lyrical battle, your own lyrics on the spot,

Discussion in 'Art & Culture' started by EmptyForceOfChi, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. 2HOT BLUD Registered Member

    any mc whos choosin to go against me, is gettin taken advantage of like monica louwinski
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  3. mcmerse Registered Member

    pull ure python on me i pull ma gat on u
    see thats how it goes round ma endz wether u want it 2
    gash spreads for ever no way no never
    nai got more change than the english wether
    nai got more balls like u wanna be me yeah
    cuz im a g and uve got hed lice u wanna test merse wanna fink 2wice
    cuz i head for the gat n i hed for the knives
    u say u got a python of love
    u chat on bout python of love
    down ma endz lurv dont matta
    cuz wen crazy ass niggaz roll thru with akas yall scatter
    spray of bullets and the sund of gunshots the last thing u here
    ohhhh my dear!!
    nill slash u
    gash u leave u with a scar too
    scar from the corner of ure eye to the corner of ure mouth
    man united hooligan smile and send u south
    so all ma lundun boyz can sort u out
    u can kik about scream n shout
    cuz verbal abuse dont matter wen merse spittin lyrics about
    all u posh lil boyz screaming leave me alone u mischevious lout
    see i aint stupid im jus dedicated
    its just the love of spittin lyrics witch is stated
    we got manz lyke u spittin bout pyhtons n shit
    all im sayin is u best be fit
    cuz wen u runnin from merse n his manz
    niggaz with gats n blades jumpin out backs of blaked out vans
    all ballied up ready to give u a facelift
    fuck livin lyfe basic
    see it dont gotsta be this way wen ppl lyke u think they bad
    wen u cud just sit back simmer down with a kitkat no chitchat...boy
    insted of tryin to be sum bad man boy spittin bout his pyton of love toy
    okey okeaaaaaaay

    McMErSe reppin manchesta aka gunchesta!!


    this is 2 jst show how shit that manz python of love lyrics were
    Last edited: Aug 31, 2006
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  5. mcmerse Registered Member

    you say lyrical battle i say mc clash
    out of skewl and u still got no gash
    inside u know it must be hurtin
    cuz u aint gunna get gash by flirtin
    runnin ure mouth
    north east west and south
    u chillin with bare bud n bare cans
    4 ounces of bud and nuff cash but no mans
    u get smoked by ballied up boyz in transit vans
    u get robbd stampd out and left on the floor
    2 munths l8er and still ure bodys sore
    the moral of the story is simply this
    dont run ure mouth and take the piss
    cuz wen merse around there is no mercy
    bare contravercy
    watch ure back
    dont let it slack
    cuz u get the beatlin of ure life
    get merked by merse and an 8inch nife
    spray bullets like a hose pipe
    bodys in bags being zipped up that are more than ripe
    put on shot got nine millamerter
    i leave in a full rock
    got beats n i got em in a tool box
    show em up with the kitchen draw
    show em up with the same spits as b4
    dont be mad cuz my shit is raw
    jus reppin ma crew rite now ure fired
    its 3oclock im out and im tired

    McMErsE reppin manchesta aka gunchesta!!

    big up ma man oniw17 :m:
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  7. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Monica Louwinsky went to Lewis and Clark college, I'll hit you with the bald sledge, right on top you bald head, you can meet me at the mall kid, or down by the trails instead, cuz that's what Young Joc said, and plus my flow is wicked, out here we sell shit quick, it might just end up taken, life is what you make it, why you spittin' game, this is me, come and see if I burn you, that's like really, I'll end you greed, put you out of your misery, leave you starin' at the world through your rear veiw, leave your life behind you, you don't know how I do, I will blow up like nuke, come into your house and take your jewels, eat your soup, right before i buck with you, homie I ain't new to the game, I've been here too, and I ain't scary fool, 'cause I will murder you, snatch up your girl and hurt her too, fuckin' up your mother, get your sister's number, before she go bury her brother, and I ain't no damn busta', come see if I won't bust ya, I'll cut your best friend sucka', stangle him with a rubber, you would wanna' take advantage of a dude, you couldn't manage, ew, you would die if I fucked you, I ain't scared to tell the truth, and that's before I boof, but you know I never would, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't, I sympathise with you, I know girls who go the way you do, my old best friend's brother did too, so it's still all cool, I won't hold it against you, but I'll still damage you crew, knock you off your stool, louwinsky fucked a president, now, who fucked you?
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2006
  8. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    I'm in a good mood so I'm gonna make another one for you 2 hot, your words only tell stories of naught, if only you brought real game to the table, maybe it wouldn't be necessary for me to disable all of your fables, drop them down off of their cables, take away the lables and all the shit you spit, sweetened by maple, all you have is the fake and the stables, as in calvary, soldiers, that's what you get when you battle me, and I'm smarter than Valeryi I. Sizyuk, look her up, she's a scholar and I'm only fifteen, son, so I say throw 'em up, and come and get me, or quit fucking bitching, do I hear you getting lippy? If I seen him I would hit G, believe me, I'd leave him in the airport bleeding, takin' the flight back, with his jaw too swolled to be eating, and then all your friends will say "that nigga' took a beating, 70% of the time, you hear that, it's just talk and breathing, but with me it's feinding for a fight, ready to bite back and start swinging, really everyday that's my agenda, I might be worried 'bout my slenda', but I refuse to eat splenda', if you runnin' low on product, homie I can lend ya, cuz I'm a cool dude, unless I wanna end ya, I'm ready to offend ya to you face and then send ya on a one way ticket to the ground, it won't even make a sound, before you moved I made you frown. But don't worry, that is until the word gets around, cuz if you act like a bitch people will think you're a snitch and you will get gunned down.Ok merse, big ups, if you come by my hood maybe we can buck, not beef, just a fight for fun, that's what's up. I know your good intentions, but allow me to mention, whether it's good or bad keep my name out ya mouth, cuz if you don't people will doubt you realness, on that note, I'm out. You feel this?
  9. jackbrown Registered Member

    lol at all u wanna bees, rhyming about your philosiphies. pleease..
    if i wanted to hear from assholes id fart. all u little amatures?? id tear u apart. yuz rnt that smart
    yuz all probly sit ther smokin weed al dayy, but the truth is your all fuckinn gay!
    when yuz all learn how to read.. this rap batte may proceed.

    talking metaphorically, on the topic of general philosophy, if lao tzu had a mic he'd sound like empty force of chi, because you cant hear empty, i understand that logicaly, but maybe you can see what im saying, because i spit vividly, your ok on the outer bodily shockingly stopping me not kidding not likely passing me, grasping the task at hand maybe, but what about the in?, i compare you to scientology logicaly on the outside you seem fine, but when you check whats inside i say its a crime to the mind,

  10. ChainedShadow.x Registered Member

    I agree, they think that they're all that, cuz they're always takin' smack!
    I hope you wanna bes will choke, on your weed, drugs & smoke
    now, I am just a girl, but you fackers make evan me wanna hurl!
    In this world there is no peace, will this madness never seese?
    to amaze my mad little mind, Hello Mr therapist I'm just on time.
    But seriously, I'll be who I wanna be, So peace out all you computer hoggin' fattys, I'll see you in P.E! HAHA... yo, LC has left the building, don't wait up...
  11. Ganymede Valued Senior Member

    Disgracing you racists/because you make my mouth tasteless.
    Like a batter when he K's on 2 outs and full bases!
  12. ChainedShadow.x Registered Member

    Ok ganymede watever, go smoke some weed, cuz this aint what I need.
    I wern't being racist on my post eh dose it say, what you talkin' anyway?!
    I think your bein' stupid, and now I won't waste my mind on stupid little rymes
  13. Paceyman Registered Member


    youll get brained raggo,
    im as ill as drained marrow,
    people say im a dumb yorkie lad yo,
    why you writing lyrics?
    i wouldnt trust you with a wheelbarrow,
    im gonna ask the same question kate nash,
    asked Dr. Syntax,
    what you bein a dickhead for and spittin shit raps?
    so pass the mic to pacey,
    and pacey'll pass it back,
    after damigin the track with a savage acid attack,
    you rap like you been hackin at massive bags of crack,
  14. **Sc5** Registered Member

    first off,imma tell you whats up
    yall all tryna rap but ya lyrics suck
    ya cant spit like me,we just aint tha same
    its like miley cyrus said,bitch i cant be tamed
    my flow is crazy,an im fucking insane
    i aint mike jones;dont mention my name
    when i look at tha map,yall cant be found
    but if you look closely,im all around,
    all across the globe,
    just spitting my flow,
    smoking on tha dro,
    an getting all the hoes,haha
    im done with these bitches;
    its Sc5 4 life;raining bullets on them snitches
  15. Red bull Registered Member

    Red Bull goin in sexi as can be,

    When i walk in the club all the girls want is me,

    Sc5 thinks he is cool,

    Just cuz last year he tried to skip school,

    Now i know i'm Cuban all the way,

    But your girl still said she'd meet me down by the bay,

    I'm sorry that you aren't tough,

    And you will never be in a cops coff,

    Or that your girl lets me feel all her stuff,

    Now i am athletic and can kick your @$$,

    Just wait and see, I'll meet you after class,

    And you won't ever show up to another churches mass,

    I am truly sorry that i'm to good for ya'll,

    You should tell your girl to stop and call,

    So we can meet up and make-out at the mall,

    All your lil baby raps are lame,

    and they all, of course

    sound the same,

    Ya'll are still thinkin it's a game,

    Even your girl knows you ain't got a claim,

    To any of the peeps that you tried to maim(or mame, not sure lmao)

    Well i can sit and rap all day,

    And your chicks will sit on my lap and stay,

    But I'm gettin tired of burning you out,

    And you know i just won with out a doubt.
  16. Oniw17 ascetic, sage, diogenes, bum? Valued Senior Member

    Please someone erase my posts in this thread.
  17. 420Joey SF's Incontestable Pimp Valued Senior Member

    You can delete your own , folk!!
    I got the heat that'll roast most
    "I P" in ya face without "being the host"
    your the worst loaf
    even more gayer than the sock puppets rapping in there first post.
  18. Lori_7 Go to church? I am the church! Registered Senior Member

    you guys are gonna make tupac roll over in his fucking grave.
  19. Red bull Registered Member

    you guys aren't even rapping anymore
    You might want to start before Your girls imprint on my body gets sore
    Because seriously you are starting to bore
    And i am so advanced that I can use Indian lore

    What kind of names are Lori 7, 420Joey, or Oniw17
    When ya'll were my age ya'll were never lean
    you just tryed to act kool and look mean
    but you were the one who always went unseen

    Now I've already made all ya'lls girls scream and shout
    And thats from the ride not the mount
    but you don't have to cry and pout
    Tell me when to stop and i will after i see you being a cub scout
  20. rockinya410 Registered Member

    think u bringin the heat
    just know ur shit is weak
    flip a coin wit ya head
    havin u look at yo feet
    just hold that head in shame
    call it disgracein the game
    ill say it over and over
    cant comprehend with no brain
    ur thought of winnin is over
    u think ur cool man i told ya
    i pull the rap out ya brain
    stomp it, and hold it, and show ya
    u know the shit im throwin at u is on a whole new level
    my shit could flow in the wind
    ill dig in deep with the devil
    dont even bother to try
    ur rap game is a lie
    think u can compare me
    then nigga just hit reply
    Last edited: Jun 20, 2011
  21. Anti-Flag Pun intended Registered Senior Member

    I completely agree with Lori, she knows the story, now I'm here doing my bit for all of this lyrical shit. Tupac would snap watching you white boys rap from your Kensington flats, attending your Eton schools like that D.Cameron fool y'all think you're so cool, but with your internet feeds you're not from the streets, only hood you've been inside-a is your Ferrari Spider. A+ for your algebra, munching on your caviar or sipping on your perrier you say you'll kick someones derriere - 'cause saying ass is too rude for so much of a prude that it'd make you giggle fo shizzle like lyrics from lethal bizzle. Trying to stop rapping but this disease has a hold of me can't escape and get free maybe need more vitamin C, see if you can follow me while I eat an orange....
  22. SomethingClever Registered Senior Member

    all you e-playas thinkin you rappin'
    I know you're in mom's basement, Lubriderm fappin
    you hear that silence? it's cuz no one is clappin
    only clap is what you'll get when you pay for cheeks smackin'

    the ladies want my dickens, the fellas want me dead
    cuz i'm sexy like Don Juan, and like Dickens I'm well-read

    listen up, readers of
    turn off the tube, put down the gravity bong
    what comes next is bound to blow your mind
    in the very same manner that I boned your wife
    but don't get all emo, it was just a fantasy
    in the vivid imagination of your spouse to be

    Please Register or Log in to view the hidden image!

    who can dream at night when they dream all day?
    see, my mind's a fine wine- vintage cabernet
    while you folks tryin' to prove yourselves on message boards
    I'll be drinking yerba mate straight out of a gourd
    and when I've lapped up the last of this ancient elixir
    i'll head down to the bar for a cocktail mixer
    and instead of spittin' game at the beautiful ladies
    I just sit and wait, cuz I'm hot like Hades
    my eyes, you see, are like a venus fly trap
    and since women are from venus, I've got no need to fap
  23. num1wr86 Registered Member

    time for me to hop in,lemme join in and let me battle for the win.this is gonna be so insane the kin will want to listen in,so let them listen in before the saints turn to can't point out amateur when yer own rhymes have little to no can't keep up with me hoe so stop sucking when i slap ya.i'm a bit insane with lyrical notations,that has been established from the making.but my rhymes are not forgiving and nor am i forsaking.this win is mine,as it has from the making and i grabbed it from the start because it was mine for the taking.

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