Israel, Palestine and the Arab/Israel Conflict

Discussion in 'World Events' started by goofyfish, Jul 25, 2001.

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  1. Kiwi123 Banned Banned

    Part 3


    Staged Desperation:

    Ohhhh, she's really really crying, wonder why...

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    Oh, That's it!

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    Notice the boy on the right hand side can't stop laughing at actress mom...
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  3. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    It was a docudrama. What screwed it up was using real Israeli soldiers without their consent to play the bad guys. Hollywood hires actors. I suppose unpaid people filmed walking by on the street in a film about ghetto gangland could sue Hollywood.

    "The filmmaker is being sued by five Israeli soldiers visible in still footage in the film, which alleges IDF troops killed a "large number" of civilians"

    Neither the Israelis who claimed to have proved the number of dead in Jenin nor the palestinians who claim the numbers are much higher have any credibility. Even if the Israelis have told the truth (very unlikely) about how many died and how many of the dead were fighters the Jenin opperation was still ugly and the occupation is still ugly.

    To give the Palestinians justice Israel would have to bee about half the size of the state given to Israel by the UN prior to the 1948 war. To give the Jews justice Europe must compensate them for what Hitler and the pogroms did which would be very very expensive for Europe and would make Jews very very rich. Justice will not happen, now what?


    "Jenin, Jenin"
    Carthage Interational Film Festival 2002
    Winner - "Best Film"

    "Jenin Jenin" (54 minutes) shows the extent to which the prolonged oppression and terror has affected the state of mind of the Palestinian inhabitants of the Jenin refugee camp.

    Listen to the old men, the children, the doctors and the grieving mothers of Jenin, after the Israeli army's April 2002 attack flattened homes and buried an unknown number of civilians. Bitterness and grief are the prevailing feelings among the majority of the population. Many have lost loved ones or are still searching for victims and belongings among the debris. 'Where is God,' an elderly man desperately wonders when surveying the debris in the Jenin refugee camp.

    A little girl, who does not seem to be much older than twelve, tells her story but knows no fear. The ongoing violence in her day-to-day life only nourishes her feelings of hatred and the urge to take revenge. She shouts that the Palestinians will never give up the struggle, that they will keep on producing children who can continue the fight against injustice.

    The sad question forces itself on the spectator. What will become of a country, a people when its children are confronted with war and violence from a very early age?

    Banned in Israel, "Jenin Jenin" is dedicated to Iyad Samudi, the producer of the film, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers on June 23rd, 2002, as he returned home after completing the film.

    "Jenin Jenin" features at International Documentary Filmfestival
    Arjan El Fassed, The Electronic Intifada - November 27, 2002

    Israeli censors ban film about battle of Jenin
    Ewen MacAskill, The Guardian - Dec. 12, 2002

    "Jenin Jenin" film exposes Israeli war crimes.
    Award-winning documentary film "Jenin Jenin" (54 minutes)
    exposes Israel’s war crimes and consistent policy
    of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian people.
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  5. travis Registered Senior Member

    Another example of zionist audacity:

    Kissinger Discourages Exiting Iraq "Early"



    BRUSSELS, Belgium (AP) - Former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger warned against an early withdrawal of U.S.-led coalition forces from Iraq, saying such a move would bolster insurgents and terrorists worldwide, causing instability across the Middle East.

    He also warned that European Union nations and Washington needed to find another way to get Iran to stop the development of its nuclear program, which the EU and US fear is being used to make nuclear weapons. Iran insists its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

    Kissinger, in a speech Friday to top NATO officers and officials, said Iran's nuclear program and terrorism continued to pose a tough challenge for trans-Atlantic ties, and warned also that Iran could use nuclear weapons as a way to protect itself while continuing to promote terrorist groups.

    "They (weapons) can become a shield by which to step up terrorist actions," said Kissinger, who was secretary of state and national security adviser under U.S. presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. He retains substantial influence in foreign affairs, and continues to have close links to the administration of U.S. President George W. Bush.

    Saying an early pullout of U.S. forces from Iraq would have disastrous consequences for regional stability, Kissinger made clear Friday that he supported Bush's Iraq policy.

    "To argue that a collapse of the United States in Iraq would not have consequences ... is simply living in a dream world," the former top U.S. diplomat said. "Shockwaves would ripple throughout the Islamic world."

    Terrorists and opponents of governments across the Arab world - such as in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which support Washington - would be encouraged by an early withdrawal of the American military from Iraq, he said. A U.S. military withdrawal would "embolden their attacks on existing governments."

    He said he hoped that, when a new government is elected in Iraq next month, "a combination of legitimacy and training of troops of the Iraqi army will improve (the) security situation."

    Nevertheless, the 82-year-old Kissinger said upcoming U.S. congressional elections would have an effect on the debate of how long U.S. troops would remain in Iraq.

    U.S. politicians opposed to Bush's Iraq troop commitments have called on him to clarify a timeline for reducing troop levels, saying the losses U.S. troops are suffering there are untenable due to the continued violent attacks against them.

    "The challenge we now have is to generate enough patience," he said.

    Kissinger did not touch on the sensitive issue of whether Washington's European allies should contribute more troops to rebuilding Iraq, nor did he suggest NATO take a larger role in Iraq. NATO members, notably France and Germany, were opposed to the alliance playing a key role in providing peacekeepers to Iraq, and also opposed the U.S.-led war there.

    NATO opened a long-awaited training academy for the Iraqi military last month, which aims to train 1,000 officers a year, as part of the alliance's limited role there. The 26-nation alliance will also supply equipment, such as used tanks, said U.S. Gen. James L. Jones, NATO's supreme commander in Europe.

    "Currently we have 77 Hungarian T-72 tanks en route to be delivered to the Iraqi army, which is obviously is going to make an important difference in their capabilities," Jones told reporters.

    In his speech, Kissinger also touched on other challenges ahead, saying European nations had to accept that their continent was no longer Washington's top concern. Instead, he said, the rise of China and India and other Asian powers was now the key focus.

    Both European countries and the United States, however, had to work closer together to coordinate new policies for Asia and for other top issues such as terrorism and nuclear proliferation, he said.

    "There is not the commitment to the Atlantic alliance that there was before," he said. The question would be whether nations bordering the Atlantic would "be able to develop cohesion and coordination to address so vast an agenda."
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  7. Foxhound007 A registered voter Registered Senior Member


    Let it be known. In the both the teachings of the Prophet and the Koran, it states that only two things will not be forgiven by Allah: idoltry(or comparing something with Allah) and suicide. Life given to humans is the greatest gift give. I refuse to believe that suicide is the answer to problems of any culture. THis conflict should not have come to this...
  8. Foxhound007 A registered voter Registered Senior Member


    WOw. You are the stereotype of radical Whitefascist. Without understanding what goes on there, you take pictures people pushed out of their own nation(not country, Palestine was a nation) and living as modern day refugees. I cannot wait until u understand the meaning of suffering as they do, as it seems its the only thing that will mature you.
  9. Foxhound007 A registered voter Registered Senior Member

    Allah o' akbar means god is great. There is nothing that you can pervertly twist in that, is there?
  10. Huwy Secular Humanist Registered Senior Member


    is the one who has hijacked this post on page 58.

    See here he says:

    Kiwi123 you really are wrong

    then he adds some html linking to

    so, please ban "marbury_ny"
  11. curiousgirl867 Registered Member

    i think we need to stop getting involved in everyone elses business. we are the united states, they are whatever they are. they are not her, they are not a part of us, they do not live her, have government powers here, or anything, they are SEPERATE, that is the key word, seperate. we are all seperate, and that is what makes us so unique. let them do whatever the hell they want, it will not affect us. we have plenty of problems to work out over here, i think before we jump to the rescue for someone else, we need to learn to look around, and when you see what the US people are seeing, maybe the government will finally feel the same way
  12. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    Any relation to what768
  13. Tali75 Banned Banned

    This is so typical of them playing to the cameras, the very fact that they killed Muhammad Al Dura (as researches shows, Lord only knows how many more), shows also their (militants') real goal, which is to tarnish Israel, period.
  14. Tali75 Banned Banned

    They've always (militant islamists) interpreted Israel's kindness as weakness.
    Poor Palestinian kids in the vicious hands of these terrible adults.
    Any wonder why they have so many casualties in their cult of death?
  15. Tali75 Banned Banned

    No words can undue their terrible fake-pictures' distruction, amazing how many really think that Israel is the bad guy just wants to 'oppress' them, when in fact Israel just wants to survive against killers.
    Please note, the "pallywood" is a real hit...
  16. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    DocuDrama DucuDrama DucuDrama. Come On Zionists, Stop lying.
  17. Zephyr Humans are ONE Registered Senior Member

    Being inundated by propoganda from both sides won't solve the problem...
  18. Tali75 Banned Banned

    Sorry, but exposing Palestinian PROPAGANDA notorious fake images industry is no "propaganda"?
  19. Tali75 Banned Banned

    Whatever 'zionists' mean, radical Islam has only beautified it.
  20. nirakar ( i ^ i ) Registered Senior Member

    Tali 75, If the image never pretended to be a actual photo of a real event then you did not expose a fake image.

    If you want to argue that the film was depicting events of Jenin inaccurately, that would be a whole different story. Their portayal may be wrong, but the the portayal by you and Kiwi that Palestinians are trying to pass these images off as something other than a Docudrama is incorrect.

    When I say "Zionists" all I mean is supporters of an Israel larger than the 1967 borders. I know I am not using the word with the same meaning that it had in 1920.

    You may not be a zionist even by my personal definition. You may just be a anti-Islamic or anti-Palestinian racist.
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2005
  21. Foxhound007 A registered voter Registered Senior Member

    This so so right wing fascist. In fact, this is beyond politics, it mocks the suffering of people. You idiots who posted and believe these pictures are the gullibiles of the western world. You guys will believe anything and will do anything to preserver your shoot first, shoot again and then ask questions and offer apologies. Shame on propaganda and medai all over the world, but shame on those who make fun of the suffering and displaced(not limited to Palestinians).
  22. Tali75 Banned Banned

    Did you see : "pallywood"?
    You'll see the wealth of Palestinian spreaded pictures to media, how fake they are.

    I don't know why exposing lies is fascist, Did you ask me if I think that only Israelis are victims before drawing your conclusion?
  23. Foxhound007 A registered voter Registered Senior Member

    i didnt conclude anything. I refuse to believe that those pictures are true. Are you naive enough to believe that pictures can't be manipulted or edited?
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