It's very easy to get away with murder...

Discussion in 'Free Thoughts' started by one_raven, Oct 21, 2009.

  1. Grim_Reaper I Am Death Destroyer of Worlds Registered Senior Member

    Well there is all ways the faulty vehicle angle as well you purchase a Vehicle with known issues of say Spontaneous combustion and then have it burn up in the Garage. That would be no fault of your own other than the purchase of the car that is. And it would likely result in a quick payout.

    Or you could hire some one to break into the house kill them set fire to the house and that goes down as a break in gone bad how ever you dont let then in on the you killing the other guy part. Another way would be to setup a smoker friend to watch the house get them pissed and then light a smoke once they pass out and they get the blame not you insurance would pay for the house and if planned enough in advance you could make some money on the death of the friend as well by taking out a policy on them making you the beneficiary.
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  3. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    Maybe he buys a vintage Gremlin and someone starts it.
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  5. madanthonywayne Morning in America Registered Senior Member

    It seems like most fires I hear about are considered to be "electrical". Just short something out to start the fire. It's an old house, right? Perhaps the owner could find an old lamp or fan up in the attic that might have a short in it He could even be cleaning the attic and come across the old lamp and notice that it has frayed wiring. This could be the moment he gets the idea of burning down the house...
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  7. Grim_Reaper I Am Death Destroyer of Worlds Registered Senior Member

    Well it will be a graphical novel so why not have a big ass Dragon coming and burn the joint down. LOL sorry man could not resist.
  8. Syzygys As a mother, I am telling you Valued Senior Member

    Halloween is coming, the pumkin catches fire...
  9. clusteringflux Version 1. OH! Valued Senior Member

    I think the season could be key to a quick return. For instance,Winter is very dry and promotes static electricity. That could easily set off a fume or dried foliage, etc.

    Also, it may help if the fire coincided with another event that either takes precedence in the insurance company/fire authorities etc. Something like a local natural disaster, black out, power surge.

    Oh and I just remember reading if your house is at the "end" of the grid circuit it's many times more likely to go up and often doesn't get scrutinized like they normally would.
  10. mike47 Banned Banned

    Even an empty glass bottle on a hot day.....
  11. spidergoat Liddle' Dick Tater Valued Senior Member

    You buy a Christmas tree, and let it get really dry, then find the cheapest antique lights you can find and put them on there. Then buy a dog and a cat from the pound you don't care about and let them chase each other around. Then light votive candles all over the place and let nature take it's course.
  12. Dirty Dan And knowing is half the battle Registered Senior Member

    It's easier if it is a vehicle b/c car's get stolen all the time. I knew some friends (see how I typed "KNEW" b/c after I found out they did this I stopped hanging around them) who made it look like their car was stolen and burned it for insurance money b/c they couldn't afford the car.

    This may sound crazy...but have you considered talking to a fire department personal off the record? For some of my short stories I have interviewed law enforcement officals for research puproses.
  13. jpappl Valued Senior Member

    Fires starting from a fireplace/stove etc are covered, that's why the insurance company wants to know about the condition during the application process.

    Kitchen stove/stove top fires are covered.

    So you could say that you forgot something on the stove, stepped out to get something, got sidetracked and forgot about it. But it would have to be a grease fire to work and that might just do a lot of smoke damage.

    Fires actually start in homes from a magnifying glass or other that the sun hits for a long period of time.

    You wouldn't want to use any gasoline or other accelerates.

    Any short that could be created especially near insulation could get it going fast.

    One way would be to burn other homes down in the neighborhood first, then after yours is burned the same way, nobody will question you.

    Unless they catch you for the others of course.

    Good luck.
  14. Search & Destroy Take one bite at a time Moderator

    down in the Caribbean lots of people burn their cars in insurance fraud. It's a loophole for US Territories, imported cars... maybe the local inspection is corrupted. Who knows, just food for thought.
  15. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    I was thinking about rubbing alcohol or grain alcohol.
    Wouldn't those leave no trace?
  16. eddie23 information sponge Registered Senior Member

    A small plane crashes into the house and boom...
    dead pilot, his insurance agency has to pay...
    you did nothing but lose a house and get paid.
  17. one_raven God is a Chinese Whisper Valued Senior Member

    Natural disasters and external coincidences will not work.
    He purposefully does this.
    Unless he has a surface to air missle to shoot the plane down...

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  18. Grim_Reaper I Am Death Destroyer of Worlds Registered Senior Member

    I am pretty sure they do, and besides they will burn hotter at the source of ignition the only way you could maybe get away with it would be to spray an fine mist of the accelerator all over the entire house. This could be done using a common garden sprayer, of course he would have to wear a chemical respirator to do this as well, but I think that would be untraceable if applied evenly to all surfaces as to not show a single point of ignition.
  19. Challenger78 Valued Senior Member

    my two cents.
    It's autumn and leaves have fallen into gutters in the roof, but due to unpredictable weather, the leaves dry up (Or you could say the guy took a bunch and dryed them) . Then, someone flicks a cigarrette end into the gutter (on the roof somehow), and it lights a fire that spreads. One of the leaves fall in through an open window and catch fire on some paper.
  20. GeoffP Caput gerat lupinum Valued Senior Member

    Gas leak?
  21. jpappl Valued Senior Member

    Not sure. I'm sure there is something that wouldn't. But don't use your computer to look it up. LOL.
  22. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    They can't withhold payment on the grounds of negligence if it someone elses negligence. Sure the insurance company would try to recuperate any losses by suing the person responsible, but if your character is ok with defrauding an insurance company then chances are xe is ok with essentially stealing the money from an individual.

    Possible scenarios:

    -Frame the neighbour; create some sort of fire near the property boundary(bonfire, burnoff, pyrotechnics, whatever works for you) and ensure that by the wind direction and a trail of flammable debris the fire finds its way to your house. Just make sure your neighbour has no alibi for the time the fire started.

    -Frame the electrician; call out an electrician to do a wiring job of some sort(eg, getting a new power socket installed). After he leaves, follow him to his next job, break in to the next building at an appropriate time and sabotage the wiring to a noticeable degree while ensuring that it is not sufficient to cause a fire itself. Return to your house and stage an electrical fire from whatever the electrician did that day. When your sabotaged wiring is discovered it will be assumed that the electrician did a similar job at your house which resulted in a fire.

    Frame a zealot; piss off a bunch of religious groups to the point that they start sending death threats, then leak just enough of your details that they will be able to track down your address. Contact a few family members or close friends and tell them that you think you've seen them outside your house and are going to get a motel room and lay low for a while, order that they keep it a secret as you fear for your safety. Track down someone who has written one of the more severe death threats, then find a close associate of their who has had no contact with you(preferably a reclusive one), kill said associate by way of carbon monoxide poisoning, then put their corpse somewhere in your house and torch it from the inside. Any person who came across the scene would simply see an arson gone awry.
  23. Doreen Valued Senior Member

    Break a basement window from the outside. Set up a cardboard bed against a wall near the furnace, where it is warm. Have a bag full of cans, rolled up OLD newspapers, and some really shitting bedding. Buy some old men's clothes from a few Salvation Army second hand shops. Place these in a bag with some water and fluid drained off fish or chicken. Close bad. Come back when it smells like dead things. Roll these clothes in dirt.

    Place empty beer cans and the cheapest wine you can find around the little bed area. (buy these in another state)

    Put an ashtray next to this little homeless person's home and put in a lot of butts.

    Late one night go to an urban bar and look for vomit stains - in the bathroom or in the alley near the bar. Swab this up on paper towels. Then dip the butts in this - try to get mostly moisture, not chunks of food, though these can't really hurt.

    From the bar itself, steal the pissiest toilet water you can find. Pour this in a corner of your basement and let dry.

    I am sure you are getting the picture. Set up something that looks natural in a basement - some kind of hobby corner that involves flammable items or a writing desk or archives of old financial papers or whatever.

    Set up a vacation, where you are upstate or somewhere within driving distance. Make you stay two weeks or more.

    After 10 days or so - with the idea that the homeless person noticed the house was empty, drive down to your house, park miles away. Dress very differently so that you are not recognizable. Climb in through the window. LIght up one of the butts and put it in the papers in your desk.

    Make sure the fire has somewhere to travel, up to a wooden floor. Use no accelerants. Climb out through the window and go back up to the resort or cabin or whereever you are staying. Perhaps a hunting cabin.

    Let the police find you sitting in a tree waiting for deer.

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