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Discussion in 'SciFi & Fantasy' started by LordRavenHawk, Aug 31, 2002.

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    I have been working on a scifi world building project recently and i was hoping to see if anyone would be willing to join my forum to discuss it and any ideas you might ahve to add to it. I have to approve the content of anything you add but will let you retain any copyrights on the materials and so forth... Would anyone be interested in helping me by sharing their ideas and suggestions? If so check out the site and join the yahoo group.

    The main idea behind the site centers around three aliens species that evolved on a single planet, psionics and pyschics, while trying to incorporate hard science ideas ie no warp drive or FTL but space folding and wormholes are exceptable. Artificial gravity has to either be centrifugal force or based on the same principals as real gravity ie things move towards the center of a concentrated amount of matter so ship design will be a bit odd. i am pretty flexible though so come on and help me make a better website. Also things like cybernetics and nano will be included AI is a bit of a trouble spot for me so you will have to ask about it if your curious or want to submit something with an Ai in it.

    Well thanks hope to hear from some of you soon.

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