Discussion in 'Ethics, Morality, & Justice' started by Xellos, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. Kotoko Laptop Persocom Registered Senior Member

    Maybe it's about both.

    Notice that the only thing Ember-To-Inferno spells right consistently, is duendy's name. Either they share a brain or a trailer. Can't tell which at this point, but my theory is that duendy felt she needed someone to back her up, and she's the only one she's not paranoid about.

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    The constant spelling errors, and the capitalization is exactly the same way duendy types. She even spells the same words wrong between her and her sock puppet.
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  3. Ember-To-Inferno Destiny Is What You Make Of It Registered Senior Member

    seroisly why the fuck do you 2 keep babaling on about this crap trying to get other people to figh back defend themselves? im not here to start arguments im here to express my oppinion on the topic about drugs and i happen to agree wiht duendy about her oppinion you to are the ones that keep brining this back why does it matter is our spelling sucks seroisly it should not matter at least you can still understand what we are saying ever thing of shitty key boards my keys stick and ther eis nothing i can do about it considering i dont have money to by a new key board..

    stop getting of topic and trying to start up arguments this post is about marijiuana and drugs leace it that way bring your agruing into another post or jsut dont bring it up at all


    anyone want to agree disagree expland anything to that effect with the psot i made earleir about my oppinion of drugs so i can say more or expand on something somone else says instead of having to arguee about seomthing not realated to the topic i find it puthetic no offence
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  5. leopold Valued Senior Member

    i have already stated my case about marijuana and provided 5 or 6 unbiased sources
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  7. duendy Registered Senior Member

    Hey Ember dude, THANKS for the compliment.
    and i LOVE where you say aout how i type. ..haha. ie., to keep emstruggling....whooo meeee? haha
    but seriously a lot is due to crappy keyboard and cut-out early system and lousy usual Leopold exagerratng...and Kokatuuuu. aint she sweet?
  8. leopold Valued Senior Member

    lighten up on me duendy

    when i asked why your typing was so screwed up you said that you were emulating shakespear
    you never said anything about a intermittent keyboard
    besides do you not review your post before submitting it?
  9. duendy Registered Senior Member

    ...well, get a sense of humour. and wheres the congratulations formy latest brilliant post....? just handin out crit is counterproductive. we need praise too
  10. leopold Valued Senior Member

    eh you may be right
  11. illuminatingtherapy Initiate of The Universe Registered Senior Member

    There really should be a flaming chatroom here of some sort, do that people with intellectual differences can blow their brains out over their differences without fucking up good threads with petty arguing. On major threads like this one where one wouldn't wanna spend two hours reading all the posts, half of what you get is this silly complaining about each others perspectives. Seriously, aren't we all grown ups? If not, then what the hell are you doing here?

    About the essence of the thread, I think marijuana is very relative, not good nor bad, it all depends on the person using it. If you are considering trying it for the first time, know this: it's great. In fact so great that for many, many people, they get stuck in a habit doing it that is not so great. I freely admit to smoking weed all the time, but it has no power over me. Anymore. It had only just a year ago, but back then I wasn't thinking as clearly as I am doing today (because of the weed, maybe? I don't know

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    ). I realized that when you find yourself waiting for your local dealer 5 or 6 times a week without noticing or knowing why the hell you're doing it, you're in the Hash trap. So it's all about realizing. Today, I could do it every day without the fear of weed ruling my life, but more as a catalyst for my own philosophical thinking. That way, it's uncomparable to anything, but certainly nothing one need to think straight. But I do love it, yes. :m:
  12. Possumking I think, I am? Registered Senior Member

    I think weed should be legalized with an age limit, say 21, and then heavily taxed, and only used in one's home, or someone elses home. No driving for say 12-24 hours after last smoke. No operating machinery. No being in public while high.
  13. Mavrix Guest

    I agree with some of your points, however im realizing, that I will need to quite weed, and only smoke on the weekends. Ultimately once my addiction is controlled 52 a year max.

    But you cant say it has no control over me, just because you know the trap.

    If your still using daily, or weekly, your still in the addiction, because if you think 20-30 years down the road, your still smoking alot a week. Your still an addicted pot head.

    so im gona cut down soon, i smoke small joints daily now but i need to quit because you really become an addict.

    Anyways it also gona kill me smoking daily forever, so some day soon I will quit. or almost quit.
  14. warden99 Registered Member

    Is it adictive ,, YES

    Should it be legalised ,,NO

    keep it illegal , that way it seems more danderous when your getting wasted
  15. illuminatingtherapy Initiate of The Universe Registered Senior Member

    The difference is, I don't need it. A pothead? Sure. Addicted? No. That easy. I know hash inside an out, and even though I may smoke from time to time, it will never make me an addict. An addict needs the rush, the feeling, the emotion. When you realize you don't, you're not an addict, even more - you're free.
  16. Quagmire convince me or convict me Registered Senior Member

    marajuana is legal in holland, and the dutch seem to do alright for themselves.

    i do agree that it is a gateway drug though, i feel that the classification and the stance toward marajuana is responsible for this...

    we teach our children

    "all drugs are bad"

    "weed is a drug"

    "drugs kill people"


    so when a minor - usually a teenager - tries cannabis for the first time, doesnt see the harm, enjoys it or not, thinks to themself, 'well what a load of shite i have been taught' 'and the government are in on this tripe as well- prison for a bit of weed, do me a favour!!!'

    so when the distinction between personal experience and the disrespectful lies that have been force fed to the nations youth comes home to roost, is it any surprise kids go on to find out what else has been bullshit with relation to the drugs lessons.

    respect is everything, eventually propaganda is exposed as the verbal diarrhoea it is, and once you have propagated such lies can you ever be respected.

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