Masculinity and Rights, Misogyny and Violence

Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Tiassa, Jul 21, 2020.

  1. Bells Staff Member

    The irony of the misogynistic creep whining about discrimination and hatred towards others based on looks, while hating and discriminating against others based on looks:

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  3. sculptor Valued Senior Member

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  5. billvon Valued Senior Member

    You'd find another reason to hate them. And your hatred of them would, in turn, drive them away.

    Your one skill seems to be finding reasons to think ill of others. Congratulations; you have a talent. Have you ever considered politics?
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  7. pluto2 Banned Valued Senior Member

    I don't hate ugly girls (being quite ugly myself I don't have anything against ugly girls) I'm just not attracted them sexually speaking.

    I think we're all shallow to some degree, it's human nature it's just who we are.

    And speaking of shallow, beautiful young girls are the most shallow beings on Earth because all they want in a man is a pretty face, a beautiful male body and a certain height in a man. Beautiful teen girls are the most shallow.
  8. foghorn Valued Senior Member

    So you just want sex with beautiful girls? Would you consider marrying an ugly girl?
  9. Ssssssss Registered Senior Member

    Pluto2. Mate. I'm a man and a nerd with dodgy interpersonal skills and it's obvious to me that the only way you could come across creepier than you do is if you were an actual centipede. There are entire communist revolutions that have put up fewer red flags than your writing does. If you come across like that to a social skills vacuum like me then you come across like that to every girl you meet AND all the men who haven't drunk your incel koolaid and that's why they all run for the hills.

    I mean this in the kindest possible way mate but you need to. Get. A fucking. Grip.

    Find something you enjoy doing that isn't whining on the internet about what a loser you think you are. Live your life instead of moaning about it not being the way you want it to be. You definitely ain't gonna get fewer girls that way than the zero you're getting at the moment and if you become someone who's pleasant to be around you might get some interest.
  10. James R Just this guy, you know? Staff Member

    pluto2 has been like this for years now. Apparently, he hasn't sought any help for his problem, so far. I just hope he isn't dangerous to other people, since that seems to be an incel thing.
  11. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member

    Because Of Course

    So, yeah, if Futrelle↱ observes, "It's safe to say that A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam is not really a great judge of character," it isn't so much a question of taking his word, but rather, wondering what has gone wrong, this time. Men's Rights icon and bicoastal murderer Roy Den Hollander, and also felon Chris "Crying Nazi" Cantwell found a place at A Voice For Men. And if they both happened to warrant comedic moments in the sun—(Cantwell for harassing women as a political stunt, and Hollander because he could dance to rap music)—it's true Colbert never found a place for Nicholas Alahverdian, or is it Nicholas Rossi ... or maybe Arthur Knight. Anyway:

    Now the man whom Elam tapped as the "Chief of Staff" for AVFM's somewhat pretentiously named Judicial Accountability Committee has been arrested in Scotland — where he reportedly fled to avoid fraud and sexual assault charges after faking his own death.

    Let me repeat that: Where he reportedly fled to avoid fraud and sexual assault charges after faking his own death.

    Interpol — the international police agency, not the band — was able to locate the man variously known as Nicholas Rossi, Nicholas Alahverdian, Arthur Knight and numerous other monikers after he was hospitalized with COVID. He had been hiding in plain sight in Glasgow, disguised as a dandyish academic from Bristol, in the south of England, complete with dyed blond hair and a fake "posh" British accent that somehow fooled the Scots.

    Futrelle reaches back through the Internet Archive to recall when Alahverdian emerged at AFVM in 2013, with Elam shepherding what Futrelle summarizes as "an abuse-survivor-turned-child-welfare-activist whose promising career had been derailed by false sexual assault charges that put him on the sex offenders list for 15 years", though maybe it really is an elaborate interstate conspiracy. "We aim to stand by his side and fight with him," Elam declared in that misty once upon a time. Peter Wright, who would eventually become editor at AVFM, threatened the accusers by name, and social media hand Suzanne McCarley echoed, saying, "Deal me in. Some Shit needs to be Fucked Up." And maybe back then the "cavalry from hell" really did have Alahverdian's back, but that is why the archives are helpful: "That was then," Futrelle observes. "Now the powers that be at AVFM have scrubbed the site of all mentions of Alahverdian."


    Let me think back over a quarter-century. Actually, there is this song, but never mind; it reaches back to the Nineties, and I can remember the concomitant noise about child support and how the men who wouldn't pay up were the real victims. A decade later, or so, I have a faint Sciforums memory of men's rights advocacy, and if I don't rush to look it up, it's not really so big a deal. But a decade or so after that, I recall another moment suggesting mras were about as awful as they seemed. And that's the thing; over the course of twenty years, sure, maybe there is this or that bit of law that needs adjusting, but there was never a time in there when the mra case failed to radiate a sinister aura. There was always something smoldering filthy about how this masculinsim never really sought functional solutions, but simply seethed at women, growing impatient with itself in recent years and spawning manpill movements like mgtow and incel.

    And compared to old, fallacious pretenses of not overreacting, or generalizing too much, or sounding elitist and condescending in the ears of those you disagree with, it's not so much that every last fool who spewed such nonsense is necessarily so dangerous but, rather, that really, we kind of knew what this was about the whole time. And in this moment of things falling apart, and centers that cannot hold, it is not so much surprising as it is annoying, disgusting, and even near to enraging: An archetypal case turns out to be some guy who faked his own death in order to duck multiple sex offense charges in multiple states because of course it does.


    Futrelle, David. "The former A Voice for Men point man for 'Judicial Accountability' was just arrested in Scotland, where he reportedly fled to escape rape and fraud charges in the US after faking his own death". We Hunted The Mammoth. 24 January 2022. 24 January 2022.
  12. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Staff Member


    Sometimes, a story that keeps on giving just isn't a gift:

    Not quite six years ago, A Voice for Men founder Paul Elam announced he was quitting Men's Rights activism. As far as he was concerned, he had won a tremendous victory.

    "The mission … to facilitate the entrance of men's issues into the public discourse, has been successful," he wrote, basically taking personal credit for the first half-decade of the misogynistic backlash that also brought us incel murder sprees and the he-man woman-hating club called MGTOW.

    Elam never quite went away entirely; he poked his nose into the "public discourse" from time to time, though I can't for the life of me remember anything specific he's done since his "retirement."

    Apparently hungering for a little more attention than he's been getting of late — roughly none — Elam has decided to retire for a second time, announcing in a post on A Voice for Men that he was quitting A Voice for Men and turning the whole thing over to a dude called Robert Brockway, who was some sort of editor there for the past who cares how many years.

    Elam is once again claiming victory, because of course he is.


    The new venture apparently involves building a red pill library, or maybe it's just something about building men. Rocky horrors aside, it doesn't quite seem the latest reiteration of victory is just some sort of nervous-grinning façade in the wake of the latest scandal begging leave to doubt Elam's judgment, including safe harbor at AVFM for the MRA lawyer calling men to political violence, and who signed off years later with murders on both American coasts before taking his own life; or the Crying Nazi convicted of multiple felonies; and the survivor-story poseur who apparently faked his own death and then posed as a Glasgow professor in hopes of escaping sex crime charges in the U.S. Any idea that Paul Elam is changing course because he is ashamed wrongly presumes the domestic violence advocate has any sense of shame about him.

    No, he's going to go do the whole XY thing using red pills to build himself some men because he somehow really does believe he is right.

    Still, though, it's pretty wild to think back through all the excuses we were supposed to make for that sort of stuff. Indeed, that society continues to make excuses is one of the reasons building men with red pills seems, to Elam, like a reasonable idea. But, sure: Don't have a cow, or be so elitist, maybe something about feminism forcing men to be misogynist, self-righteous pretenses of free speech, lamentations that anybody would pay attention to someone else's words and actions, even those indignant reminders about who's the real victim here. I'm sure plenty who bought into the fallacious appeals have taken the ample opportunities time and circumstance have afforded them to work through their own shame, so that, should it ever come up in their lives, they can answer clearly, confidently, and honestly invested in their humanity. Everybody makes mistakes, after all. Over and over. For years on end. So the next time it comes up, they won't have to feel guilty, as if people are talking about them, because they don't hold with that stuff, anymore, and can do their useful part when occasion demands.

    That is, don't get me wrong; the ample opportunities time and circumstance have afforded pretty much mean the latest chapter of Paul Elam's denigration of men are a mere passing chuckle recalling dumbassery past, and not some nagging reminder of an ongoing failure still needing repair.

    So, yeah—

    Anyway, the new, post-Elam AVFM is off to a roaring start, featuring articles with riveting titles like "The Meaning of Man's 'Meaning of Life'" and "Rebutting Colttaine's Nonsense and Thinking Beyond Notions of Female Omnipotence." The former begins with this attention-grabbing lede:

    It has been said that there needs to be a restoration of a sense of meaning in men's lives. In a world where man is attacked as a people and as an archetype, there is no objection to this fact. The crisis is existential when the worth of a male individual is under extreme duress, that is, when it makes being a male something to be questioned and too often hated.​

    The latter is a 7000-word rebuttal to some dude's YouTube Bit Chute video.

    —time and circumstance continue to afford opportunities.


    Futrelle, David. "Mission Accomplished: Part 2! Paul Elam declares victory, quits A Voice for Men". We Hunted the Mammoth. 2 February 2022. 3 February 2022.

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