ketosis & heart medication Kitogentic diets with heart conditions

Discussion in 'Chemistry' started by RainbowSingularity, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    i stumbled into something interesting
    it may be already under study and there is some testing that has gone on to track

    here is the study
    the short version for where im thinking
    keto diet for people already on heart medication
    heart attack(called failing heart) starts using carbohydrates instead of fatty acids to produce (?)

    note im a bit tired and had problems trying to absorb all the information and then store it long term
    while i processed it in my short term fluid cognitive processes.
    i had a sudden drop in serotonin(minor fluctuation from normal optimal self induced acceleration) that crashed my neural processing and interrupted my on-boarding & cognition of new technical data.

    anywho ... moving on...

    so the heart requires carbohydrates when in "failing heart condition" (i assume this is an actual heart attack)
    where it suddenly needs to draw on energy to keep functioning.
    but, the body is converting carbohydrates instead of fatty acids because of the heart attack
    but the carbohydrates are very very low from being on a keto diet and the ketosis process running as the optimal processor of fatty acids to fuel the heart.

    the literature suggest further studys are now going on in people.
    the inference is in being able to find a medication that can be used to reverse the heart attack by immediate injection of some type of pharmaceutical.

    the applications and critical nature of this potential suggests IF and that is a big IF
    it is possible to develop and understand the mechanism
    to have some type of epidural pen that would be self applying if in the event f a heart attack for those whom suffer from heart issues and or may have previousely had a hsitory of heart issues.

    my original main question

    (sorry for any typos im quite tired and its quite complex science to immediately learn then process)

    heart patient... taking heart medication having weight problems
    does a keto diet make them gain weight while on heart medication

    Soo by having the patient be on heart meds, does the patient process carbohydrates and fat differently that ...
    if switching or running on a keto diet would make the incidence of a heart attack much more worse

    please discuss

    heart patient taking heart medication
    keot diet
    ketosis flips
    needs carbohydrates to cope with failing heart/heart attack arythmia etc...

    effectively some type of injection pen that injects some type of carbohydrate derived drug to give immediate fuel tot he heart like Adrenalin does for the body

    patients on heart medication, does it make them gain weight ?
    do they gain weight in ways that are reverse to basic dietary concepts against the accepted process of ketosis ?
    thus gaining fat from fats when they should be losing weight from low carbs

    etc...switching to a keto diet then makes them a lot more likely to die from a heart attack
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  3. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    brain is too tired to edit for grammar and typos i think i got the worst of them
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  5. RainbowSingularity Valued Senior Member

    does heart medication alter the ketosis process ?
    does a keto diet while on heart medication increase the risk of a more sever heart attack ?
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