Magatude & Kaggerdom: On Posture and Politic

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Tiassa, Sep 2, 2019.

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    One of the challenges about covering conservative extremism, such as the magatude/kaggers, is writing lines like this:

    TFW your hunger for increased white baby production outweighs your hatred of Miley Cyrus.

    That's the sort of moral and ethical dilemma you might expect to find only on Stormfront or The Daily Stormer. But, nope, it's on Reddit, in a subreddit with 775,000 subscribers. Because that's how fucked we are.

    It is hard to know what to say about such motley influence that can hand someone like David Futrelle↱ that kind of setup.

    Or, try this: Liberals recently stared at one another in wide-eyed disbelief when a particularly vile bit of antisemitism dropped like pigshit from the sky in the middle of lunch; one of our cherished literary treasures had gone goofy.


    Why were we surprised? To the other, okay, this time it was white supremacist, lizard-people conspiracism. Still, the fact of antisemitism was not in itself new. And the reason most of the rest of American society missed it was because it was black on Jew, and the political whiteness that dominates our American discourse presently has neither the moral authority nor even mere competency to addresss it.

    One of the reasons, of course, is that this sort of antisemitism is woven into the white social fabric, and baked into its potsherds.

    Futrelle's article is one of those things that only comes up when one has decided reporting and analyzing this sector is some sort of necessary life choice.

    As it goes, Miley Cyrus licked a cake. This was a political demonstration, to be certain, and there is a certain degree to which the responses Futrelle documents are only really applicable according to questions of priorities, satisfaction, and a comedic archetype inviting consideration of the performer, or, as such, critic.

    So, of course, the bit about Miley Cyrus keeping her lizard tongue in her mouth came up, along the way. This point is a lot more ironic if the phrase, "contingent whiteness of American Jews" (cf. Beauchamp↱), makes sense. After all, as Futrelle notes, the question of self-extinction and white genocide arises, which in turn leads to the line about "increased white baby production".

    Except that's the difficult thing: Where is Miley Cyrus and her would-be lizard tongue in the contingent whiteness of American Jewry?

    Right: The trumpswindle magatude/kaggerdom wouldn't know how to answer the question because they wouldn't be able understand what it asks.

    And therein we find the challenge of covering this stuff: It should be a joke, best disregarded, except it turns out that is really, really dangerous.

    They're shooting the place up, and running people down, over this stuff. For all the lulzies, the one thing they won't let anyone do is write them off as a joke.


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