Masturbation will make you blind and crippled - Let's finish it

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by Happeh, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member

    his techniques at denial, subject changing, shifting blame, laying accusations etc, are amazingly sophisticated

    which is why I don't believe his intellect is the problem.
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  3. Happeh Registered Senior Member


    Thank you for your pertinent observation. What you are observing is the same mechanism that causes Happeh Theory symptoms.

    Your baby shows symptoms because this mechanism has not grown up strong yet.

    Old people show Happeh Theory symptoms because this mechanism atrophies as they get old. The symptoms show up even in people who do not masturbate. Just not as obviously.

    Anyone will find the signs of what I talk about in most people. After they realize there really are signs, then they need to train themselves in the difference between normal growth or maturing process signs, and signs that indicate drug usage or sex.
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  5. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Since James is still acting like he believes authority, maybe another dose of liars will wake him up.

    The leader of the police and or intelligence is a liar. If they are a liar, then you doctors who say masturbation is great can just as easily be liars.

    A police log was doctored to conceal the fact that a man shot dead as a suicide bomber had been wrongly identified, it was alleged yesterday.

    Jean Charles de Menezes, 27, a Brazilian electrician, was shot by police at Stockwell Tube station, south London, on July 22 last year. He had been identified by a member of a Scotland Yard Special Branch surveillance team as Hussein Osman, a man being sought over the alleged failed suicide bomb attacks on July 21, it was claimed.

    It is alleged, however, that in a debriefing of Special Branch officers about 10 hours after the shooting took place a logbook recording the identification was altered in a "blatant and clumsy" way. The phrase "It was Osman" was said to have been changed to "And it was not Osman".

    The effect would have been to cover up Special Branch involvement in the mistaken identification and leave the firearms officers, and the senior Scotland Yard officer in charge of the operation, Commander Cressida Dick, to face criticism or possible prosecution.
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  7. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Here is one for James. This story is about autism. The scientist say children of autism people are likely to have autism.

    Happeh Theory says this is because of energy. People have energy. Weak people will follow the energy of strong people. A child is weak so it follows the energy of the parent. Weak people are like marionettes to strong people. The strong person's energy can make them move around just like a marionette.

    The recent rise in autism may have been driven by the tendency of like-minded engineers, physicists, mathematicians and other "systemizers" to marry each other, according to a Cambridge University professor.

    Around one child in every 100 - mostly males - has autism and the number of cases seems to be on the increase, though some argue that it is due to greater awareness and changes in diagnosis.

    In a new study, Prof Simon Baron-Cohen believes the impaired ability of people with autism to communicate, recognise emotions and socialise is linked with the same genes that enable a person to systemize - find the laws that govern how a system works.

    This is more often a male trait and present among scientists.

    He has uncovered clues that suggest that when systemizers marry they have a higher risk of having children with autism.

    EDIT: This makes me sick. It is an Israeli doing this story. He is pushing the lies about genetics being the cause of energy related phenomenon.

    Stories like this is what is making you ignorant of the real world James. This Israeli World Domination scientist liar is putting out lies. Because he is a scientist, you accept what he says without question. Genetics must be the reason.

    It is all lies James. Whatever happens, they are lying to you. What this man is observing is human energy phenomenon. He knows all about it. Israelis went to China in the 1800's and learned all about energy and brought it back to Israel. Then they used that exclusive knowledge they gained to takeover the rest of the white countries. That is one of the secrets of Israeli World Domination. They learned Asian energy theory and manipulation back in the 1800's.

    Go look at your history. Look at the timeline of when Israelis began to assert power. They destroyed Henry Ford back in the 1800's for this book.

    But being the sheep you are, you will say the American Hero Henry Ford was critical of Israel before you will believe he was an American Hero trying to save his country from invaders and occupiers.
  8. leopold Valued Senior Member

    what has your post have to do with your claims that masturbation causes:
    1. weakness
    2. twisted heads
    3. homosexuality
    4. shorter or longer arms
    5. slumped shoulders
    or any of your other claims?

    what about the poll happeh?
    what about the voice of experience?

    i am now convinced that you HAVE done surveys and you found
    the same results as our poll
    and you have decided that you couldn't use it.
  9. leopold Valued Senior Member

    you are deliberately skirting the issue happeh
    the plain truth is that you have no evidence at all
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    the last i checked our poll indicates
    92% believe that masturbation causes no harm
    experience happeh.
    it's something you just can't argue with is it?
  11. leopold Valued Senior Member

    then how can you say masturbation causes the symptoms?

    it should be noted that happeh was talking about
    a 4 month old baby in the above quote.
  12. Communist Hamster Cricetulus griseus leninus Valued Senior Member

    Despite him having nothing to do with medicine or medical scince at all? Then by your definition, I can say that because Aristotle was wrong about the sun going arnound the earth, then you are wrong about masturbation.
  13. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    James, could Happeh be banned? He seems to be losing it big-time, and I don't think his paranoia needs any more feeding from on-line debate. I think it would actually be a mercy for him if he was.

  14. Hercules Rockefeller Beatings will continue until morale improves. Moderator


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    But seriously, why hasn't this ass-clown been banned?<P>
  15. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    I knew you would expose yourself for the woman you are Geoff. Everytime I best one of you, you run to the mod and say what you have said. Every single time. If I wasn't used to such despicable and cowardly behavior I would say something to you. Your type never learns. You like living in the dark shadows and stabbing people in the back.
  16. Happeh Registered Senior Member

    Yes you can. With one important difference. I am alive. You can talk to me. You can come over to my house and I can spend 24 hours straight convincing you. That is the difference. I can convince people if they would cooperate.

    As long as this is one long and tedious submission and dominance game, with people assigning motives to each others posts instead of responding to the posts, nothing is ever going to get done.
  17. Bells Staff Member

    I... I honestly do not know where to go with this...

    Now we are faced with two distinct possibilities. Either you recognised the obvious sarcasm in my post and decided to just play along with it... or you failed to recognise the obvious sarcasm and you actually believe what you write.

    The ridiculousness of your posts begs to be thought of as you merely having fun stirring the natives. I really do hope that you are not serious in your beliefs because if you were, then it would mean that you were a moron who had actually managed to string a few words together and form sentences.

    While you may in fact be a moron and believe in your 'Happeh Theory symptoms', you have shown no proof of it. Even though you refer to it as your personal theory, you still have nothing to back up your amusing and frankly stupid little claims. So unless you are doing this in an attempt to lead on the natives or you actually believe the idiotic things that you post... well either way, stop, because you are on the borderline of being unamusing and frankly bloody annoying.

    After having been unfortunate enough to have read your comments about a little girl who had been abused and you referred to her as a slut who wanted it and now culminating in this ridiculous thread... I beg you.. Stop sounding like a moron and a wanker. Yes that's right, I am calling you a wanker. Whether you do or don't is irrelevant. Because at the present time, a wanker is what you are.
  18. leopold Valued Senior Member

    more of the same old crap
    the fact is happeh you like to bitch about how people treat you
    when in fact you bring it on yourself
  19. leopold Valued Senior Member

    oh my god bells your a hater.

    i think happeh does believe what he says

    and if that is indeed the case then james i beg of you please end this.
  20. SnakeLord Valued Senior Member

    Please do us the courtesy of defining a 'woman'. Personally it would never appear on my list of put-downs or insults - and while I gave you a brief analysis to your feelings in general some 50 pages ago, (on the other thread), I would like to see you put it in your own words.

    You have now used the word 'woman' - with derogatory implication - some few dozen times. It is quite extraordinary to see someone that claims to "like vagina", do this. I would be intrigued to see your explanations.

    No, I am not Israeli, I'm just curious.

    The fact of the matter is that you haven't "bested" anyone. Seemingly everytime anyone asks for evidence or support for your claims - you start insulting them, speaking in derogatory manner to women, scientists, Israelis, children, sheep, snakes, dogs, cats and pretty much anything else your mind can conjure. You label them as haters while doing your utmost to promote hatred - which is as hypocritical as it can get - and all because they dared ask for evidence.

    Your only semi-worthwhile response was that you cannot afford it, and yet twice now I have given you cheap, or even free, viable alternatives with which to conduct all-important studies.

    You have now shown quite a few pictures, (even though I told you 60 pages ago that pictures do not help in this instance unless you can provide the link between the photo and your claims - to which you fully agreed). These photo's show people in general with their heads tilted. I have since offered to provide an explanation to why people/animals tilt their heads but my offer has gone ignored in preference of you continuing with the claim that we are saying "just because". It is rude, in my opinion, to ignore explanations offered when they can quite easily clear up confusion.

    From there you have also tried to point out "flat faces", which quite clearly shows your ignorance of shadows, angles and photography. You have also made various obnoxious claims concerning the human anatomy - that any primary school student would be able to refute. Of course anyone that does offer refutation is swiftly cast aside as an evil hater, woman or jew. This is not science Happeh, and if you wish it to be you really need to change your methods.

    Of course those 'methods' do not mean you should invite strangers to your house and tell them they'd need to get a 'boner'. If that very offer does not hint at some form of problem, I really don't know what does. There are many other methods that could and should be established that would certainly go further to 'helping your cause' than that one.

    I would further suggest that you desist from posting entirely worthless, (albeit interesting), studies that are in no way relevant to your claims. If you can show me the connection between your autism link and masturbation blindness then I'm all ears.

    So, first things first.. Let's sit down and devise a survey that could be conducted. Make up a list of questions, (if you like I will be the first test case). I do remember offering this very same thing many many many pages ago. I was probably labelled an evil hater Israeli woman, but I'm sure I shall live.

    You're obviously not ready for £1 million, so let's start here instead.

    I can think of a few of us that have not once 'run to the mod'. Given your statement above, it is therefore accurate to state that you have not once bested me, or those of us that have not run to the mod. Remember your statement: "every single time". Just a quick point.
  21. Bells Staff Member

    Am I a hater? Hmmm maybe. I hate brussel sprouts... So I guess I am a "hater". Now I am aware that my post will most probably be modified for being insulting, I am sad to say that I do not really care at the present time. I was merely stating the obvious.

    What happeh has failed to realise is that he has played with himself, most probably as a child... as all children play with themselves from the time they are babies.. babies do have a natural tendency to explore their bodies and they do explore their genitals quite a bit once they discover that it is down there. My 4 month old has recently discovered that he has an extra 'limb' down there and tends to grab at it and yank at it during nappy change and his bath time (when he is not attempting to put his foot in his mouth).. making it very difficult for us to put his nappy back on. Now if I were to believe happeh's gormless claims, that would be the explanation to his leaning. When his leaning is in fact caused by his complete lack of balance when he sits up.

    As to James 'ending this'.. well when one considers that happeh posts his crap in so many threads, one must also consider that it would result in many threads being closed down because of his pathetic attempts to be scientific. This is not the only thread on this topic that happeh has posted his 'theory' in. So where does one draw the line? Banning him for being an idiot would probably be unfair when one considers how many idiots post in these forums.
  22. leopold Valued Senior Member

    good ol snakelord
    you sure know how to put it in words.

    i can hear happeh stammering already
  23. leopold Valued Senior Member

    that is what happeh will call you "a hater"

    as for myself
    i have no idea what he intends to accomplish
    besides spamming threads with useless garbage
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