Libya revolution, a cruse or a bless?

Discussion in 'World Events' started by Shadow1, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    So after the Libyan revolution, we see another Iraq scenarios, some small terrorist groups around here and there, and the USA puppet called Al-Qaeda, and etc... making some terror acts and killings in many parts of Libya, and USA is going to intervent and send some forces to "help" Libya, to destroy these groups and bring back security.
    Not to mention that Israel is going to open an ambassade in Libya, and the huge oil deals, that are beneficial to Europe and USA.
    Also not to forget the debts, Libya used to have no debts, but now it started to get all kinds of debts.

    I'm not saying that Gadafi should've stayed, he is a mad dictator after all, but Libya is being sold, and it may be another Iraq in an indirect way.
    But on the other hand, USA stopped calling the terrorist groups by islamists and etc...does it have anything to do with the new political power in Libya, wich is Islamic?

    What do you think?
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  3. Buddha12 Valued Senior Member

    So do you think that the dictator who is in power now is any better than those who are trying to overthrow him? Or do you think that he is a very good dictator helping out when he can with all people living there? :shrug:
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  5. Shadow1 Valued Senior Member

    What dictator?? There is a prime minister and waiting for the elections.
    I did not say anything about Gadafi being a "good dictator" as you say, what I was talking about is how things went to be right now.

    Also if they didnt overthrow Gadafi, he would have attacked Tunisia with hes milichyas (the ones that he used to kill the protestors and make terror, were planned to be sent to Tunisia, the southern part to be exact; and maybe open the gate way to the loving mother America to turn Tunisia into an Afghanistan or a Tunistan maybe).

    I am talking about how things turned to be in Libya right now.
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