Islamic agenda reaches dominion over nations

Discussion in 'Religion' started by PetriFB, Feb 18, 2016.

  1. PetriFB Registered Senior Member

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    Islam's plan to conquer nations under the reign of Islam consists of many steps. The first steps are sending infiltrators as moderate and peace loving Muslims to non Muslims countries where they begin little by little shape the thoughts of the people to approve Islam and Muslims. These infiltrators are like agents of Islam and they are making preparations of jihadism in a disguise of a moderate Muslim.

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  3. Edont Knoff Registered Senior Member

    Yes, but Christianity was the same in the past. Maybe with a different strategy how to convert other nations, but with the distinct will to convert them.

    This is the bane of all "we have the only truth" religions. They have a hard time to accept others (since they are the only true believers), and will look for ways to convert the others.

    I still think monotheism was the worst invention, in regard of peace on earth.
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  5. timojin Valued Senior Member

    What is your opinion in Roman and Greek periods were polytheism was practiced ?
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  7. Beer w/Straw Transcendental Ignorance! Valued Senior Member

    This is a step forward for equality. Jihadism is often viewed as a "man only sport". Yet, women can pass as peace loving Muslims more than men I'd say.
  8. Edont Knoff Registered Senior Member

    I like the idea of the Romans to identfy gods in other areas with their own, and the idea that the same god can show up differently in other regions of the world, as the world, the landscape, the climate also is different in different regions. This acceptance of changes, different presentations or views of the same thing, and the will to merge and mend these difference into a common pantheon, reduced the conflicts caused by religion a lot.

    At least before the romans became Christians.
  9. PhysBang Valued Senior Member

    Christianity is the same right now.

    There are clearly Christian sects that plan to dominate the world. One need only look to the current Republican Party debates in the USA to see people who are actually attempting this right now. There are also plenty of documents out there that show the, albeit misguided, plans of some of these groups.

    Not every Christians group is like this. Just like not every Muslim group is like every other Muslim group.

    Yet, somehow, every racist group is the same.
  10. Stephen H Banned Banned

    Interesting. I have just been reading;>>

    Gaddafi in 1995 said to a conference of Muslim leaders from 80 countries when discussing strategies for turning the whole continent of Africa into a Muslim caliphate with a special eye on South Africa & with Arabic as the continents primary language. The idea: to infiltrate & take over schools, the media, the government, industry, farming & police and their armed forces. Is this why we have Muslims in every political party? of Muslim leaders from 80 countries&f=false

    And still with South Africa. Head of the Islamic Propagation Centre International, Yousuf Deedat, announced that South Africa was high on the agenda of the Islamic offensive. "we are going to turn South Africa into a Muslim state, we have the money to do it" (Sunday Times 22/10/95) .

    The Strategy for Islamic Cultural Action outside the Islamic World
  11. Kittamaru Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Adieu, Sciforums. Valued Senior Member

    And yet, the same is happening in the Southern United States with conservative Christian Fundamentalists who are striking such things as Evolution from schoolbooks and preventing them from being taught in school.
  12. iceaura Valued Senior Member

    There is a difference of degree.
    That level of oppression - banning evolution, enforcing expression of respect such as classroom prayer, deference to religious spokesmen in public discourse - is notable and newsworthy these days when it's Christian. In the Islamic world it's routine and taken for granted - they have bigger fish to fry.
    The daydreams of the wanna-be Mussolinis of Islam need not frighten us overmuch, eh?
    As long as their infrastructures and armies are completely dependent on the industrial manufacturing of their enemies, there will be limits on their sphere of "domination".

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