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Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by Danimal, May 28, 2001.

  1. Danimal Registered Member

    hi, I'm fairly new here and I'm no ufo expert, but i know i saw something very strange in the woods a couple of years ago.

    It was mid November and i was up in a tree hunting deer. It was starting to get too dark to see so I was just about ready to climb down when i turned my head and looked up the hill. A very bright white light about the diameter of a dinner plate and about 40 yards away turned on for 2 sec., then off. I didn't know what to think at first, and then I got the hell out of there as fast as i could. This may sound childish, but it kind of freaked me out. There are no roads where i saw the light. There is a lot of leaf litter on the ground in november and it was dry, which means that anything walking around could be heard from a long distance. I heard nothing at all. There was complete silence in the woods.

    here is another similar incident that happened a couple years earlier:

    My mother was trail riding her horse about 20 miles away from where i had been hunting when i saw the light. She was returning to the barn because it was getting dark when the horse reared up and started to get spooked. My mother spotted a bright light come on and then off atop the bluff. I've talked to her about this and she describes it the same as i did: On for 2 seconds, then off...silence.

    Also, two of my good friends saw a red and a green light in the woods for a short period of time before it disappeared.

    There are no military bases near. The light i saw didnt shine or reflect on other trees or anything else. It was a highly concentrated, bright white light. I just want to know what you think this is?

    thank you,

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  3. Sethmac Registered Member

    I have a couple of questions for you... During this incident did you notice any time lapse? Did your Mother? Have you had any Dreams or incidents in the past? This could very well be the beginnings of an abduction. I have read stories about the same incident you described, but usally with loss of time or disorientation. Sorry about the time lapse on my part, but I must have missed this thread when I review the BB.
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  5. Danimal Registered Member

    Thank you for replying.

    I didn't notice any time lapse, and I dont think my mother did either because she didnt mention any loss of time. It's funny you mention the dreams because I used to have a recurring dream that everything was so bright that i couldnt see, i couldnt look up. These dreams, i believe, occured a couple years before i saw the light in the woods. I am not one to believe everything i read or see, but i do have an open mind and i'm dead serious about this. I can't figure it out.

    It's not like i saw the light in the corner of my eye and then turned to look. It shined on me as soon as i looked in that particular direction. Like it knew i was looking? It's odd.

    I have another story that may be related in some way. A neighbor of ours woke in the middle of the night to a high-pitched noise that seemed to radiate everywhere. She got up and looked out several windows when she saw an orange-lit, cigar-shaped object hovering above our neighborhood. It scared her and her son(who also woke up to the noise) so much that they quickly went back to bed. She heard the same noise about a month later, but was too scared to look out the window again. I know this lady and she is definitely not one to make stuff up. She is a daycare provider, and a child's father mentioned the same noise too. So, she is not the only one who heard it.

    I find it very strange that my mother and i both saw similar lights and a neighbor spotted a UFO above our neighborhood just a year ago.

    I don't live near there anymore, but i could go back in the woods and investigate the area where i saw the light. I don't know what to look for or expect to see anything, but it might be worthwhile, you think?

    thanks again,

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  7. Sethmac Registered Member

    Did you get my message?

    I sent you a private message did you get it ?

  8. bk7 Registered Member

    I've seen pretty much the same thing. Exactially how you explained it. Except the light was larger, as if it was the size of a car. It was on the ground, not in the air.
  9. cato less hate, more science Registered Senior Member

    the UFO related to the high pitched noise was probably a helicopter. sometimes, for whatever reason, you can't hear the beating of the prop. however, the jet engine would make a high pitched noise that would be harder to muffle.

    as for the light in the woods. was it near the ground? or was it up high?

    I am a skeptic through and through, so I think it was probably just another hunter with a flashlight or spotlight. however, I have seen some things that can't be so easily explained away so I wont call you a crackpot.
  10. Agitprop Registered Senior Member

    Interesting. Thanks for telling your story. Do you get creeped out at night thinking about it?

    A few years back a couple of friends of mine were studying alien abductions. I got caught up in what can only be described as a kind of contagion. I am not attracted to this phenomenon personally, though I think there is something going on and find it very interesting.

    One night during this time, I was in a light lucid sleep at exactly 3:00 in the morning when I heard the weirdest noise right outside my window that I've ever heard in my life. Now, this is the strange part. While I'm listening to this noise that stood out so starkly against the dead calm, I became instantly serene and was overwhelmed with the thought that the sound was sweet, precious, and funny in a cute kind of way, and that I should roll over and forget about it.

    From reading about this phenomenon, I'm familiar with the pattern of people acting inappropriately passive or ascribing a very low priority to these unusual kinds of sounds or sights. Something absurd, out of place and scary is seen or heard and they just get kind of calm and sit down for a stretch, or "roll over and go back to sleep". So even though I was still in this lucid serene state, my override kicked in and I immediately sat up and turned on the light.

    Now that I was fully awake, I thought it would be apparent it was all a dream and the sounds would cease. But no, I heard it again, this weird mechanical/ organic sound, just as loud. But just once, and then that was it. I was so wired after that, there's no way any kind of abduction or anything happened. NOthing could have calmed me, hypnotized me at that point. It would have taken a triple hit of a general anasthetic or more. I was so scared, completely alone and as far as I knew it was still right outside my window, like it was trying to get in. Sh**. I have no idea what it was. But a week later I talked to my friend who was studying abductions and he said he'd heard this really weird sound outside HIS window, around the same time, but for some reason he just rolled over and went back to sleep.

    A warning to anyone thinking of seriously studying any of this stuff. You don't want to fall down this rabbit hole. Never, I repeat never get too close to it. It'll burn you, or drive you mad.

    In this respect, perhaps Csicop is performing a public service, by discouraging people, through ridicule, from taking a closer look. It is possibly what we'd call demonic, for lack of more up to date terms. Read Disneyland of the Gods, or the Mothmen Prophecies by John Keel, to get a sense of it. Somehow I just don't think it's what we'd describe as friendly.

    I would actually differentiate this type of experience with sightings of ufos by multiple witnesses. They may be related sometimes, or maybe not at all.
  11. bk7 Registered Member

    Well when I saw it, I'm certian it was on the ground. As the first guy said there was also no noise during the time I wittnessed it. Once again I'll say I'm not one to beleive in UFO's but what brought this event that happend about 8 months ago back to mind was reading an article on "the real men in black" where it is said their vechiles give an "unearthly green glow"
  12. cato less hate, more science Registered Senior Member

    I don't think people are really abducted, and I don't think there are aliens in the form that we are accustomed to hearing about ("grays"). to get an idea of why I think this, I guess I have to share my story.

    its was the beginning of april (I know this because the people I told thought it was some lame april fools joke), I think it was 1995 +/-2, I am not sure. I was home alone, which never bothered me, but I was told to bring the clothes, that were hung on the line to dry, in before it got dark. I, of course forgot, and it was about an hour after it got dark when i realized that my dad would be home any minute, and I would get in trouble. the moon was new/full (not sure, but it was bright) and I knew that before going outside. so I dashed out the door with the laundry basket, noticing the bright full moon out of the corner of my eye the whole time.

    as I came to a gap in the clothes, so I thought to myself "the moon is bigger/brighter than normal" and glanced up at it. the moment I glanced up at it, it began to move away at an incredible rate. the best I could describe it at the time was that it vanished into a small point like when you fall in a hole in zelda for SNES. it started about five or six times the size of a full moon and lingered for probably a half second after I looked at it (just long enough to get my eyes squarely on it). needless to say, I was absolutly petrafied.

    I ran inside, locked the doors, sat for a few moments before realizing I had a gun in the house, and went and grabbed it. the door that faced the clothsline had a window about 2' by 4' and I just sat in a chair staring at that window imagineing the horror i would feel if something appeared in that window. to make matters worse, my dog started barking into the woods in the direction I saw it. its was at about a 20 degree angle from the verticle, in the direction of the woods.

    I don't recall my dog ever barking aimlessly in that direction before I saw the UFO, but the dog did it nearly every night after that, for years. maybe the dog knew I was afraid of something in that direction, and was trying to make me feel safe, I don't know.

    a couple of years later, I found out that some people driving down a road, about a mile away, on the other side of the formention woods, saw a bright light in the sky, in the same spot.

    from this experience, I can make some observations. first, the "thing" could not have been solid, or it would not have been able to accelerate as it did and still make no sound. second, it is unlikely that it was man made because there was no sound, it was glowing, not shining (much like the moon). thirdly, it was not in my head, because other people saw it. however, it seems to have reacted directly to my actions as it was constant for at least 30 seconds before I looked at it, and it promply vanished.

    I have no idea what to make of it, never have. like I said, I am a skeptic by nature. when I hear people describing things like what I saw, I think they are making it up, or just over reacting to a hellicopter. however, I have no rationalization for my experience.
  13. I live in a very rural, very sparsely populated area. The property's set back off what passes for the main road down a track half way down a hill that gently descends into a gentle river valley at the bottom before rising again on the other side into a level roughly about as high as where my house is located on my side of the valley.

    Its surrounded by fields, off to the east is a rise of higher, forested woodland, over the way across the valley is another farm house. Before I go any further, let me put into context how quiet it can be around here.

    On a clear, calm night you can actually hear the animals in the fields not just in the field next door where the incident I'm relaying seeing took place, but across the way in the fields on the opposite side of the valley cropping away and munching on the grass.

    At the farm opposite they have a dog. I've never personally clapped eyes on the fellow, but you can often hear him barking most days throughout the summer and in the sort of still, calm, clear conditions of the night in question you can actually hear the beasty padding around on their gravel drive - it's a good half a mile away as the crow flies, and you can hear either him or her moving around as clear as a bell.

    What I saw was red light - steady, not blinking, not moving at all just perfectly stationary hovering over the field next door. It wasn't terribly big, it wasn't even terribly bright but it was a clear, windless night with a high full moon and visibility was a clear as a bell - I could clearly see the level of the rise of the fields leading up to the higher forested hills about three miles away to the east directly behind it and it's altitude was about the line of the lowest edge of these wooded areas - couldn't have been more than 30 or 40 feet off the ground in the field next door, about 100-130 yards from where I stood and there it hung for a good 5 minutes or so, long enough for me to roll a smoke and smoke it.

    It never made a sound. Not a one.

    If you stand still and stare at anything bright, like a star, at night not very long afterwards, with no other point of reference, the bright light appears to move - actually what's happening there is, as your standing still, you wobble slightly backwards and forwards, side to side very gently but the eye translates your motion to the bight, luminous object your looking at.

    It can appear to move actually quite alarmingly if you keep your eyes fixed for long enough, the only break to the illusion comes when you flick your eyes towards something fixed on the horizon and then look back - you realise what you've been seeing moving around actually hasn't budged an inch so when this red light began to suddenly move silently off heading north I immediately assumed I'd just been looking fixedly at the thing for too long and adjusted my gaze accordingly.

    It carried on moving though, and I watched it head off, past the frame of the farther hills behind it into open sky and observed it just smoothly carry on in a north westerly heading for as far as long as I could see it and as it did so I couldn't help but noting how unusually fast it did so for an untethered ball of light. Smooth but deliberate. At first slow but then rapidly picking up speed as it went.

    Nothing unnaturally fast, but fast enough.

    All there was too it was just this single, steady red light. Spherical. No silhouette of anything else, nothing whatsoever attached. No sound, no business being there. It wasn't the distant brake light from a car, I've lived here 20 odd years work mostly through most nights and know the sky round here like the back of my hand.

    Never seen anything like it before and never seen anything remotely like it since. That was a good 10 years ago come this august.

    Still to this day though I reckon anyone who tells me what I saw was actually evidence of ETI visitation is seriously blowing it out of their arse.

    Shit, as they used to say, happens.

    Embrace it, take it as being the events of the series of brief moments it actually was, and move on.

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  14. Agitprop Registered Senior Member

    Interesting story Mr. Anonymous. It is probably wise for the individual to handle this kind of anamalous event as you suggest by putting it in proper context and moving on with their lives, as you did. Remaining entrenched in the collective unconscious, which provides a high barrier to the unwelcome, and a fortress from invasions of all kinds, including the invasion of intrusive ideas and concepts, is probably a good thing.

    We are very well protected. Fortunately, the supernatural impulse is funnelled by the collective into organized religion which acts as an external fortress for the individual, when the internal ones no longer hold. It's a system that has been successful for eons. I don't understand why Csicop has a problem with organized religion. Maybe they don't understand it's function? What would people be like left to their own devices, with an imposing realm that is full of trickery deceit and disorder?

    You did the right thing
  15. Well, when y'gets down to the nub of the thing, actually all I happened to see was a light and that remains all I saw - can't see much percentage in concluding the worlds actually a whole different shape from the way it is just because of one little light and if it had've been something more, something I could say with certainty that actually it was a vehicle of some undisclosed kind - that equally wouldn't be prompting me to be insisting the world works any the different than it actually does.

    There's simply no percentage in it and it tells you absolutely bugger all of any the slightest use one way or the other if you do.

    Like I say - shit happens. Always interesting, but it never necessarily follows that any of it is supposed to actually mean anything whatsoever. Everything is coincidental to everything else. Life's just like that, it's all it means.
  16. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

    Short story.

    A few years ago my wife and I were driving on the outskirts of our small town (small town USA that is) when we noticed two very bright lights moving together. At first (being confirmed skeptics) we thought military aircraft in formation. Well, as we got closer to them (or they to us) it became apparent that they were not making any noise. We were plenty close enough to hear any aircraft noise. The lights turned and we found a road that went in the same direction. By now I was getting pretty excited. What were these things? Well, as we approached another well lighted town (plenty of skyglow light pollution) we saw that they were military helicopters. Black. They looked like cobras. They were quiet as hell. I knew that there was some kind of noise reducing technology the military had for helicopters, but holy smokes!

    Anyway, if we hadn't followed these "UFO's" I'd have no explanation for it today. Still - would I invoke aliens? No.
  17. cato less hate, more science Registered Senior Member

    yeah, superluminal's experience is basically the reason I don't believe most (all I have ever hear). my own is a bit more odd, the light was too big to be a spotlight (if it was a light, it would have had to have been about 30 feet in diameter to appear as big as it was, and still above the tree that held my clothes line.) moreover, it was more glowing than shining, as it was confused with the moon for a while.

    I think it was probably just some atmospheric event reflecting the moon's light, and the fact that it vanished just as I looked at it was probably just an incredible coincidence, and it's seemingly upward motion could easily be due to an optical illusion. it was impossible to get any depth perception as it was just a light on a dark background.
  18. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

    Now there's some common sense. Being an amateur astronomer for many moons, I've seen headlights and other man made illumination do some pretty darn wierd stuff, especially at a dark sky site with a bit of mist or fog rolling in. I've seen glowing circles and ovals projected into the sky with no apparent beam from the source. And being projections, they can dart and jump around just like I assume alien spacecraft piloted by drunk teenage aliens would.
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    ... I've got your black helicopters story beat old man, good and proper.

    Another bright, clear night. Bit of a wind blowing, low broken white cloud scudding past at a fair lick towards the east. Very full moon, only the brightest of the bright stars plainly visible. M'mother was visiting, back then the toilet was an outdoor job attached to what was then the back of the kitchen. She goes out, suddenly we hear this excited shriek - "Oh My... Quick! Com'n have a look at this!"

    Me and my wife, we troop out before y'can blink, there's m'mother staring up at the sky and pointing at a formation of five very bright objects moving at high speed in a perfect V formation straight towards the house.

    Jaws, it must be said, somewhat dropped.

    As far I, you or anyone else could see - there was definitely a formation of five fast moving objects here and they'd be directly overhead in just a matter of minutes.

    Anyway. The minutes tick by. They continue to tick. Still this formation is steaming its way across the sky heading towards the house, still they haven't yet got there. More minutes go by and exactly the same is true.

    Something isn't quite adding up...

    Turned out it was an optical illusion caused by the eastward motion of the low, broken scudding clouds. When you trained your eyes directly at them, the perfect V formation of bright stars ceased to appear to move at all, but when you cast your eye directly back at them the motion of the clouds going on in the periphery of your vision gives rise to the illusion of motion to these, relatively speaking, perfectly stationary objects.

    Of course, by this time m'mothers perfectly convinced the martians are coming and m'wifes getting a little eisty too - by the time I went back into the house and returned with a cup of tea and smoke on the go, pretty much everyone had to conceed that an optical illusion was indeed the actual case on account of how this "UFO formation" was still tearing up the sky at a fair paced lick and still hadn't gotten a jot closer than when first seen - but I still had to remain outdoors, out of ear shod naturally, until my mother had finished whatever business it was she'd originally come out to do.

    The day I took a sledge hammer to that old lean too me and the musses cracked a couple of cans and I don't even drink...

    Perfect illusion though, whilst it lasted. I can see how many apparent observations of UFO's when glimpsed from a moving vehicle at night actually come about happening. There actually being a perfectly conventional aircraft, as in your instance, is an event I should imagine relatively rare as an actual cause.

    Always fancied the notion of getting m'paws on one of those Cobras. Next to women and the Harrier 2, they're my third best favourite man-toy...

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  20. superluminal I am MalcomR Valued Senior Member

    Bloody hell old chap! I've seen that same kind of illusion many times (I do stare at the sky a lot) and it throws ya till you figure out what's going on, don't ya know. Of course, I agree that most ufos are natural phenomena.

    As for the Cobra, I also agree. I got to sit in one when I was a kid at an air show. I hope the drool didn't compromise the avionics too much...

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  21. .... Nah. Not a chance. No one who ever gets to play inside a piece of kit like that ever did so without drooling copiously and feeling like about 10 - pilots, ground crew, the special rocket scientist they have that paints the scary faces on the scud missles...

    Thing must be like a spittoon under the deck....

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