Marijuana and Schizophrenia

Discussion in 'Human Science' started by Diode-Man, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. Diode-Man

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    I believe that the only reason people associate marijuana with Schizophrenia (aside from the old "Refer Madness" propaganda) is because the shit they are smoking is carelessly grown (due to it being illegal) and is sprayed with pesticides and/or fungicides.

    If marijuana were legal, people would get pure marijuana that hasn't been sprayed with pesticides and fungicides!

    Questions? Comments?
  2. Buddha12

    Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    You mean like tobacco manufacturers, they only add all sorts of other stuff to get you hooked even faster. Then when your hooked to the cigarettes they up the prices and you have to put even more money out for you need your 2 or 3 packs a day to keep your addiction fed.
  3. Diode-Man

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    At Buddha12 : Which is why more people should grow their own tobacco, of course without pesticides and fungicides.

    But this thread concerns marijuana, not tobacco.
  4. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    I don't think it is necessarily sprayed with anything that isn't already in our food. None of that stuff is shown to cause schizophrenia. Neither is marijuana use. However, if someone already has a predisposition towards any mental illness, illicit drugs can exacerbate those symptoms. Which is one of the reasons most of them, probably including marijuana, are illegal.

    But i think you missed Buddhas point. If it was legal, then tobacco companies would have packaged marijuana cigarettes on the shelves faster than you could flick your bic! And they would no doubt have tons of additives to make them more addictive. Of course, marijuana is easier and safer to grow than tobacco, but I think most people would get lazy and buy it from manufacturers. Plus, most dope smokers tend to smoke year round, and that would require a rather large field to grow enough to last throughout the year. Marijuana has a very short window of when it can be harvested and have respectable amounts of THC. So its not like tomatoes, or other plants which could be grown and harvested throughout the summer, or throughout the year if they are in a green house.
  5. Diode-Man

    Diode-Man Awesome User Title

    At skaught: Good points. But I still think smoking fungicides is unhealthy.

    One time as an "april fools" prank my marijuana dealer put a whole ton of pubic hairs in my marijuana and I didn't see it until the next day when I had smoked half the bag. (the sun came out and revealed the disgusting pubic hairs)

    My point is that if it were legal, impurities would almost never be found in the marijuana.

    Pesticides and fungicides are not healthy to ingest, don't you know that you're supposed to rinse all vegetables and fruits before you eat them?
  6. NMSquirrel

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    that dude needs an April fools punch!
    and i once cut my mustache and the clipping accidentally got into my stash..i immediately noticed it when i fired it up, hair has a distinct odor and smell and sound to it..
    which makes me wonder how you didn't notice..

    to legalize it would make the pesticides more common as competition and productivity would pressure those that grow to increase the quantity and quality of their crops, of course this just speaks to those who would commercialize their product and doesn't consider the ones that are growing it now just doing business as usual, just without the added expense of keeping the law from finding them...
  7. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood


    There would be chemicals in it if Camel or Marlboro started manufacturing it. But your right that there would be none if it was locally grown by organic standards.

    As far as rinsing fruits and veggies. That doesn't remove everything. In fact it's shown that it's largely not as effective as people think. It's a good idea to do it of course. But if you buy some fruits or veggies that are contaminated with say salmonella or something else harmful, rinsing them will have no effect. I know this, because I work in a produce department and have had to go though extensive training on food cleanliness!

    I remember when I was a teenager, there is a rather large park where I grew up. And marijuana grows wild all over the place there from all the people who go for walks and toss their seeds out while walking. So me and my friends would go and pick a bunch of it thinking it would work to get us high. We didn't know at that time that it was ditch weed and probably contained no THC. Well one time, we went and picked a shit ton of it and tried smoking it immediately. It was too wet to smoke so we put the bowl down and took a break. My buddy went to cash it out and when he did, a beetle fell out and it was dead and all singed from the fire. First horror, then revulsion, then laughter.
  8. Buddha12

    Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    That we will never know for certain but they will add many other chemicals to the pot in order to make it a better addictive drug to get people hooked on it faster and need more to keep them high. So don't be fooled into thinking that just because it becomes a major business that no one will add anything but to the contrary they will add stuff that helps them make more profits and more sales of the stuff just like they already do with tobacco products.
  9. taichitarot

    taichitarot Registered Senior Member

    Most Marijuana is sourced from seeds sold by the FBI on the internet. It's Genetically Engineered to incapacitate and never is 'laughing gear' as we affectionately called our best stuff when we were teenagers. I wouldn't touch the 'skunk' at all. Where can I get some heritage seeds so I can grow some of the laughing gear I remember?
  10. Buddha12

    Buddha12 Valued Senior Member


  11. Syzygys

    Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you

    For Diode and Buddha:

    1. Buddha is right, legally grown plants get pesticized with all kind of chemicals, so legalization wouldn't solve the chemical problems.
    2. Cigarette prices are actually controlled by the states, because it has been shown that PRICE is the most effective deterrent. That's why you see signs "state lowest price". Manufacturers would actually sell it for cheaper, but the states don't let them...

    The more you know...
  12. taichitarot

    taichitarot Registered Senior Member

    love you.
  13. Captain Kremmen

    Captain Kremmen All aboard, me Hearties!

    All medicines have side effects.
    I assume you feel that MJ has good effects.
    Why blame the side effects on something else?

    Possibly, and I wonder whether you can believe this might be true,
    some of the people who smoke MJ might not benefit from it.
    Whatever ails them may require something else, or maybe nothing but rest.
    If they don't need it, all they suffer is the harm.
  14. Diode-Man

    Diode-Man Awesome User Title

    Ewww smoking beatles!?

    The reason I smoked the weed that had pubic hairs in it is because I just thought this particular strain of weed had a nasty smell/taste to it.
  15. skaught

    skaught The field its covered in blood

    Hehe yeah! It was pretty revolting! But we laughed all the same!

    Did you get pissed at the guy who sold it to ya? I would have!
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  16. Epictetus

    Epictetus here & now

    An 'old guy' told me when I was a bit younger than I am now (that's right, I get younger everyday) that traditionally and up until the 1930s in the U.S.A. tobacco was left to 'cure' in a barn. This allowed various chemically things to happen. These things gave tobacco its rich aroma and satisfying taste. However, sometime in the 1930s Phillip Morris and R.J. Reynolds' products were so much in demand that they couldn't keep up. There was no longer time to cure tobacco. So some geniuses worked out to add chemicals to make it seem like the tobacco was properly cured, and that's what we've all been smoking ever since.

    :m: So if they did legalize weed, I can imagine that soon they'd be grinding hemp rope and reconstituting it into leaf like widgets and adding THC-like chemicals that may not even get you high, but boy, it sure does seem like it! And, oh, these chemicals are bound to be highly carcinogenic - I just know it!
  17. Diode-Man

    Diode-Man Awesome User Title

    I remember seeing photos of weed growing in greenhouses for "medical marijuana" purposes, I don't think they'd need pesticides in sealed off greenhouses.

    Plus greenhouses can also have humidity control so they wouldn't need fungicides either...
  18. Diode-Man

    Diode-Man Awesome User Title

    I also think its possible that marijuana can indeed bring out schizophrenia in people who are borderline schizophrenic. (but combined with my anti-psychotic meds I don't think it would cause insanity/hallucinations, plus I never hallucinated until after I had taken "research chemicals" 2c-I for example.(until recently I had completely forgotten about the 2C-I I took)) One time while out on a drive with some one I know, he smoked weed and I didn't, he saw a "UFO" fly off a nearby mountain, I was looking in that direction and saw nothing... If it was so fast that I had to have been looking right at it to see it, it was more likely ball lightning phenomenon.
  19. Stoniphi

    Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous

    Uh huh. :bugeye:

    A couple of points here:

    Much cannabis in the USA is grown indoors in tightly controlled conditions such that it does not need to be treated with chemicals for pests. It molds if it is over-watered or improperly cured, chemicals aren't needed to address that, decent gardening skills are. Indoor grows are often perpetual, so a crop is always near maturity making it available year round.

    Most moldy cannabis is so due to being being 'field dried' (cut down and left lie in the field for a while) then packed into kilos and spending 6 - 8 months in the dark, leaky hold of a slow boat from S America.

    Many persons with mental problems self - medicate with cannabis, schizophrenics inclusive. The original 'studies' on the connection between cannabis and schizophrenia were done via "self reporting" in a small group of native persons in New Zealand. The 'researchers' were ascribed racist motivation for the 'study' and those 'studies' were dismissed by the scientific community as "fatally flawed". They were nonetheless taken up by British conservatives as part of their program to re-re-classify cannabis to re-criminalize it in GB. The term "skunk weed" was used by the same folks to demonize the plant for the same purpose.

    The 'skunk' smell is associated with a group of indica phenotypes of cannabis originally bred up by 'Sam the Skunk Man', a cannabis breeder from California who worked with Afghani indica kush varieties to come up with "Skunk # 1", known for its distinctive aroma. It is on a par with many other strains for potency though, and is not particularly stronger than many others, save by reputation.

    Most cannabis seeds available on the Internet come from cannabis breeders in other countries. The FBI has nothing to do with them, they don't enforce anti - pot stuff, that is the job of the DEA. The DEA doesn't have to do complex stuff like that, they just walk in the front door of public dispensaries/grow ops with a warrant. The US Postal Service will confiscate seeds IF they find them however.

    The variety of strains is so vast at this time that one can access most any type of stone/high one wants. The actual high can range from "couch lock heavy" indica to energetic "work all day" sativa to "no buzz at all" high CBD/low THC "medicinal" cannabis.

    Inhaling the smoke from burning vegetable material is very hazardous due to the many bad chemicals in the smoke. Stuff like carbon monoxide, styrene, acetone, benzene and carbon particles. I strongly urge that no-one inhale smoke of any kind, there are several safe alternatives if one desires to consume cannabis.

    Sources (which I have posted here on several previous occasions) available on request, as is more detailed information.
  20. Stoniphi

    Stoniphi obscurely fossiliferous

    Oh yeah - if your dealer puts pubes in the product that he sells you (deliberately adulterates it), you need to get a new dealer. :(

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