junk food....do you eat it?

Discussion in 'Science & Society' started by duendy, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    handstand pushups are good, can you do them completely in the air? like with no wall to lean up against.

    i can only do a few without a wall then i lose balence, i can do quite alot against a wall, but still there hard to do i struggle to do them at the end of a workout alot, i have to dot hem near the start im too tired out to lift my bodyweight like that about 1-2 hours into a workout.

    i cant do many sets of them one after anouther. howmany Kilos are you? or lbs? im about 95 kilos now or a little more i havent weighed in for awhile.
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  3. Roman Banned Banned

    I can do myabe six, and only against a wall. They wear me down quick. I haven't been doing them long, nor do I do them that often. Much better at the pull-ups. And I weigh 150, which is like 70 kilos.

    I feel that as long as I stay active, I can eat whatever I want and get away with. And young. Anyone else feel that way?
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  5. makeshift Registered Senior Member

    I feel sorta young.

    I'm about 192 lbs at about 6 feet. Can't seem to get anymore than that. Sucks. I've been lifting for a while too. I seem to plateau around that area. I eat a lot of high fat food. Prolly something like 3k per day.

    I can do about 13 pull ups and I run a bit.
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  7. makeshift Registered Senior Member

    I feel sorta young.

    I'm about 192 lbs at about 6 feet. Can't seem to get anymore than that. Sucks. I've been lifting for a while too. I seem to plateau around that area. I eat a lot of high fat food. Prolly something like 3k per day.

    I can do about 13 pull ups and I run a bit. I find that about how fat I am depends not on what I eat, but how physically active I am. And I'm generally very physically active or else I get depressed and insomnia.
  8. EmptyForceOfChi Banned Banned


    yeah i used to feel that way, but it will catch up with you, im still young too, but get a head start on it trust me, aslong as you eat all the right things the body needs, then some junk on the side wont hurt.

    but the better fuel your body has before and after a workout, the more you will improve, and alot faster aswell.

    when i first started body building, (not martial arts) i was eating lots of chicken every day after a workout, and lots of rice pasta and veg before.
    i made sure i was eating a huge breakfast everyday then workout a little while after it settled. then as soon as im hungry again eat anouther big meal, and the more you eat each day, the more your stomach expands and can hold, then keep pumping more good stuff into it every day, and you will notice you have more energy to burn and you can do more and more,

    i think muscle proggress and improvement comes mostly from the diet, where as stamina mostly comes from cardio and workout time spent, combine the 2,

    if you can do atleast 1-2 handstand pushups thats really good, i know tons of people who workout that cant even do 1,

    oh yeah and a good counter workout for handstand push are chin ups/pull ups, do sets of each and take turns, 1 set of chin ups then 1set of handstand push ups, and so on,

  9. certified psycho Beware of the Shockie Monkey Registered Senior Member

    I eat whatever I see. Chips, candy, etc. But have been trying to cut down lately.
  10. syedsameer Registered Senior Member

    I live in a rural, extremely backward and undeveloped place in India. (A huge farming kind of place - countryside type). No McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Inn or anything like that. Prior to this I used to live in a well-developed urban area in Saudi Arabia and I used to eat all that stuff and used to drink about 4 litres of Coke everyday.

    I have noticed that when I used to live in Saudi Arabia, all I would like is that junk food and nothing else - the tastiest healthy dish for me at this moment used to be the worst thing I could get to eat in the past. And now I don't feel so crazy about the junk food I used to like the most - Pizza.

    So basically it's like an addiction I'd say. If you eat Junk, you get addicted to Junk. If you leave junk (which is VERY hard to do I must say, I had a lot of hard days here in India due to this), you will naturally find healthy food tasty as-well.

    Regarding the "cool" thing - Well If Mr. Bill Gates would eat Mc. Donalds day & night, I wouldn't call him "cool" - I'd definately call him a dumb rich person with the intelligence of a brick. I don't find anything "cool" in such a person.

    I think we need to change the defination of "cool". To me, the more knowledable and intelligent a person is, the more "cool" he is. The most uncool people to me are the one's who are known as "Mr. Cool" by their other "cool" peers.

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    Syed Sameer - A 14-year-old kicking some intelligent ass
  11. lovegeneration Registered Member

    I see food as both a method for balancing my mood and also providing nutrition. Sometimes after a period of excessive stress I will feel that I need some food that is high in something of the nature of carbohydrates or white flour. Under the rest of the circumstances I try to follow the food pyramid and stay as healthy as I can.
  12. artistmosi Registered Senior Member

    Wow, you are extremely intelligent for your age. Anyway, you're right. The human body just wasn't made to devour the enormous amount of quanitites of sugar that the average american consumes. Sugar raises the PH of your blood closer to acidic levels which is linked to the causes of diabetes. Sugar has also been linked to be a possible cause of cancer, or at least lowering the bodies ability to defend it. Whenever you dirnk a can of coke (or soda really) you are basically destroying you body. This is a carbonated drink, and also will raise you PH levels because it is acidic. Not to mentioned they are loaded with sugar. The heavy reliance on meat in our diet is directly correlated with the wide spread obesity and heart diesease. Vegetables and fish are really the secrets to health as a human being, as well as nuts, grains, and fruits. This is what our ancestors relied on. Unfortunately, we have foolishly polluted our oceans will tons of oil and practice showering our vegetables with pesticides to make profit. As a result, are fish contains hugs amounts of mercury and no one knows the adverse effects of the consumption of this or the pesticides that we put on our vegetables.

    Do I advocate becoming a person that doesn't eat any sugar or any meat whatsoever? Absolutely not. Just understand your body and make intelligent choices. I still eat ice cream and cake at birthday parties. It taste good and a little bit won't kill you. So I definitely eat my share of junk food supplemented with very healthy foods also. Above all else, exercise is the key to fighting diesease, being healthy, and avoiding depression.
  13. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Bitch, Pizza ain't junk food. Pizza has cheese (dairy), tomato sauce (fruit), and bread (grain), plus all sorts of topping you can put on it (meat, vegetables).
  14. Avatar smoking revolver Valued Senior Member

    Actually I *gasp* agree with Hapsburg here.
    For example my father makes some very tasty pizzas from fresh and unprocessed products.
    A pizza can be made healthy, but it won't be the one you buy frozen at a supermarket.
  15. artistmosi Registered Senior Member

    If you go buy pizza from dominos or pizza hut, that's junk food. Make your own pizza.
  16. duendy Registered Senior Member

    Yes you people, get used to buyin good food, and takin time to chop it, slice it, and whatever. it is miles different then processed foods and shit.
    put som good ol music on your box nd geeeeet choppin
    buy organic whenever you can, and FAIR TRADE, and local
  17. Newer Registered Member

    I eat hotcheetos reguarly, not to be cool but because i enjoy them
  18. Kaiser Stormhawk Registered Member

    I don't like chips, fries, and can't stand a lot of coke. So what's left? I prefer not eating burgers, even though I don't gain weight even if I eat junk food day and night, without any exercise (but I'd get an upset stomach or something of the sort.) So I'd classify myself as a non-junkfood eater.
  19. Dravyga ... Registered Senior Member

    I eat top ramen. Is that junk food?
  20. Hapsburg Hellenistic polytheist Valued Senior Member

    Now, the sodium-rich flavor packets that come with the ramen? Those can be junky.
  21. thedevilsreject Registered Senior Abuser Registered Senior Member

    i do try to be reasonably healthy, however a trip to my schools canteen changes that, and last night my parents were in a rush so they bought an expensive ready meal from tesco which contained (in one meal btw) 78% of my daily reccomended saturates and 56% of my DR salts, one of those everyday and i would have a heart attack in 10 years
  22. Maast AF E-7 Retired Registered Senior Member

    I eat far too much of it, 2-3 times a week for lunch, mainly because its quick, I can inhale it and then get back to work in minimal time.

    Wife and I are seriously planning on going to those "Nourish" meals we've seen advertised, 3 meals a day delivered to our door. Mainly because the plan will greatly increase the actual nutrition in our diet and (for me at least) reduce the fat and calories. Also convenience, I can take one of the frozen meals to work with me and eat it at my desk.

    Two kinds of food;
    1. Fuel for the body, care less how it tastes as long as it isnt bad.
    2. Meals I enjoy, usually at a restaurant

    Neither one of have any ability or interest for cooking now that the kids are gone.
  23. Clockwood You Forgot Poland Registered Senior Member

    Subway perhaps once a month; Taco Bell once a month. IHOP perhaps once every other month.
    Other than that, I cook whatever I eat.

    I just don't get hungry like everyone else. I eat when it is convenient to eat and usually thats when I am home.

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