Discussion in 'Earth Science' started by Nebula, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Nebula Occasionally Frequent Registered Senior Member

    How do you convert longitude? Here are two questions from my homework that I'm really having trouble figuring out:


    45. The longitude of Moscow is +37°37.002'. What is this in decimal degrees?

    a. +37.617°.
    b. +37.37002°.
    c. +37.7002°.

    I know the answer is +37.617 (hehe, I found an online converter), but I'd like to know how it's done.


    49. The longitude of Vancouver is -123.08°. What is this in degrees and minutes?

    a. -123° 8'.
    b. -123° 480'.
    c. -123° 4.8'

    I know you need to convert the fractional part (.08°) into minutes of arc, but I can't figure out how, and my textbook doesn't even touch on this subject

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    So any help would be greatly appreciated! Aside from the slight difficulty I'm having, I love the class!

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  3. chroot Crackpot killer Registered Senior Member

    Well, this doesn't really belong in the Astronomy section... but whatever. A degree of arc is equivalent to 60 minutes of arc (abbreviated with a ' mark); and a minute of arc is equivalent to 60 seconds of arc (abbreviated with a " mark).

    0.08 degrees * 60 arcminutes / degree = 4.8 arcminutes

    0.8 arcminutes * 60 arcseconds / arcminute = 48 arcseconds

    0.08 degrees = 0 deg 4' 48"

    - Warren
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