March 2016 warmest in global recordkeeping

Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Plazma Inferno!, Apr 21, 2016.

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    March 2016 was by far the planet's warmest March since record keeping began in 1880, and was also the warmest month relative to average of any month in the historical record, said NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information (NCEI) on Tuesday. In the NOAA database, March 2016 came in a full 1.22°C (2.20°F) warmer than the 20th-century average for March of 12.7°C (54.9°F), as well as 0.32°C (0.58°F) above the previous record for March, set in 2015. This is a huge margin for breaking a monthly global temperature record, as they are typically broken by just a few hundredths of a degree. The margin was just a shade larger than NOAA's previous record for any month of 1.21°C (2.18°F) above average, set in February 2016. NASA also reported the warmest March in its database, with the departure from average in its analysis slightly less than that for February (1.28°C vs. 1.34°C).
    The past six months (as measured by departure from average in both the NOAA and NASA databases) all set records for their respective months as the warmest since 1880.
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    I know that local weather does not necessarily correlate to the world climate, but our local weather this winter and spring is crazy warm. It is only april so we will have another good freeze or 2 and with all of the early blooms I am worried that we will lose all our fruit this year - hope not....
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