Ladies? Speak to me.

Discussion in 'The Cesspool' started by Chris_Smith, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. Winner of Discontent i am a banana Registered Senior Member

    hmmm, woman here. i can't wait for the new playstation. i love my ipod. cars, eh, if it goes...i'm cool lol you forgot about tricked out kickass computers. i want the best technology has to offer, and i will go out there and work for it.

    i would never say that women are content with what they have. what i want changes in a flash. pitting the sexes against each other on the basis of materialism is silly to me. as far as money, no one gender is to blame. we're all pretty greedy. any woman who is truly capable of providing for herself will just laugh in the face of said men who need to "get over it."

    oh, and what do i think about most of the time? lmao i'm not gonna give away the farm for free. =P
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  3. hug-a-tree Live the life Registered Senior Member

    It's fine to want what you want. I'm just saying that I drives me insane when guys bitch about women spending money when they're just as bad .
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  5. Tnerb Banned Banned

    Right on hug-a-tree

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  7. My Sexy Blue Feet Out sunbaking, leave a msg... Registered Senior Member

    why are some people so angry all the time, and so negative....
    ... that i'm buggered for this assignment, which is why i'm putting it off....
    .... that coffee is good...
    ... that i should eat something for dinner, but my boyfriend isn't here, so its not really worth cooking a meal for one...
    ... that i should convince my roommate to cook me dinner, cause he's probably cooking for his girlfriend anyway....
    ... who is in my house anyway?.... i got the door shut and can hear voices, but can't differenciate all of them....
    ... that i need new, better, music.... even though i have like 10 gig of it....
    .... that someone out there needs a hug, so i'm sending a virtual one...
  8. hug-a-tree Live the life Registered Senior Member

    You honestly sit around thinking about that stuff? Not to sound mean or anything.
  9. hypermelissa Registered Member

    I'm with you! Coffee is good...especially black coffee. Black coffee that isn't instant coffee 'cause instant coffee isn't as good as regular coffee.
  10. Rick Valued Senior Member

    erm, could you get a life and go outside?

    look outta that window...erm what do you see?... a little daylight? ha?..

  11. Chris_Smith Registered Senior Member

    Regarding the differences between men and women in this way... Let's just think about this for one second - look all around you and see what you see... feminine men, and certainly throughout the media... We're becoming quite effeminate creatures, succumbing to the nurturing ways of the woman. In which, the woman can be seen overtly exercising her masculinity too. So, there's a balance forming, where the practicalities of men lay only in procreation and nothing more. Sure women crave men, but it's all in their conditioning. They just want a reliable source of love and respect (like we all do), and in the future their desires of masculinity will be in how their other female counterpart(s) will be and look (aesthetics of their desires). As in men, their feminine side is in fact their creative side anyway, which I can't help but think serves more a practical mentality in this society. Furthermore, regarding men's overtly masculine tendencies - there's no need for wars anymore... so we don't need our masculinity as much as we used to (no need to conquer but only in women). By the way, this overly feminine side of man could be a good thing... almost like evolution and not devolution. Take acts of major war - they happen up stairs in governments nowadays anyway, almost like a stage. And when we do go to war for 'real' in combat (when a war is documented - mainly Western), in which countless innocent bloodshed is made on both sides, it's only to puppet for what the men up stairs want us to believe as not being in their control. So, I guess what I'm saying in a roundabout way is - Western civilisation will have no need for men one day. Life's built on nurturing and emotion - I think we shouldn't underestimate the power of women as we suppressed them for a reason. That being, we're really the weaker... think about it, and men reading this? Don't get pissed off - it's true, give it up (This is also within the thread "The year is 2715, and there's no men in sight").

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  12. Chris_Smith Registered Senior Member

    Hear me out with this scenario... just setting the scene.

    The time arrives in man's society when commercial space travel is as common and as enterprising as air travel. Though as we're gazing through - tapping the glass that separates us from two very overwhelming moments, thus allowing us the opportunity to see Earth from space, you would think this experience poses a thought or two...

    For sure, there'd be one of awe-inspiring joy and of being just that - significant insignificance, that provides this feeling for number two - the fear of dependency we have for our planet as our home, our organic origins. The paradox will be simultaneous. This opportunity might be too much for some - for me however, I don't know. It wouldn't be blasé (Would it?), to say space is the womb of life, and seeing women everyday can only enable us to realise this?

    I'm not saying women are the blackest of abysses and star constellations. No what I am saying though is that what power a woman has in nurturing and developing such life forms of man, is one held similarly to its space analogy.

    Here we go, [I can hear tutting]. Once accepting the predominant belief (knowing), that all is the womb of life, can we only begin to understand this society. Here's the remedy to such confusion.

    Man or men's function should be in reinvigorating ourselves (women too), of such ideology - being the appreciation for such awe-inspiration, (the doorway within a doorway within a doorway complex begins).

    As most men will find, this (all-knowingness) can be accessed but less so or less concentrated than that in women. The intrinsic mindsets of the sexes (certainly in this society) is like this: the woman's awareness is one of all-knowing while the man's is one of all-proving. This is because men don't inhabit the same instinctive awareness women have. We don't give life, women do. We men are merely the tools of variety, for making this process possible. The maternal bond between mother and daughter is so instinctive, t'is the surging of shared universal impulses - while the paternal bond between father and son is one domineered by that of function and one that makes the womb be. Both men and women are empathic beings, but men could be regarded lesser so or in opposing difference. As with this, men can be seen as the disposable worker bees of any queen's colony, or on the other hand the repressors of such all-knowing - that all-woman knowing, (which presents irony in itself as most women don't appreciate what they are or have - which is due to men's ways).

    This casual comment is a tangent to how desensitised our societal psychology has become, and a relevant point to justifying this misunderstood thread. Again, you may cough "What's this thread for?" You could perhaps say I feel there's a need in this forum, for us to appreciate what we all are and where we're all going.

    [We are "utterly Subjectively" one.] ...right - where did I leave those Revels?
  13. Nickelodeon Banned Banned

    It started off badly, then went downhill from there...
  14. Chris_Smith Registered Senior Member

    Ah Nickelodeon's Pisces naiveté surfaces yet again - I've noticed your avatars constantly change, & your strenuous posts at being the zany coooooool.

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