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Discussion in 'Astronomy, Exobiology, & Cosmology' started by Flash, May 19, 1999.

  1. Flash Guest


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  3. Lori Guest

    Keeps getting more and more confusing...to her and to me. I don't even want to try to "interpret" what her visions mean because I think that she is definately being brainwashed like a puppet on a string. It sounds as if she feels that way too. I don't trust the information, you know, especially since it seems obvious that it's nothing but mind control. They could send her visions of anything they want to. I also think that if the govt is behind any of this (which they seem to be) that they were enabled by an introduction to alien technology, and/or mind control techniques. I think that this type of science is out of the human realm.
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  5. Flash Guest

    Well.. I do not think that much of anything
    is perfectly clear- no matter what the
    subject may be. One thing though.. I feel
    that looking at things from a positive point
    of view is better. If we choose to focus on
    the negative..then that is all we will see.
    I think there is a lot to be learned in all
    of this..and what if by chance..the war is
    between the bad aliens vs the good aliens/earth(those chosen for the mission)
    then, you would be thankful for the governments course of action...be honest..really..clear your mind..think think
    think..feel..feel...feel.. be honest with your TRUE feelings...wouldn't you?
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  7. Lori Guest


    I don't know. This stuff is an educated guess, combined with what I feel is the "intuition" of the Holy Spirit. I know that I'm a lucky puppy to be observing this from the outside, as an objective by-stander. You don't seem to have that luxury, though I wish very much that you did. I know that what I think is going on must really piss you off, and that's why I fell compelled to apologize each time I say it. Until I find something to convince me otherwise, though, this "war of the worlds", so to speak, sounds more to me like a really good movie being shown to the minds of many, with the ultimate outcome being a falling away from the true Christ. The ultimate deception via mind control.
  8. Flash Guest

    mind control???? How about education, warnings, help to save what we have, what
    about all the good?
    What makes your intuition above mine?
    (I really am not trying to sound bitc*y)
    Its not that I am pissed off at you..please
    know that..its just ..I..well I know what
    I know..and how I feel.
    Ok, what would it take to prove to you
    that the "war of the worlds" is NOT
  9. Lori Guest

    You can't deny that mind control is not taking place here. My intuition is not better than yours, just opposing, apparently, and for now (positive thinking). I don't know what it would take, Flash. I believe that we will figure this all out eventually as it unfolds before us. I will keep an open mind, if you will too. We can't afford not to, can we?
  10. Flash Guest

    ok, I will take you up on that one..
    Keeping an open mind that is..

    LMAO... I just now saw your profile
    I live in KY..and not very far away
    from where you do.. ahhhh shit...how
    lucky can these two states be, huh???

    [This message has been edited by Flash (edited May 24, 1999).]
  11. Lori Guest

    My daddy lives in KY too. He's got himself a double-wide on 5 acres not too far from Cumberland Lake. I love it down there. Peace and quiet...
  12. Flash Guest

    cool...although I am not familiar with
    Cumberland Lake...am a newbie here..
    I do love KY though... wayyyyy
  13. Lori Guest

    How do you like the "billies"? I actually live in a small town about 30 minutes NW of Cincy. The town's name is Hamilton, but we like to call it Hamiltucky, because there are a lot of those here who are of appalachian descent (to put it as nicely as I can). I am lucky, I've been able to maintain relationships with a very diverse group of people in my life. Sometimes the redneck factor gets to me, though. There's a guy down the street that drives me absolutely insane with his "souped up" derby cars. He goes out and revs up the engines every single day, and it sounds like a 747 landing in my back yard. He doesn't give a shit if he irritates his neighbors. His garage caught fire the other night. It's not nice, but I had to think what comes around goes around, buddy! My other neighbor just got sent to jail for stabbing someone 8 times. I had to call 911 on him the day he did it too, for intimidating the hell out of his wife with a hockey stick in his back yard. Surprised he didn't stab me 8 times. And of course, I'm the neighborhood bitch who calls the cops on everybody when they drink too much beer, and beat their wives, or are making too much noise, and I call the humane society on them when they don't take care of their animals. Can you imagine that? Of course you can! LOL
  14. Flash Guest

    hahaha.. yes, you are right..I can imagine
    that..but thats ok.
    Well, you have to realize I moved from one
    redneck state (OK.) to another, being KY.
    I do not care for rednecks..at all..
    I live in a small also...which I like..
    and am only about 35 minutes from Louisville.. where the action is... so I guess I have the best of both worlds LOL

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