mabus - the 3rd anti-christ

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Hudson, Feb 9, 2000.

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  1. jmadsen Registered Member

    Mabus Theory

    I've been reading various posts in here. I read one where someone eas saying that "mabus" could be intials for something maybe. Then I had a random thought. What about the Mother of All Bombs that the United States posesses? That intials of "mabus" are in this(as I capitalized those letters).

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  3. Fukushi -meta consciousness- Registered Senior Member

    Exelent post Norad!

    I'm happy that there are still people on this world who can think freely and act acordingly.

    I've enjoyed reading your post verry much (and if I find the money, I'll certainly buy your book Jhon).

    I have however a theory of my own: what if: Mabus is not the key in this? I mean:

    Couldn't it be, that he's not the antichrist afterall, that he just dies and the 'real' antichrist is raining WAR upon the world?

    These are evil times we live in, I feel it in my bones, my body protests, my mind fluctuates, I'm flexible however, still it hurts.

    We strive for relief, and salvation, it is not as bad as we think: dying,...So we're not afraid about it, It's this pain and suffering that's too much to take, I think everyone tries to make their lives as comfortable as they can, if they have to die for their cause, it's just death, what is death but a moment in time? Once past that moment there's just death, we humans die anyway.

    It's not MY way: suicide is wrong, be it for a cause or not! (don't get me wrong)

    It's the way we have lived that is valuable to our children, in a way too, we are examples, and you make a fine example I think.
    I hope we can get where we want to be.

    I still dream about space,....and it's frontiers, but the thing is: I now know,....that I will only see them in my imagination, and yes: on the big white screen in the movies. But that is as far as it goes.

    humanity is deeply deprived of its destiny. I am deprived and depressed.

    War is just brainless,...if there would be a concensus: to get of this planet as soon as possible and colonise other worlds!

    This universe is full of resources! We (humans) need not to steel those resources from our fellow human beigns!

    If you think: if all the spendings of the military industrial complex for ONE YEAR from all country's could be brought thogether,...

    there would be already a working space station in our atmosphere,...there could be already the revelation of a colony on MARS!

    It doesn't cost THAT much! We humans don't need army's!
    if we humans can't stand eachother: then why don't we f*ck off ourselves: into space, to other planets, where we don't feel the burden from anything but ourselves!

    give me a spaceship, I'll be the first to get off this crazy planet! Let me goooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

    *and his echo sounded long thereafter*

    it's just this: I NEED PEACE TO FUNCTION!!!!!RAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
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  5. conserv Registered Member

    mabus is a codeword of events

    I have found most of these posts interesting but would advise if you are willing to consider prophecy by Nostodumas, use care and consult Bible prophecy also and some coincide.
    I think some should read more and are misunderstanding Bush. Not speaking in favor or not consider this, Mabus in my humble research seems more to be a code word between all fore tellingof a heads up so to speak on things to come. As some attack Bush, the scary thing is, several key players in the news today spell Mabus. Saddam backwards, Bin Laden (with 1st name), Yassar Arafat (who is probably the most likely matyr to come), turn b only in Mabus in Mirror and you have MadUS. Also Mabus is the last name of a huge percentage of Americans and others. So no one is wrong on these points but don't look at only one possibilty. It is this and some other things going on that lead me to the conclusion that Mabus is a timeline or era.
    If this interests you, look further. There are many other things predicted. The wall around Isreal, hunger and thirst. Biblical and other predict the fall of 1/3 men from beasts of fields. Has anyone else not put together the livestock coincidence
    United Kingdom has hoof and mouth disease in cattle, England had mad cow, Canada, and now suprise, suprise, the us. All relating to our food which by the way, it is unlikely in herd animals almost impossible for only one animal to be infected as the animals eat and waste together. Also another handy mad cow disease fact, the reason the English burned bodies of infected cattle is it can live in the ground for quite a while. Also, before this cow was found, 3 hunters in US north died from eating mad disease infected deer meat and when hunting season opened, hunters were advised. Not heard alot in media. The cow shown infected was also dairy not meat cow but the US department of Agriculture says its safe because when cows were fed brains and spines they were infected but when other cows were fed musle/tissue, they were okay. Another fact, we are not cows and digestive system of human is hugely different.
    More food for thought, Encephlitis, West Nile Virus, also prevelent in livestock first and look how big it has become. Seems like "field animal" prophecy is well on the way and maybe someone should be looking around cattle production for terrioism.
    "Baal" is another name for Satan, Lucifer, yet North Africa, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Russia, and most arab/eastern provinces worship "the phonectian god" ironic, check what this entails. Also some mislead people following The Church of Scientology (oh Hollywood), compare there beliefs with Church Of Satan (especially in Sweden). Oh yes the "skull and bones" Bush thing, guess what, most of the countries leaders and key players were or have been involved in that organization including a secretary of state so be careful, prophcey can be dangerous and misleading if you don't see it ALL. I could go on and on but if you watch news and world events and READ THE BIBLE you will be a believer. LOOK AROUND!
    One last tibit here is a prophecy on a tip, watch for China attacking by sea very soon and I'll leave you to research the rest.
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2004
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  7. David345 Registered Member

    I have 5 words for you. Mayer Amschel Bauer United States. MABUS
  8. Brian1000 Registered Member

    I think considering bush is bull. Bush wasn't born in the middle east and he doesn't wear a blue turbin. Arafat does however.

    I think Mabus is an actual name that will come out in the next eight to ten years. Also note that Mabus is supposed to appear suddenly and out of nowhere.

    And I don't think it's China we should be looking out for. What about N. Korea? Both Clinton and Bush have played peace with this country, all the while it's been arming itself with nukes. Who's to say they won't sell any to terrorsts? Or maybe even Mabus?

    Oh, and I think Bush is awesome and the rest of you guys are morons.

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  9. craterchains (Norval What will you know tomorrow? Registered Senior Member

    It is just a suggestion, or just a thought,

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    yet it seems that this thread is the “pet” of someone and should really be in religion or politics shouldn’t it?

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  10. Persol I am the great and mighty Zo. Registered Senior Member

    You've GOT to be kidding me.
  11. MadGreenwood Jedi Master Registered Senior Member

    First of all Nostradamus is a Moron... Don't you all know Hillary Clinton is the Antichrists and Bill is her Bitch. So don't vote for her in 2008 or we will all be up S*** Creek. Strawberry Ice Cream is Good...
  12. FieryIce Tic Toc, World in Cobalt Blue Registered Senior Member

    It seems no one does their homework before going off half cocked.
    To discuss antichrist first you have to check the word to see what the original wording was. For example: Greek anti-, anti- + Greek Khrstos.

    Khrstos is plural not singular, so the proper usage of the word would be "against the Holy Ones".

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  13. MadGreenwood Jedi Master Registered Senior Member

    I was wrong FieryIce is a Moron not Nostradamus.
  14. RageK Registered Member

    I think the reason Nostradamus has spent so much time on all of the anti-christs is becausethey happen to be the great human terrors on other humans. Also I dont think Mabus is any kind of plans or anything he is a real person and walks among us right now. Nostradamus' 1st and 2nd anti christ predictions have so far been true - I dont think anyone will dispute that, however feel free -, and the names have been so close to the real thing that they cannot be discounted. Now its all on the third anti-christ "Mabus", I personally feel this name will also be very close to the one in real life. Recently the US has uncovered a new al-qaeda leader, he goes by the name of "Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi". I've seen the Nostradamus video and they think it was either Bin Laden or Saddam Hussein, but personally I feel this "Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi" is the 3rd Anti-Christ and I hope the world comes to that realization, to put a stop to him before many more people are killed due to acts of terrorism. Since Nostradamus predicted 3 anti-christs then a time of peace, I for one would like to reach that golden age of peace, therefore the entire world should come together and bring this last leader down. This may even be the reason "Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi" is here. Hopefully the entire world will unite in his defeat, and then we may all come together as a whole, and share valuable information between countries and help each other, so we can all grow as a whole instead of competing for the strongest country.
  15. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    Abu Mus'ab Al-Zarqawi has neither the manpower or resources to pull out something big.

    Of course it would suit the amerikana propoganda to name any new enemy a antichrist and thus declare a crusade against him/her, thus justifying any means to bring it down.
  16. Gravity Deus Ex Machina Registered Senior Member

    Rage, you wear a tinfoil hat?

    Seems like the universe, politics and humanity are already complicated enough without needing to layer on such silliness!

    "Religions come and go: liquor, music and sex remain" - Me
  17. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    A toast to that, Gravity

    edit: I know, I edited, but I though this is a reason good enough to open a new bottle of wine.
  18. creemer Registered Member

    Fukushi Fukushi Fukushi .... We all know that Bill Clinton was the 3rd anti Christ... If the thousands of abortions of the most innocent precious babies in the world ( due to him & his kind )was not proof enough, I do not know what then...
  19. duendy Registered Senior Member

    what i try and do is wonder what the roots of words re....teir etymological origins, if possible. for example, te etymological origina o te word for 'KIng' in Egyptian hiearoglphics is a BEE.......tis tells us that its origin is QUEEN as there ARE no king bees! (Shamanism and the Drug Propaganda, Dan Russell)

    Same wih Christ, apparently the origian of that term is 'Khrestos'--'god, honest, health-bestowing' .....this is cognate with 'khristos' -- 'rubbed on, annointed' the meaning of an annointing psychedelic unguent used as a sacrament (The Sacred Mushroom and the Cross, John M.Allegro)

    so the ANTI-christ then wouod mean the TIMES....not a person, or object as such. and te times we ARE in is anti-psychedelics and anti-psychedelic experience!

    This means that poeple are oppressively barred from exploring teir own selves and are manipulated, puppet-like by mind controllers to be nothing more than slaves to furter the interests of a mega powerful elite which has no concer for people generally and is raping planet Earth and causing all kinds of horror. for example the unleashing of Depleted Uranium in theri wars, etc
  20. Xylene Valued Senior Member

    Just in case you're interested, there was a mention in a book (Spirit Visions) that Adolf Hitler had been reborn as an Arab in 1977, and was about to start making trouble in 2008.
  21. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    I think it's about time this thread was closed, however if you still want to discuss it as an actual topic a new thread could be created (if kept on topic)
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