Knowledge in Dreams

Discussion in 'Pseudoscience Archive' started by andeity, Jan 14, 2003.

  1. andeity Registered Senior Member

    I've noticed strange things regarding knowledge in my own dreams:
    For one, I might know who someone is in a dream, but they don't look like the person does in real life; For another, I notice that there is present knowledge and even 'memories' in dreams that doesn't come from experiences in the dream itself. Sometimes it's even like memorires from old dreams just barely enter new dreams...basically the feeling of 'this is related to a dream I've had before'...stuff like that. Any comments? Has anyone else noticed this?
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  3. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Yep. 100% on the mark.
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  5. moonman Registered Senior Member

    uh, about the same.
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  7. notPresidentAndrew Banned Banned

    I've noticed knowledge in dreams as well, even detailed knowledge. I cannot remember any specific instances at the moment, though.
  8. KneD Le Penseur Registered Senior Member


    Dreams are translators:
    They will translate feelings and thoughts into a picture:
    when you have a certain deadline that day, and you've had a rushed feeling, "rush" is the "dreamthought".

    This dreamthought is translated by your brains into something you resemble with that.
    When a bee chased you in your early childhood: a bee becomes your bream image of being in a rush.

    now the day after your deadline you could possibly dream about a bee who is playing your records (with records based on another dreamthought).

    This resemblance between feelings and images is the explanation of dreams that come back often: old dreams can make that much impression, that it will be a resemblance to (for example) scary stuff.

    You can try to find the original dreamthought by a sort of game:
    When I say bee, you think of ...
    Fill in this ... as soon as possible: practice this with every dream: and eventually you understand your dreams: and you'll know when you know.

    Important: the smallest details of dreams say the most about the dreamthought and your feelings. Mostly feelings you don't know you had them, until you find out what your dreams mean.

    I understand this will sound a little freaky, but it's seriously is true: based on scientific research of the translating of the brains.
    This whole theory is first set up by Sigmund Freud, the well-known german psycho-analyst from about 1900.

    to answer your question about the people in your dreams: it doesn't mean there is anything between you and that person, but something with a person you are both related to.
    When you dream of Bush, it will probably mean you are in love with Clinton

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    repeating dreams simply means you have the same thoughts/feelings again.
  9. EvilPoet I am what I am Registered Senior Member

  10. andeity Registered Senior Member

    yeah...but I don't really believe dreams mean anything. Except for what you feel and do in them. Dreams are just the way experiences and memories are sorted out...
  11. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    yep... but who thought data processing of ye' ol' noodle could
    be so much damn fun!
  12. andeity Registered Senior Member

    Or in the cases of some people, so torturous...
  13. KneD Le Penseur Registered Senior Member

    More Freud

    that torturous thing does have a function...

    The function of dreaming is keeping you asleep.
    That is the reason that when you are very tired and asleep, your brains transfer your wake-up call into your dreams:
    to prefend you from waking up. we all recognise that.

    Most of the basics of dreams are sort of wishes of your mind, the idea of them keeps you happy and asleep. (think of "in your dreams!")

    With nightmares it is almost the same, nightmares will occur when you are sick, have pain, hurting your back, being hungry etc.
    All reasons why your body wants you to wake up.

    Nightmares are meant to be a torture, so try to be glad when you have one.
  14. moonman Registered Senior Member

    Freud, what an idiot...
    Damn hypocritical hogwash.

    Faling asleep because his patients were boring him. Pfft!
  15. notme2000 The Art Of Fact Registered Senior Member

    The weirdest is when you actually learn something in a dream, something you didn't know yet in reality, and when you wake up you keep the knowledge learnt...
  16. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    Yeah, I have always enjoyed learning something new in a dream.
  17. Nascere Restless Soul Registered Senior Member

    You ever learn about yourself in a dream? heh
    I remember all my dreams and can be lucid whenever I want.
    Anyway, I decided to just let the dream be and I was watching myself in third person.
    I can't help but think is this how people see me? Is that how I act ?
    I can't exactly say how I was acting it was like I was a walkin zombie heh. quiet , calm, brooding and lonely. even tho i wasnt alone...
    Lonely? Yes. But a solemn , brooding, tragic loneliness. A loneliness tinged with grandeur somehow.A loneliness a man hates with a passion- yet loves so much he craves for more.

    And then thers the other kind of loneliness.
    Its the loneliness of people trapped witihin themselves. The loneliness of people who have said the wrong this so often that they dont have the courage to say anything more. The loneliness, not of distance but of fear.

    The loneliness of people who sit alone in a furnished room in crowded cities, becuz they've got nowhere to go and no one to talk to. The loneliness of guys who go to bars to meet someone, only to discover they don't know how to strike a conversatation, and wouldnt have the courage to do so if they did.

    Theres no garnduer to that kind of loneliness. No purpose and no poetry. Its the loneliness without meaning. Its sad and sqaulid and pathetic and its stinks of self pity.

    Oh yea , it hurts at times to be alone among the stars.
    But it hurts a lot more to be alone at a party.... a lot more.

    I still fight back whenever I try to be honest with myself. Thats not good. If things are to be any different I have to understand myself.
    So why do I have to ridiicule myself when I admit that I'm lonley and vulnerable? Why do I have to struggle to admit that I'm scared of life?
  18. Nascere Restless Soul Registered Senior Member

    In my dreams I'm called Nascere, but I dont know why.
    Cuz i have to know myself before I can proceed with everything else. to know.
  19. laxweasel Registered Senior Member

    Nascere I'm with ya...
    Yea according to Freud, out dreams are about as close as we get to the true us. You can in fact learn quite a bit about your true self through dreams. There is also another thing... is possible to control dreams...I have often avoided nightmares through my unconcious self waking me up...
    Also, sometimes I find falling asleep to a constant, steady beat (like a metrinome) can often give you some control over your dreams.
    I am sure that erases that link to your subconcious quite a bit...but at least you get to control your dreams :bugeye:
  20. Crunchy Cat F-in' *meow* baby!!! Valued Senior Member

    I've had dreams where I was named 'Culious' and was owned
    by a rather short and fat elven woman... I wonder what Freud
    what say about that?
  21. Nascere Restless Soul Registered Senior Member

    To what extent can you control your dreams? I mean, if your having a nightmare can you change it to a good dream? I can't really control my dreams, I can change little things in my dreams like turning a rock to a glass and such but not the scenari. I can be myself and have free will to an extent in it, but its a struggle at times cuz if i'm having a nightmare where im gettin chase or something I can't stop and then I'm back to watching myself like a movie. I guess its outta being scared so my actions are probably directed by whats happening maybe?
    It seems like the good dreams are always harder to remember than the bad dreams. Is that the way it is for yall?
  22. Rick Valued Senior Member

    "To what extent can you control your dreams?"

    You can control dreams if you realise that whatever you are seeing is meerely random memory thoughts and signals.or if you realise within a dream that it is not real.Then may be you could send a desired signal...

  23. lucidor Registered Member

    Memories in a dream

    Yeah, Andeity, I've experienced that a lot. Sometimes I'll wake up remembering only the fact that in the last dream, I was aware of what seemed to be days or months of memories related to who I was in that dream. The experience and the memories are hard to bring back here, but I do remember there were loads of places and people in great detail in the dream that I'd known for a long time.

    I think the situation concerning the break between our waking memories and dream memories is similar to what might be occurring when we can't recall a previous incarnation. I think reality is just a dream construct in which we are all participants, and that the mechanism of dream existence is similar to that of reality, with all of us agreeing on certain rules that are hard to break.

    I can fly in a dream, 'cause I'm the only one there and I know I can. Here, I'd not only have to believe it myself, but also convince everyone else. I think some people can do that and so we see some amazing magic "tricks". :^))

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