''It's a Big Leap!''

Discussion in 'UFOs, Ghosts and Monsters' started by Trapped, Feb 18, 2014.

  1. Trapped Banned Banned

    I am going to quote someone from another thread below, Billvon said

    ''Not at all. When they say they saw an "unidentified flying object" they are 100% correct. They could not identify it. That does not mean it was a space alien.''

    This statement, is one of the most used arguments by the skeptic and when reading this statement, reminded me of the ''scientific skeletor'' as I call him... Bill Nye. As a member of the Skeptics Society, he believes that UFO's can be answered by rational explanations and that he challenges we didn't have UFO technology 60 years ago. Yes... he speaks for the general consensus of most skeptics, the idea is that we had propulsionless, saucer shaped air craft which could in fact travel at 7000 miles per hour 60 years ago. Remember, this man claims to be a man supporting science...

    ... he continues to say ''I don't deny these people saw something... people see things...'' and he continues to say ''but it is a big leap to go from UFO to alien aircraft.''

    On the face of it, it sounds logical on the whole, it's a statement which is totally unsupported with no evidence. There is in fact, no evidence that we had that technology back then... and if anyone should know... the people Bill Nye was in the following interview with, would have known. Also take note of Bill Nye's rubbish ''theory'' on what happened. Nye uses what he ''thinks'' are rational explanations and tries to project that with an aura all too convincing that anyone who thinks it is something else, must be either drunk, delusional or underestimates our aviation abilities 60 years ago. By the way, being much more knowledgeable on UFO's than mister Nye, there is no evidence we had that technology... in fact the timeline of our evolution dictates we couldn't have had that technology.


    .... last addition.... It's more a leap in my eyes to say we had that technology (since it is chronologically impossible) to claiming we could be being visited by alien life.
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  3. Trapped Banned Banned

    PhD, Jacobs superior later confirmed his claims, before you suspect him a liar.
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  5. Ophiolite Valued Senior Member

    Persons who think eye witness testimony is reliable should avoid salesmen, con artists, golddiggers and small children.
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  7. Stryder Keeper of "good" ideas. Valued Senior Member

    7000mph?!? seriously.... What altitude? Where viewed? what direction? for how long? You do realise how quick 7000mph is right, nearly 2mps (miles per second). Observing something travelling at that speed would likely mean that you'd blink and miss it(The higher the altitude the slower it would be to disappear from view but there harder it would be to view in the first place). It would also likely suggest that you'd have a sound barrier problem (since something with physical mass is going to generate turbulence) so it wouldn't of just been seen but heard... I doubt you'd see reports stating that there was a noise heard.
  8. origin In a democracy you deserve the leaders you elect. Valued Senior Member

    Just more of the same. There are eye witness sightings of fairies, bigfoot, swamp monsters, lock ness, etc, etc.

    Is this your last last last thread on UFOs?
  9. Trapped Banned Banned

    You think 7000 miles per hour is sexy?

    I was just being reserved to what facts I have about the Washington UFO flap when there was direct observational confirmation of the UFO orb flying off at incredible speeds and confirmed at that exact time, the object disappeared off radar in control. As far as we know from records, someone in office allowed some of the information to get into the public hands... most likely after the public spokesperson of blue book tried to veil this information from being released to the public (I guess some freedom of information acts have something to do with this): the objects speed was calculated at 7000 mph. This was one calculation made over a period of seven days while these objects invaded the capitol with... incredible impunity and boldness.

    Now... in the air force interview, concerning the... four officials who worked for the government testify to UFO's that invaded their military bases. I actually wrote an entire chapter on UFO's invading military bases and I posted it here. I hope you read it, there was a lot of information in there. If not, please do. It will help get my point across.

    The speed one of these officials reported moved at 8000 miles per hour. There may have been room for a very crude prototype in 1964 for aircraft which may have attempted to move at this speed, but we certainly didn't have saucer technology, nor any advanced and concentrated beams of what Jacobs and his superior assumed was some sort of plasma beam. He even strenuously remarks... ''tell me mister comedian, who in 1964 had that technology?''

    Look how Bill Nye responds... his retorts are weak and pathetic, unoriginal and totally in error and judgment. He thinks a power cut in the cooling system was responsible for the... disablement and/or activation of nuclear warheads even though the General tells him without hesitation that there is no way the explanation holds water when there is a triple power redundancy.

    Now... the only way the skeptic here can win this battle, is by saying they are lying. Well... good luck with that one... because I doubt the majority of the public, would believe for a moment, that people who are responsible at the touch of a button concerning the activation of nuclear warheads, are totally unstable enough to make up wild jokes about an infiltration of their military bases.

    If this... is really the case, then please get out of America. You clearly have a bunch of idiots looking after very important and volatile material.
  10. billvon Valued Senior Member

    Nor did they have ATC radars which could accurately measure 8000 mph. Or 7000 mph.

    Hint - if speed estimates are off by 1000 mph, they might be . . . you know . . . wrong.
  11. Trapped Banned Banned

    I would give you that... but you've made an error.

    There is a mathematical vector technique called triangulation. You can make... estimates no less but usually quite accurate about how far an object would have had to move to leave a destination; the fact in the Washington case, is that it simply disappeared off radar. It was moving so fast it was evading radar detection, no doubt coupled with the very convenient fact that saucers are naturally slim-line and so may be effective in reasonable stealth, especially at high speeds.

    However, the case in which Jakobs speaks about is also considerably different, they had a frame of reference: The rocket they sent up into the stratosphere. They will already know at what speed the rocket would be moving and so probably could make quite a good measurement of how fast this ''saucer'' came onto the screen shot the beam of plasma, knocked the rocket off towards space and sped off from screen. He said specifically, it was estimated it had to be moving at around 8000 miles per hour.

    As I said.... there may have been room for 8000 miles per hour for a crude prototype in 1964, but in the Washington case, it's just ridiculous to even rationalize the idea any country had an aircraft which could come close to 7000, even 6000 miles per hour. The first supersonic speed which marked a world record was 4000 miles per hour, a decade later. That's still a ridiculous room for error. Also, saucers don't ever seem to show any conventional methods of propulsion, they do however give hints that maybe the strong vibrant electromagnetic energy they often display may have something to do with their propulsion.
  12. Russ_Watters Not a Trump supporter... Valued Senior Member

    Don't bother. There is no evidence and he has no way of proving it was anything but incorrectly interpreted radar noise.
  13. Trapped Banned Banned


    You have an observer, in an aircraft who ''see's'' the orb and there is direct confirmation of radar that there is a real object in the sky....

    .... and you claim it is just... radar noise?


    I don't ever get the expectations I want from the skeptics. I want rational thinkers. Not intentional misfits.
  14. Trapped Banned Banned


    .... May I also offer... my own theory on what I think has happened. Trust me... I work on this on a weekly basis so I get plenty time to find what I think is a reasonable conclusion.

    Now, unless the UFO ''somehow'' knew that rocket was being projected into the upper atmosphere then we need to ask, exactly how this saucer knew the rocket would be ejected and on that trajectory. As far as I know, in Jacobs claim, the event was seen very high into the atmosphere using I assume a powerful telescope, recording what he called the three stages of ejection. It wasn't until the third ejection (which implies the rocket has traveled far already) that the UFO appears to come onto the screen, shoots at the rocket and speeds off.

    Now, many theorists, some serious investigators of UFO's believe this is a ''message'' they were sending us, about the use of Nuclear Warheads.

    Well I totally disagree. I think it was by a fluke that there was a saucer flying by and the nuclear warhead may have been coming in cross-line with it's trajectory, found it a threat and attacked it. When no longer a threat, the UFO simply disappears.

    I think this is more likely than believing it was in the vicinity, waiting for the warhead to be launched. After all, we are talking about an entire base and there were no corresponding reports of any unusual aircraft in and around the base itself.

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