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Discussion in 'Computer Science & Culture' started by chazdecker, Jun 11, 2003.

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    I have not touched Java since I was in school and could really use some help with a form.

    What I need it to do is calculate a price, depending on quanity (entered in a text field), multiplied by the number of months (selected from a drop down menu of 4 options) then multiply that by the number of selections someone checks (checkboxes) and then add all of that together with another group of checkboxes multiplied by 14.95.

    A button can total them, or it can just do so on its own, either is cool.

    textfield X dropdownmenu X numberofboxeschecked1 + (numberofboxeschecked2 X 14.95) = textfield2

    A sample of this page:

    Seems like it would be pretty straightforward, but not for someone who hasnt given java a second thought in years. If anyone has a link to something useful, thatd be great.

    Hate to have to ask other people, but I am trying to get my site up and going!
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