health information, like Teflon is OK, and poison people for 30 years. The Teflon people, scientists like you that are so trustworthy, hid the data saying Teflon was poisonous.


    "Last month, the agency fined DuPont $US16.5 million ($22 million) for allegedly hiding data on the health effects of PFOA and contaminating a water supply in the Ohio Valley, in West Virginia."

    But you still trust them, more than you trust me. I don't understand it. I never poisoned you or your family.

    "In a rare move against a widely used industrial compound, the US Environmental Protection Agency is asking all American companies to virtually eliminate public exposure worldwide to a toxic chemical used to make Teflon and thousands of other products......

    DuPont, which manufactures Teflon and has used the compound for more than 50 years, immediately pledged to meet the deadlines. The voluntary action will not end the sale of Teflon and other products, but it is supposed to drastically curtail the release of the chemical into the atmosphere.

    The chemical, a perfluorinated acid called PFOA, has contaminated the bloodstream of most Americans and is polluting the environment throughout much of the world. In laboratory animals exposed to high doses, PFOA causes liver cancer, reduced birth weight, immune suppression and developmental problems. In humans, the effects are unknown, but it is transferred to foetuses in the womb.

    Think about this James. I asked you why you trust those people. I said I have a 20 page thread of documented lies about scientists and the government. 12 hours after I make that post, another instance of scientists lying that has resulted in the poisoning of the global world population is released.

    Tomorrow, they will be another story about lying scientists or lying politicians or lying corporations.

    But you still trust them, not me.
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