Masturbation will make you blind and crippled - Let's finish it

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Happeh, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. leopold Valued Senior Member

    why don't you trash someone elses site?

    i definetly agree
    just check out happehs last post

    give an idiot enough rope . . .
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  3. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Look carefully. 4 fully grown men crying like babies about a discussion they do not care for. Instead of walking away and minding their own business, they stand up and agitate for trouble.

    They stand up and agitate for the quiet guy minding his own business to be banned for causing trouble.

    You guys ever watch the Marx Brothers? You could do that act naturally. The 3 Stooges would be a better fit. One of you will have to be Shemp.

    Snakelord would be Moe Howard - I could see him smacking people on the head with every other word. "You SMACK! will SMACK! listen SMACK! to SMACK! Lord SMACK! Snake! SMACK!

    Cris would be Larry Fine. He is the second in command with the frizzy hair sticking up in the air. Really stupid. He is second in command though.

    GeoffP would be Shemp - Walking around muttering all the time with his head jutting forward and staring downwards.

    Hercules would be Joe Rita - Some no name nobody just along for the ride and the money.

    Leopold would be the mouse that Larry carried around in his pocket.
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  5. leopold Valued Senior Member

    and your mouth would be the toilet.
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  7. leopold Valued Senior Member

    minding your own business my ass
    everytime someone disagrees with you
    you accuse them of being a hater, liar, sheep, stupid
    you accused btimsah of turning on you for not agreeing with you

    like snakelord said, you have denigrated practically everything on the planet
    you ignore people such as huwy and myself and for what?
    cause you just can not deal with what we bring up
  8. leopold Valued Senior Member

    and you wonder why nobody wants you around

    you have no one to blame but yourself happeh
  9. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    In FAVOUR.

  10. Bells Staff Member


    Yes. Your posts in the past and present have shown us what type of person you are. As for the definition of 'gormless'? It means that you lack intelligence. But I'm surprised that someone who proclaims themselves to be 'book learned' that you would not know this already.

    And yet?... Where is it?... Why can't you produce one single piece of evidence to support your theory? Aside from pictures of people modelling underwear which you appear to have used without their permission that is. Why haven't you found even one single piece of scientific research that even discusses your claim or theory?

    Happeh, a grade 6 science student would not say half the things that you say. Do you know why? Because what you say is totally unfounded and well.. crap. Sadly, you are not smart enough to recognise even that.

    Did you even go to school? Or do you want me to take remedial classes so that I can come down to your level of thinking? You see Happeh, I don't need to go back to basic high school science and physics classes to know that what you are proclaiming as fact in this forum is totally false and unfounded. Looking at images from an underwear catalogue online and then looking at the shadows cast on their bodies due to their poses does not make you a scientist, nor does it prove your theory.

    So you think a person masturbating makes a human body unbalanced? Where's your proof? And no, I don't mean poses that are meant to be sexually attractive by models found on the internet. I'm asking for actual proof. Surely you aren't so dumb as to assume that because a person who masturbates 'leans' or makes you blind or crippled. They are stories that parents tell their children when they catch them spending a bit too much time in the toilet and the supply of toilet paper and tissues goes through the roof.

    You have not proven that masturbation damages a person's internal organs. All you have shown is an underwear model striking a pose that results in shadows playing across her torso... and then you have the audacity to draw some red lines through it and claim that she's suffering from kidney disease caused by masturbation. Tell me Happeh, did she give you permission to use/and/or represent that image in such a way? Because if she or the company she represents didn't, she (and/or the company she posed for) could sue your god-damn arse off.

    Yes you should feel stupid. Because (1) I never claimed to be a scientist.. and (2) because your claims and your theory are totally bunk.

    No moron. I'd look at a picture of a guy with a broken leg and recognise that he was leaning because of that broken leg. I'd look at a picture of a healthy guy leaning without a broken leg and recognise that he was leaning to pose for a photo.. you on the otherhand would look at the healthy guy and say he was leaning because he's unbalanced due to his masturbatory practices. You on the other hand would say that a 4 month old child who leans because they are unable to support themselves due to their lack of strength shows signs of your theory.

    You actually make a good point. A student in a chemistry class would show their own work... facts and figures and all. What have you shown? What other proof aside from using images of underwear models have you shown? Have you done a survey to question people with say.. kidney disease.. to find out if their disease was caused by masturbating? Did you ask anyone at all if they masturbate and then ask them if they suffer from any diseases or illnesses and then study those maladies to see if there is an actual correlation between said illness and the person's masturbatory practices? Nope. You haven't even done that. You see Happeh, a high school student would know to conduct a proper study before presenting their facts and proposing a theory. You on the other hand have not done that. You just look at images and taken what you were probably told by your parents as a child as you huddled with a box of tissues and a playboy magazine in the toilet and formed a theory and dared call it scientific without ANY proof whatsoever.

    Asking for proof of your theory is hate? LOL! Moron..

    No.. you can't discuss because there is NOTHING to discuss.

    Don't worry Happeh. I wouldn't believe your so called study anyway.


    *Sigh*... He should have been banned since he made the comment about a 7 year old sexual abuse victim being a slut.. He should have been banned for that instead of now trying to find a reason, such as being obnoxious, to ban him for. Personally I couldn't care less what happens to him. He can burn and die for all I care.
  11. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    You have stopped discussing potential evidence for your theory in this thread, and have instead chosen to turn this into an examination of the supposed personality traits of all the other people on the forum.

    It seems to me that the thread is now a waste of space, so I'm closing it.

    If you want to conduct flame wars, go somewhere else.
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