Masking the smell of drugs

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by MisinformD, Jan 7, 2003.

  1. MisinformD Registered Member

    any ideas on how i can mask the smell of drugs from those stupid drug dogs? i have yet to hear a foolproof method

    unfortunately drugs dogs smell every odor seperately. (you smell salad, they smell tomatos, letuce, etc) so in order to get the dogs from smelling the drugs you would have to block they odor completely. are there any materials that do this? if i put the drugs in a tank of water (or other liquid) would the odor still get through?

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  3. Zero Banned Banned

    No. Burn them. Cover them in dirt. Put it in a pastic bag. Put that in a top-grade, anti biohazard baggie. Put that in another one. Then stuff the whole thing in your closet and keep it there.
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  5. Xev Registered Senior Member

    Charcoal might work. And hiding them under water (like in a waterproof baggie in a thermos full of water) might work too.

    What kind of drugs? I presume it's easier to mask the scent of certain kinds.
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  7. MisinformD Registered Member

    forgot to mention a few things:

    • the drugs are all "natural" (mj and coke) no pills
      i have a lot of room to work with (back of a van)
      concealment is not an issue
      BURN the drugs? i don't think that's a good idea
  8. *stRgrL* Kicks ass Valued Senior Member

    Gasoline always works. But then your pot tastes like gas - and well - [AUSTINPOWERSACCENT]thats just not right baybee![/AUSTINPOWERSACCENT]

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  9. Xev Registered Senior Member

    If you have a dog, experiment with it. Test him with a strip of bacon or something, whatever you do to the drugs, do first to the bacon and see if he can find it.

    How much in the way of drugs do you have? I mean, could you stash some in a thermos full of water, or is there so much that you'd need to be more ambitious?

    Pot is fairly pungent, I don't think coke is quite as pungent.
  10. NenarTronian Teenaged Transhumanist Registered Senior Member

    Erm...maybe drug done by you? Dogs, i think, are pretty much foolproof. I disagree with what you're doing..well the coke anyway..unless it's for personal use. Even then, the risks outweigh the possible benefits. Them dogs will sniff out the fun smoke and fun powder real quick..and then you'll go to jail for a very silly reason. Or maybe you'll get a fine or something, i dunno.

    Sorry i'm not more of a help, but if i were to offer advice it would be: Don't.
  11. Vortexx Skull & Bones Spokesman Registered Senior Member

    If it is in a car than i think the oil, gasoline or anti-freeze reservoirs are the best place to stash. it provides both a liquid shield to slow down evaporation and smells strong by itself.

    But even as we speak the DEA could be watching this thread and track your ip-number and match it to some vehicle registration database, so I would be carefull

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  12. Kyle_S Registered Senior Member

    no matter what you do, dogs are going to smell it. And if police see an obvious attempt by you to conceal it from the dogs then they'll set their sights on you when it's court time.

    I suppose, if you want to distract the dogs, you can cook bacon and pour the grease around the uderside of the front of your car.

    tee hee
  13. Vortexx Skull & Bones Spokesman Registered Senior Member

    They should send u.n. inspection dogs to iraq and sniff m out!

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  14. wet1 Wanderer Registered Senior Member

    While I realize that some of our members do drugs, it is not the purpose of this site to encourage illegal behavior.

    The reason dogs are used are because they are so hard to fool. If a dog finds something that it supsects and does not like it will alert its handler.

    Do not do what you are not willing to suffer the concequences for.
  15. UberDragon The Freak at the Computer Registered Senior Member

    hey, all this talk about dogs makes me think of a good practical joke. if someone you know is going on a trip to a foreign country, the night before they leave, put some dog food or dog biscuits in one of the outside pockets of their suitcase and let customs deal with it!! the dogs will go nuts!!
  16. xvenomousx Registered Senior Member


    :m: two tricks, smoke with a fricken smokeless pipe or a vaporisor (both make weed go further too heheh) :m:

    A sealed glass vial is pretty much impenetrable to drug molecules, the outside can be dipped in some chemical solution (bicard soda solution, laundry powder solution) to clean off any traces. This is difficult process but foolproof pretty much all the drugs that gothrough customs in western countries get through 100% the time.

    While little gets past a dogs nose they still sensitive. Something that pongs really badly and irritates the dogs nose will confuse it and have it more distracted by getting away from you.

    Pepper is brilliant, but there are much better chemicals. Some that are undetectable to humans but will almost have a dog vommiting - don't know what they are but heard about their use.

    A concentrated extract of piper nigrum powder sprinkled thru your clothes or whereever dog snifs will have that dog steering well clear of you.

    But best of all..... don't be in possesion of drugs! they can't put you in jail if you smell like drugs as long as you are not high and don't have any on you.

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