Lunar Southpole Pyramid and Water Ice??

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Do you see the pyramid in this picture

  1. Yes I see it Wow, what's that doing on the Moon's South Pole

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  2. Well sort of looks like one but hard to tell

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  3. I looked at the full image and blew it up and did not see it

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  4. You are sitting too close to the screen for too long get some sleep

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  1. betavoltaic future-shock-rider Registered Senior Member

    The link below goes ot the clemintine radar image data of the Moon's South pole.

    Lunar South pole Radar image from Clemintine Probe

    The image below here is taken from that larger image and blown up with PSP to 250%, and I have added an outline to show the features I see in the picture. This struck me immediatly when viewing the clemintine data. Does in look to anyone else here like this is a worn down pyramid in the Moon's South pole? This is also where there is supposed to be water ice.

    My question is what do you see?

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