Kill Bill: Volume 3; Kill Phil

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by A Canadian, Apr 23, 2004.

  1. A Canadian

    A Canadian Why talk? When you can listen?

    do you think kill bill 1 & 2 would of been better as one whole movie as it was MENT TO BE or did you like it as 2 movies?
  2. transio

    transio Creative Genius

    Each volume has a different "character" to it. I enjoyed them as separate facets of the same plot.
  3. moementum7

    moementum7 ~^~You First~^~

    Kill Bill 1 was awesome.
    Haven't seen part 2 yet, but I will, oh yes, I will!
    Quentin is Fantastic at his craft.
    I beleive that it may have been done in the best way possible being split into two. Not only because Q.T. thought that it was best, but also because he is able to get more of the story into two parts without cutting anything out unneccessarily.

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  4. spidergoat

    spidergoat alien lie form

    I haven't seen the second one yet, but I believe it will be seen at home as one movie. It would just be too long to see that way in the theater.
  5. moementum7

    moementum7 ~^~You First~^~

    Is anyone else reading advertising info at the top of this thread regarding to Kill Bill?!
    Holy shit there is some powerful tracking of information going on in the web!!!!
    That just blows me away!!!!!
  6. lixluke

    lixluke Refined Reinvention

    It would have been way better as one whole movie.
    Quenitn is no big deal. He's not that great.
    I liked the movie though.
    He's an idiot for not keeping it the way it should have been.
    Including the switch to black & white for the fight scene.
  7. lixluke

    lixluke Refined Reinvention

  8. moementum7

    moementum7 ~^~You First~^~

    Why would it have been better as one whole movie?
  9. lostminotaur

    lostminotaur Registered Senior Member

    i thought u meant the third one should be about killin dr.phil
    now, id pay top dollar to see that..ehehhe..

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