Light particles in the air gold dust maybe from artificially created environment

Discussion in 'Conspiracies' started by Dylan Karns, Apr 6, 2017.

  1. Dylan Karns Registered Member

    So I see energy in the air thinking it's gold dust but at the same time gold is to heavy but it's been said that gold dust in the air would heat the air by the sun to create a warming effect a global warmth. So I know it's not in my eyes because when I stand in the shade the particles are just beyond the shade point. I've seen the difference between the two as well when I turn my head sharp to the left I sometimes get gold stars don't matter if I'm out side or in side but I only see the light particles out side in air that's light up tesla knew something amazing about how to use these things if it is the energy in the air after all how else would he have figured it out if he didn't see them?
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  3. exchemist Valued Senior Member

    Well, 10 crank points for getting Tesla into it - great start!

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    Seriously, what you see are motes of dust catching the sunlight. You are looking at "energy", in the sense that the light reflected by the dust into your eyes carries energy, but there is nothing very remarkable about this.
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  5. Dylan Karns Registered Member

    I'm not talking about floating particles that like up these things move in not determined motions like they're bouncing off of each other but never actually touching
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  7. Xelasnave.1947 Valued Senior Member

    I have what he is having.
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  8. spidergoat Valued Senior Member

    It would do the opposite, it would reflect sunlight and result in a cooler world, just like any other particulate matter. Most likely you are seeing what are called "eye floaters" a natural medical phenomenon originating in your eyeball, and nothing to be concerned about.

    You'll notice that these spots and eye floaters are particularly pronounced if you gaze at a clear or overcast sky or a computer screen with a white or light-colored background. You won't actually be able to see tiny bits of debris floating loose within your eye. Instead, shadows from these floaters are cast on the retina as light passes through the eye, and those tiny shadows are what you see.

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