Discussion in 'Human Science' started by caffeine_fubar, Sep 28, 2004.

  1. caffeine_fubar Dark Dementia is my name... Registered Senior Member

    What is everyones thought on love? Is it chemical reactions, instincts, or spiritual??

    Why can it drive people to do such crazy things, and almost get sick without it?
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  3. John Connellan Valued Senior Member

    Chemical reactions of course

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  5. duendy Registered Senior Member

    it is all those things you state and MORE. Love is (and dont worry i aint goin corny) PROFOUND, in its deepest deepnesses. in its more superficial it is also profound and can cause all manner of misery and horror. is the latter love though?...i would say no. if you want to harm someone cause they dont love you back is that really love, or is it something else

    for me REAL Love is seeing THROUGH falsness. for example, i had a Trip two weeks a go. part of the Trip had me by chance watching this documentary about the Isralie Palestinian conflict. you were flowwing a camera--were seeing through camera at the life there. i saw through the confilct. i saw that the roots was people clinging to their beliefs. simple. it was simple DIRECT obscervation-feeling. that is love i reckon

    and of course eroticism is part of that, and part pf physical love and desire which is love too
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  7. hotsexyangelprincess WMD Registered Senior Member

    maybe love is just a bullshit joke, and everyone who has "loved" is just kidding to try and confuse us normal people. :m:
  8. John Connellan Valued Senior Member

    Like religion? I think so.......
  9. what768 Guest

    i think love is pain... i know why love lets us do crazy thing. it's because we see this person as god ''itself'.
  10. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    Love is the conceptual embodiment of the best or most pleasurable human emotional states: requited romantic love (with lots of sex) is the most highly-rated of these. Devotion and intimacy of a non-sexual nature, most obviously with one's family, comes next.

    But the word "love," at least in English, is extended to describe any experience or situation a person enjoys: including hobbies, sports, and making money. It can even refer to the application of negative emotions such as hatred and spite, when one "loves" to hurt, intimidate, or take revenge on others.

    Even people who psychologically cannot care about anyone but themselves - like psychopaths - probably still feel love of one sort, directed towards money or property. And a love for the act of killing.
  11. InOneGlance Registered Member

  12. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Simply, simply fascinating.

    I wonder how many of you here have put up a "wuv" thread of your own.
    I wonder how many of you perk your ears up the site of these threads, asking what love is about, talking about it, dreaming and thinking and singing about it without respecting yourself enough to even like yourself let alone love anything.

    Don't know what 'love' is, as all of you know it?
    Its a mechanism for idiots to have scenes with. Its a lovely pastime for the girl of no status to show that she has some by the simple flash of the engagement ring he just gave her.
    Its the perfect means for the homeliest girl or boy in the crowd to finally be significant enough for gossip.
    Where would love be without the drama of the simple who mishandle it with hysteria?
    Where would love be without this feeling every last one of you here walks around with of being nothing?
    That is why when someone like myself sees you all in love she imagines a leper getting his sores blown on by lepers, and I call it charity.

    Yet you call it love.
    Simply fascinating.
  13. beyondtimeandspace Everlasting Student Registered Senior Member

    Love? Well the Greeks had four words that have all been translated as love. I can't remember what the words are in Greek, but in english they are the Lustful kind of love, the Romantic kind of love, the Brotherly (friendship) kind of love, and the Charity kind of love. Lust refers to desire, and can be in reference to "I love that candy bar" to "I love that great body." The romantic kind refers to the love that is fostered between a man and a woman, this is probably the kind of love that is referred to when speaking about chemical reactions in the brain. The brotherly kind of love refers to the love that grows between to friends. It's a love of the familiar, comradery. Finally, Charity, is a selfless form of love. It is the selfless giving of one's self to the service of another. I think, however, that there is a fifth kind of love, not named by the Greeks, and that is parental love. I think that parental love is unlike any of the four mentioned. Love is something that has many faces, and it's best to express exactly what you mean when you use the word.

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  14. wesmorris Nerd Overlord - we(s):1 of N Valued Senior Member

    It's natures way of motivating you to remember "this is my mate". It takes on additional meaning given the particular chemstry and experience of the individual. That way you can also love cheese. It can be twisted in any number of ways.
  15. Starthane Xyzth returns occasionally... Valued Senior Member

    You have really turned cynicism into an art - just as the great lotharios of the World have done with love (or least sex). I would say you "love" your denial of love, gaining satisfaction from it.

    Call me a soppy, cliche'd romantic, but it's a great shame if you have never felt love for anyone else.
  16. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

    I think the emotion we call "love" is caused by hormones in our body being set off when we see, hear, or think about some person, animal, or thing we love, or when we are doing or thinking about what we love to do.

    I like to think it's almost magical that such a good feeling results from (relatively) simple chemistry!
  17. MagiAwen Registered Senior Member


    I can't wait to find the What is Anger thread.
  18. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

  19. MagiAwen Registered Senior Member

    Very obliging aren't you?

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  20. Athelwulf Rest in peace Kurt... Registered Senior Member

  21. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    Yes, isn't it wonderful?

    That all over the world as we speak there are slums with thousands of people breeding behind the walls the way rats do, automatic and careless, like the filthy nature of the common idiot.
    The only reason we can spot a rose jutting out from a crack in that slum is because there will be millions of ugly clones, just like you, standing behind it as background.
    Now do you see why you are useful?

    Agapic, Platonic, and Erotic.

    The acronym of which is 'ape'- which is what people usually do when they are in 'love'.
    They ape what they see on television- what they read in digests and hear talked about in the gossip.
    All of them like enamored barrel monkeys aping each other in drama.

    You people don't even know what 'love' is, yet are always first to love everything.

    Oh shut up.
    Charity is by far the most selfish arrogance- it allows an impoverished soul to elevate itself by looking down on another one.
    All with the simple act of looking down.

    I can see why you would think so.
    Its easy to explain me with, isn't it?

    "Genganken, that miserable bitch. What a cynic- she can't love anyone, much less herself, so like all cynics here she is channeling her misery into an art form"

    You stupid wench, you farmboy. You can't even contemplate the loving of one's self to such degree that Self becomes a treasure you give to another.
    Not some chewed up piece of copper thrown around by fucking prostitutes.

    Its a greater shame you can't see this.

    And you're not as much a soppy, clich├ęd romantic as you are simple minded.
  22. Dreamwalker Whatever Valued Senior Member

    Could you tell me why it is a shame to never feel love? I do not really understand.
  23. gendanken Ruler of All the Lands Valued Senior Member

    I'll beat him to it.

    He'll say something like love is something that makes us more than ourselves, that its an experience that parts the clouds, pales the sun, lifts the spirits, and puts a bunch of furry bunnies on your fucking lawn.

    Dreamwalker! You're missing out if you don't have some clueless bitch to cuddle with! What a shame!

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