Masturbation will make you blind and crippled - Let's finish it

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Happeh, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    That one had me laughing. "Eef only you vould co-operate, I could conwince you! Vy, vy, VY do you defy me?!"

    Mad scientist all the way. Or is it more Orwellian?

    I have little doubt that given enough time, drugs and 24-hour sleep deprivation, Happeh could convince anyone of anything. He might even crack my elite Israeli secret agent training.

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  3. leopold Valued Senior Member

    if you go to his house you'll have to show him a boner
    that's no joke. it's his own words
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  5. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member


    I was trying to establish whether you intend to keep playing the man rather than the ball. I assume you will, because you've exhausted all your actual arguments, weak as they are.

    I haven't removed your ability to post pictures. I may have closed other threads of yours, depending on many factors. Which ones are you specifically complaining about? I am happy to give reasons for their closure, if I haven't already done so.

    Do you think this is a competition? What did you "win", Happeh?

    And yet you haven't learnt anything...

    This is a straw man you're chasing. If I believed authority automatically, why don't I accept your supreme authority on the effects of masterbation?

    I notice you go on to ramble about autism, corrupt police, Israel, the bible, and all kinds of other things which are totally irrelevant to this thread. Try to focus, Happeh. I'm not really interested in your conspiracy theories, though it doesn't surprise me that you buy into such ideas, given that everywhere you go people seem to discount your great wisdom.
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  7. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Of course I do. I am not your typical british liar telling a long involved tale so I can laugh at you at the end. That is not my culture. I am an American.

    Why does it mean I am a moron? Can you be specific?

    I regret that your mind is so closed that you refuse to consider new information. I have never spoken to you before. I politely answered your questions. You repaid my courtesy by calling me moron, stupid, annoying.

    Oh. So this is the source of your anger. You do not like what I said in that thread, so you come over here to attack something of mine. You are not alone. James came over here to attack me for the same thread. GeoffP is here to attack Happeh Theory because of things I say about Israel.

    I don't know why you can't keep your anger in that thread. I don't know why you have to follow me around to give me grief. I think you ought to admit you are being rude and hurtful because of that other thread. And not because you have spent even one minute seriously considering what I say.
  8. leopold Valued Senior Member

    when are you going to present evidence for your claims
    when hell freezes over?

    i find it interesting that a 4 month old child can show evidence of happehs theory without even masturbating

    what does that tell everybody?
  9. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Many people have repeatedly questioned my research and my reasons for the symptoms. Again, Extreme exertion, excessive masturbation, excessive sex, drug snorting or drug injecting will all cause the symptoms.

    They human body is built in a specific way. When it is weakened, it will always weaken in a way that displays the particular construction of the body. Bell said something about his baby showing signs of leaning. This is normal. A child as it grows up will lean until they balance out at some particular age. This is not a problem. It is something to be noted and remarked upon.

    It is only when the symptoms cross over into the hurtful stage that people should be concerned. I have posted pictures of masturbators and drug users to try to show the difference. I don't think anyone has the observational ability to see the differences. I guess they take years to develop.

    Perhaps this example will give you something more to consider. This video is of a kung fu master. He shows signs of Happeh Theory. At first thought, it makes no sense. He should be healthy and strong. Why does he show symptoms?

    It is because of the way the human body is built. His training has worked the human body at a very deep level that affects the structures in question. His exercises are designed to work on the same areas affected by sex, masturbation, and drugs.

    When you watch the video, please pay attention to his head. His head will repeatedly lean to his left. Please watch his arms. His right arm is close to his body while his left arm is laid out normally on the arm of the chair.

    Those are Happeh Theory symptoms. His right arm close to his side and his head always wanting to go left. But his symptoms are excessive exercise, not excessive masturbation.

    Whether you remember your high school science experiments or not, I do. I have looked into every possiblity for the symptoms I see. I have catalogued hundreds of photos reproducing the same visual symptoms. I have looked at real people and looked into their habits to verify what I think.

    You can continue to expend every post on calling me names or writing down your opinions of my motivations for posting. Or you can look at the vast volume of information I have provided and continue to provide on a daily basis, and admit that I have something here.

    14 Megs Xvid video codec, MPEG3 audio

    I would especially ask Snakelord, James and the other people who insist that people move their head "just becuase" to watch this video. Try to get past your need to power game me and be honest about what you see.

    Why does the man's right arm stay at his right side? Why does the man's head seem to want to go to the left of it's own volition? The man is not moving his head to the left for any conscious reason. He is not looking at anything. His head just constantly tries to go left. You should also note that his right hand stays in a fist for almost the entire video.

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2006
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    it's amazing that all the so called evidence was selected by you

    you still haven't commented on the voice of experience
  11. btimsah Registered Senior Member

    Interesting. So what your saying is;

    - "What I am saying is true, even though I cannot and have not proven it. You need to spend your life proving it and if you don't believe me, without any proof, then your insight has ended".

    You keep speaking with great disdain toward the "scientists" on this board, but you carry a great deal of the same arrogance you accuse them of.

    Don't come on here with some unusual theory, and then tell everyone else to prove it for you. That's ridiculous!

    Oh by the way, IT'S NOT OBVIOUS THAT THEY HAVE A SHRUNKEN LEFT SIDE. It's only obvious in your mind. Then again, so is the whole theory - in your mind, because it's clearly not actually being proven.

    At some point you may want to prove this "theory" instead of attacking others who don't agree with the theory and (arrogantly) claiming that they themselves should seak to prove it for you.
  12. Bells Staff Member



    Yes. I was calling you a moron. At least one who can somehow manage to string a few words together to form a sentence.

    What new information? If you mean the little pictures of people "leaning" or of people with possible kidney disease... I am sorry but that does not qualify. All you have given is the "Happeh Theory". Which I am amused to say shows you and your little theory to be nothing more than crackpot ideas coming from a crackpot. You have shown nothing whatsoever to back you YOUR claims. It is not for others to show proof of your theory. It is for you to show us why you are right. Pictures do not amount to anything without links to scientific studies pertaining to your theory.

    And I have called you a moron, stupid and annoying on previous occasions. It appears that since you have not changed, I shall continue to do so indefinately.

    Hardly anger. Just mild disgust that someone such as you could be such a waste of oxygen and space. You post in a public forum and then become upset when people point and laugh at the drivel you type?

    I can't speak for the others, but I myself am not following you. But if you wish it, I can. I can put some time aside each day and post in every single thread you post in and point out to all and sundry how much of a gormless prat you are. However, boredom would soon ensue and I'd be tempted to find something better and more interesting (such as cleaning the toilet) to do. In saying that, I'd actually find dumping a load of toilet cleaner down the toilet and then flushing more interesting than reading what you post on here.

    In the past you may have been seen as being mildly entertaining in a silly kind of way. Now having said that, one should also acknowledge that people are always encouraging of the mentally challenged when they really try to do something. But sadly for you, you do not appear to be mentally challenged and thus, should not be encouraged to continue. Because you are merely.. a moron.
  13. leopold Valued Senior Member

    yes happeh, i admit, you do have a bunch of photos

    hasn't the thought ever occure to you happeh that if
    you really had something that these people would
    be beating down your door to get it?

    you have said yourself that you have been at this for what, 5 years?
    you've been all over the net
    and nowhere has anybody said "hey you might have something"
    take a hard look happeh. face what is happening.
  14. Facial Valued Senior Member

    And thus the world's greatest Internet troll was born...
  15. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    I remember happeh going on about how his wife deceived him.

    29 pretty young to be already married and divorced.

    Were you married while you were still living with your parents?

    I'm saying this not to "snoop", but to judge his credibility - he's a complete liar.
  16. leopold Valued Senior Member

    well well well
    so much for your "meaningful" conversation with btimsah
    i guess he's going to be the next "hater" of the group
    well happeh what do you have to say about this quote from btimsah?
  17. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    Happeh, how dare you make judgements about children with autism!

    You think its something to do with "energy"?? And your qualified to comment on the subject of autistic "energy" because what, you watch "dragonball z"??
  18. leopold Valued Senior Member

    probably because he was too hung up on masturbation
    or too hung up on judging people by the way they looked

    apparently his reputation doesn't mean a damn thing to him.
    i don't see how he can show his face around here
  19. leopold Valued Senior Member

    you mean your collection of photos.
    the only research you have done is selecting
    the evidence to fit "your" theory
  20. btimsah Registered Senior Member

    I'm not hating him at all. I just think he's pushing this theory and pretending it's a fact - if we just study it. That may very well be true, but he's the one studying it.

    So, study it, theorize it, and then prove it. I for one would have no problem with his theory, if he didnt attack those for not buying into it as a fact.
  21. leopold Valued Senior Member

    everyone that has disagreed with him he has called a hater
    they are putting him down
    thats what i meant in my post
    i didn't mean to imply that you actually hate him
  22. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    How about you be honest about what you see? Go back to page 12, (my post just before Bells post that you conveniently ignored). Take a look:

    "I have since offered to provide an explanation to why people/animals tilt their heads but my offer has gone ignored in preference of you continuing with the claim that we are saying "just because". It is rude, in my opinion, to ignore explanations offered when they can quite easily clear up confusion."

    So, once again Happeh, I have not been saying "just because". I have indeed offered to explain why people and animals do it a few times. Each time I do, my offer, (and whole post), goes ignored and you start lying some more.

    Your lies wont wash Happeh, simply because everyone else here also has the ability to read. In saying, they would have seen me offer to explain it, and your lie now claiming I'm saying "just because".
  23. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    No. Did I tell you can't prove it? I don't remember saying that. I think exactly what I said to you is "What will you accept as proof"?

    I do this as a way of manipulating them. They are 100% certain all scientists are honest, and that every scientific thing said to date is 100% correct. In order to correct this fallacy, it is necessary for me to be very dramatic in my denunciations of scientists. These people have concrete encased brains. Nothing else will get thru to them.

    Are you going to turn on me too? After I was polite to you, complimented you, and asked you what I could give to you as proof?

    Yes. It looks like you are going to turn on me. Oh well. If you weren't the umpteenth sheep to follow the crowd, I would be surprised and unhappy.

    I would say that it is experience that shows the asymmetry in the face. If you have crossed over into attacking me, you won't pay attention to what I say.

    You might want to watch the casual betrayal of people you find so easy. As i said, I clearly asked you "What do you want from me as proof"? Instead of answering me, your reply with this rudeness.

    Oh well. I did enjoy the 2 or 3 posts where you rose above the herd and showed that you did temporarily possess the intelligence of a human being.
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