''Journey to the end of Time''

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    What is the mind soul what is the soul spirit
    The mind is the centre of gravity of the mass body
    The spirit is the polar oposing force of the mind
    The physical mass body is the cancelling out of the spirit and mind forces
    Net attracting inverse polar forces ''Interface point'' intersection.
    If you wish to increase your lifespan E=mc^2 suggest for you to live on more massive object (Planet) perhaps Jupiter or Saturn.
    The inhabitants of those planets have lifespans much greater than earth life forms, you are not aware of there eixstence but they are of yours. They have watch you mature through many passing generations with the same sets of eyes. There existence cannot syncrynize with earth and if they were to interact with our dimension they would cause dents in the fabric of this space, comprimising the structural integrety of this existence. There are ways they can interact, using surgical calculations safe trips can be made in down grading to lower dimensions. They are the ''Elders'' and the ''Ancients.''
    Those of you who find the "Golden Tunnel" will meets these biengs along your
    "Journey to the end of Time.''
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